Review – Smiley360:: Campbell’s Go Soup Moroccan Style Chicken w/chickpeas





This is my first “mission” from Smiley360.

I received this product for free in exchange for a review. All opinions expressed are my own.

I like that Campbell’s changed things up and added different & unique flavor combos.

I also like that they came in a pouch, so they can be easily carried around to work or where ever and no need to find a can opener!

The one thing that worried me was that all the flavor seemed to be on the spicy side or had curry in it ( which I don’t really care for) . So I was happy to see I had the Moroccan Chicken out of the other flavors.

I heated the soup up and took a bite, it was a little too spicy for me. I had a little bit of brown rice from the night before, so I added it to the soup hoping it would turn down the spiciness. It did make it a little less spicy but I don’t think I would get the flavor again but would recommend it to someone who likes spicy soup/foods. There is another flavor I would like to try , the Creamy Red Pepper w/smoked Gouda.  Seems like it would be mild and better suited for my tastebuds.

You can check out the other flavors on their website here

MorningStar Farms- burgers

I tried another MorningStar Farms burger. It was the mushroom lovers’ burger. I did a double and this time on a bun.
I usually eat burgers wrapped in lettuce no bun but I felt with my last experience with the chik’n” burger it needed a bun. I put some lettuce and ketchup. The flavors in this burger excited my taste buds. I will definitely buy these again.




Lunches & dinners


Cooked a few times on the grill.

Made Chicken Kabobs with Veggies ( not pictured)

And another night we had steak & shrimp on the grill. Then rice, salad & green beans


I’ve been buying Healthy Choice meals for lunch.  Portabella Spinach Parmesan looked and sounded good , and it was! I went back and got another for the next day.


I was non stop eating brownies for 3 days. I was putting chocolate chips ( regular & white) So tasty!


Lunch: Turkey burgers with mozzarella & avocado w/romaine lettuce wrap/bun. The mashed up the rest of the avocado and had so chips and mixed the salsa & mashed avocado = so good


Farm fresh eggs for breakfast!


Forgot the exact name but another Healthy Choice meal for work.  I think it was chicken maranara w/veggies


Ginger Citrus pan grilled chicken w/oranges salad . Came out really good.


Healthy Choice- Chicken Margharita


Sometimes you just need comfort food. Oven baked french fried w/ chili & cheese


Freebies I received and forgot to post 🙂


Red Stylus Feather pen for my iphone


Free gift card from Subway ( for free sub $6) I won a contest text to win I believe.

I was disappointed when I redeemed it because the place didn’t have my type of bread, spinach , or cucumbers! ;(


Medley Crunch Honey nut Cheerios ( I haven’t tried it yet) but looks yummy



Klout Perk – Mcdonalds gift card to try the Shamrock Shake!


Free lotion coupons  Suave & Oscar Mayer pulled Pork ( that I gave to a friend, I dont eat pork)


My first Smiley360 mission- Campbell’s Go Soup


I received 2 lotions for free from Rite Aid with their +up rewards. Yummy chocolate 🙂

Schick Hydro Silk Razor- BzzAgent

As you know I’m a bzzagent and when I qualify for certain campaigns , they send me a sample to test out and people what I like and don’t like about it.

This time it was Schick Hydro Silk Razor. I want to say I’ve been using this razor for at least a year now. Once I find something good, I’m pretty loyal. In my kit I received a razor, a replacement blade, shower hanger, & $5 coupons to hand to friends.


First off I like their packaging and razor color. I think it makes the product pop out on a shelf. I also like that the razor is in tones of blue , I feel like products for women, they automatically make everything pink.

The best feature on this is the handle, it is curved & has a grip at the bottom which gives you complete control of the razor . Fits perfectly in your hand & no slipping or losing your grip.

Lets move to the blades, there are 5 which gives you a close shave like no other razor and no nicks either .

The one area I have a little trouble getting is the knees, not sure if its because of the shape or size of the top part.

Then you have the moisturizing serum on both the top and bottom of the blades, which is pretty different than all the other razors our there that just have a big one at the top.  When the serum gets wet it helps the razor glide over your skin so you don’t get nicks or razor burn and helps you get the best shave. I find that the serum does get used rather quickly.

The price could be better but I feel like there are always coupons for this razor in the paper and Rite Aid/CVS/Walgreens always have some deal on them so you can get them at a good price. I think sometimes if better just to buy a new razor than the cartridges ( just recycle the handles)!

I also like that these razors last awhile, just make sure you keep them away from the water and dry them after each shower to have them last longer.

So when using the shower hanger place it on the other side of shower head. I like that the shower hanger has a suction cup instead of sticky stuff so it comes off easily of you need to move it around.

LEGS carradbwsmile

Legs Photo: Blake Robinson

B&W ; Kvon

Arts & Crafts at Work

Was at work and thought the window display needed something extra on the top. I thought about making tissue flowers and string them hanging from the ceiling but then I found out how to make these big pom poms. I saw them before on Martha Stewart’s website and that’s where the link brought me. I was happy with the results, and they are really simple to make.




These would be cool for a party too!