Christmas Goodies

Well not so good my laptop broke. So haven’t been able to share much.

For Christmas I found a creative way to be festive and didn’t have to go buy anything.

I painted my nails like Christmas Lights! How cute is this?


One of the things on my Christmas list was a Clarisonic Mia & Santa brought it! 🙂

I’ve only been using it for 3 days but my skin feels amazing! I can’t wait to see & feel the results in a month!

As I was shopping for someone else I spotted this gorgeous ring at Macy’s for $20! How could I pass it up ?

I think I bought something for myself every time I went x-mas shopping for someone lol Why does that always happen?

Shelves, Owls yada yada

Wow! It’s almost been 3 months since my last post, that is sad. I keep telling myself to type something new but then always forget & go do something else. Anyway, I found out about this newish website called Pinterest. You ca find tons of crafts, home decor ideas, pretty clothes, jewelry, DIY stuff. You make these boards so you can go back and see what you found and it’s all organized and doesn’t take up any space (which I love). It’s also super addicting , so be careful and be prepared to waste your time on there. haha

Anyway I wanted to share a cool shelf I made awhile back. My friend Shawn who does tile had these crates that the tile came in. He asked if I wanted them and I said yes. Then came up with this:

All I did was stain it and put it together how I wanted. I didn’t attach the pieces together so I can arrange it if needed. Great for magazines!

Now to owls.I was on pinterest last night and saw these owls made from toilet paper tubes. It took me a couple minutes and came up with this cute guy:

You bend one end in to make the ears and then draw any owl face you want. You can also paint them, add glitter, sequins, or just leave them plain. Maybe even make it a decoration for a Christmas tree?

Click my photo to go to the page where I got it from. Hers are much better than mine.