3Csmart Octopus style tripod review

Landscapes, selfies, time lapse, group shots & more should require a steady hand or something stable to help you get that shot without looking blurry.

I received this 3Csmart Octopus Style Tripod to review which came at a great time. I had another tripod and the leg broke off.

3Csmart Tripod

What I like about it:

The flexible legs allow you to wrap the legs around things or even move them in different ways so you can put it on uneven surfaces.

It’s compact & lightweight, perfect for travelling. You can easily put it in your suitcase or backpack without weighing it down or taking up a lot of space.

One thing I was annoyed with about my other tripod it that it didn’t come with a clip for my phone. That is not the issue with this one. It comes with a universal phone & camera clip. Which can be place horizontal or vertical.

It comes with a bluetooth remote which has a range of 30 feet! No more leaving people out of group shots or take your own selfie.

The best part it is under $15.

It’s $12.98 on Amazon right now

I took it to the beach and it was pretty windy. I wrapped it around a tree and it stayed put.


I received this product complimentary for review . All opinions are my own.

Hold up, let me take a selfie

Over the past few months I’m sure you have seen or heard about the selfie stick.
You no longer need to leave out someone out and if you are alone you don’t have to worry about asking a stranger ( who might have bad photography skills) to take a photo of you. If you are hiking or have an amazing back drop you can now see that when using a selfie stick vs taking a regular selfie.

DealStock was kind enough to send me a selfie stick with built-in bluetooth in blue to try out & review.

Selfie Stick DealStock

As you can see its pretty simple to set up.
DealStock Selfie Stick Directions

-Compatible with iPhone 4/4S 5/5C/5S (only for iOS 4.0 or above) and most android cell phones such as Samsung galaxy S3/S4/S5,HTC ONE M7/M8,LG G2,Google Nexus 4 5 6,Sony Xperia Z1 Z2,etc(only for Android 3.0 or above).
-180-degree rotation, providing convenience and full control for the users while they are taking photos.
-The LED indicator is Red while charging, and it displays Blue when full charged. (on bottom of stick)
-Can be stretched (opened) to 42″
-Stand-by Time: more than 100 hours
-Charging Time: 1 hour

You can order one from their website DealStock.com or Amazon
Price: $9.99- 10.99


The top ‘U’ part twists off and on so it is easy to carry and pack when you take it with you. The piece with the orange top adjusts so you it will fit your phones height when in the selfie stick. It is very secure too , not once did I feel like my phone would fall out. Another great thing about this selfie stick is it is very lightweight, no need to worry about it weighing down your bag. I do have a bigger purse but sure it would fit in a bag smaller as well.
You connect it via bluetooth and the button to take the photo is on the handle which is easy to press while holding the stick.

selfie stick in bag

Just a friendly reminder , please be aware of your surroundings & be considerate of others when using your selfie stick. I saw a lot of tourists when walking around NYC just whipping them around lol
Also don’t bring it on rides on amusement parks. I recently read an article about Disney and how they are banning them because of that.

Other than that have fun taking photos of a bunch of people or yourself.

Here are some photos I took with the selfie stick.

Brooklyn Bridge Selfie Stick

Brooklyn bridge park, if I took a normal selfie you wouldn’t see the whole bridge in the background. So its great to set a lot of the background when you are by yourself or want to control what you get in the photo.

On Brooklyn Bridge Selfie Stick

On the Brooklyn bridge

selfie stick nature

Taking a walk by the water

I received a free product for the purpose of my review. Opinions are 100% my own