Dinner with Barilla ProtienPLUS penne- Ssausage & Tomato Veggie Pasta

I’ve been loving this Barilla ProteinPLUS pasta BzzAgent sent me to try out.   I already made a yummy shrimp dinner with the spaghetti and knew I wanted to do something with sausage with the penne.

Barilla ProteinPLUS sausage & tomato veggie sauce

If you missed my Shrimp & Broccoli dish with Barilla ProteinPLUS pasta here is some info on this pasta.

according to the front of the box:

  • Its loaded with 17 grams of protein in a 3.5 oz portion.
  • Crafted with simple ingredients, like flaxseed, barley and oats
  • Made with protein-rich chickpeas, lentils and egg whites
  • Great source of fiber ( 7 grams)  and ALA omega-3

It tastes great & is filling.

Though I did look at the label and this is not for a serving size but I never have a serving size when it comes to pasta but just wanted to throw that out there.

  • Barilla ProteinPLUS  2 oz serving size , 10 grams of protein, 4 grams of fiber, 190 calories
  • Barilla Whole grain : 2oz serving size, 8 grams of protein, 6 grams of fiber , 180 calories
  • Heartland Whote Wheat : 1cup dry serving size, 7 grams of protein, 7 grams of fiber 220 calories

Ingredients  used:

  • Barilla ProteinPLUS penne pasta
  • Sausage
  • diced tomatoes ( with olive oil & garlic)
  • mushrooms
  • red pepper
  • spinach
  • parmesan cheese
  • chicken broth
  • onion powder
  • garlic & pepper seasoning
  • Italian seasoning

Barilla Protein Plus sausage & tomato veggie sauce


First add water to a pot to boil , add salt.

Next brown the sausage in a pan in med-high . Halfway through I added the diced red bell pepper.

I then added the sliced mushrooms. Stir

Next add a 15oz can of diced tomatoes . Stir

Add some chicken broth.

barilla proteinplus sausage & veggie sauce

My water was boiling at the point so I added the pasta to the water.  I cooked for about 11 minutes.

I wanted some green and had some a little spinach so I rough chopped it…. also meaning I already washed my cutting board so I tore it into pieces with my hands haha.

If you want it a little saucier , you can add more broth.

Next add some parmesan cheese. Stir.

Drain pasta.

For the most part I always keep the sauce & pasta separate because sometimes I like more sauce than pasta or like to evenly coat the pasta. Depends on my mood 🙂

Add pasta to a bowl ( or plate) top with the tomato veggie sauce and mix.

Top with parmesan cheese & ENJOY!


I received this product for free from BzzAgent. All opinions are my own.


Shrimp & Broccoli with Barilla ProteinPlus Spaghetti

BzzAgent sent me 2 boxes of Barilla ProteinPLUS pasta.  I love that this pasta has added protein which is what is great to keep me full and energized.

  • This pasta is loaded with 17 grams of protein in a 3.5 oz portion.
  • Crafted with simple ingredients, like flaxseed, barley and oats
  • Made with protein-rich chickpeas, lentils and egg whites
  • Great source of fiber ( 7 grams)  and ALA omega-3

I recently bought shrimp and received this pasta just in time to make something delicious!

BarillaUS ProteinPLUS Shrimp & broccoli

Ingredients I used: 

  • Barilla ProteinPLUS spaghetti
  • Shrimp ( 12 oz)
  • Lemon ( lemon juice)
  • Broccoli
  • Butter
  • Olive Oil
  • Salt & Pepper
  • Red Pepper Flakes
  • Parmesan Cheese
  • Garlic Powder ( or minced garlic)
  • Italian Seasonings


Add water to a big pot, add salt, bring to a boil. Add pasta to boiling water. Boil for 10 minutes. Drain.

Cut & steam broccoli. I drained the broccoli added olive oil, a little butter, & some seasonings in the pan and then placed the broccoli on top. Stirred until mixed.


Add about a tablespoon olive oil. Add shrimp. Add salt, pepper, garlic powder, red pepper flakes ( be careful) ,  Italian seasonings, 2 tablespoons of butter.  Once pink I added lemon juice from half a lemon. I also added some parmesan cheese.  Turn off


( You can add more oil and butter to make more ‘sauce’ ) When pasta was done I added a couple of tablespoons of the pasta water to the pan as well.

You can add all of these ingredients to the same pan if you wish but I chose to keep them separate .

Put in a bowl , add as much or little of everything you want. Sprinkle with parmesan cheese! YUM!

This dish was delicious. My friend Shawn also had a bowl and loved the pasta ( I even got him to eat more broccoli than normal)

I too enjoyed this dish. The pasta, I think ,added a little flavor to this dish..maybe a little ‘nutty’ . It tasted great & was filling. I didn’t feel bloated after eating it or heavy.  Definitely will add this to my diet when I have pasta. I’m a huge fan of the ingredients… lentils, chick peas, barley, egg whites.


Have you tried Barilla ProteinPLUS pasta? Whats your favorite pasta dish?

  • I received this product for free complimentary from BzzAgent for review purposes. All opinions are my own.


Herbal Essences Bio:Renew Review #LetLifeIn

BzzAgent sent my Herbals Essences Shampoo & conditioner to try for free.

At first i was hesitant because sometimes with Herbal Essences for some reason my scalp gets oily quicker. I try not to wash my hair daily because my hair & scalp don’t look as healthy. I don’t use Herbal Essences because of that.

I’m always up to try new beauty products.

Herbals Essences has a line of hair products call Bio: Renew. Its a line that marries science with nature. It has 9 collections to choose from based on your hair needs/type.

  • has 0% parabens, gluten, and colorants
  • brings your hair back to life in just 21 days
  • Crafted with bio:renew, a signature blend of essential antioxidants, aloe and sea kelp

Bio:Renew protects hair from the inside out by trapping, neutralizing and removing the build-up of free radicals that mess with your hair. This can be from everyday things like pollution, coloring, sun exposure, even things found in tap water ( like copper).


I received coconut milk that has multi-layered scents of vibrant coconut, a bouquet of white florals, and vanilla. It smelled heavenly. This one is great to keep hair hydrated.

hair flip


At first my scalp did get a little oily but unlike before the more I used it my scalp started to balance out a little and didn’t get as oily. This shampoo & conditioner left my hair really soft & manageable. It had a nice lather and was easy to rinse out. My hair was easy to comb after getting out of the shower.  I also loved getting a whiff of my hair through the day. Is it my absolute favorite ? ….No but I did enjoy using it. I would be up to trying one of their other one in the line.

  • Coconut Milk (hydrate)
  • Argan Oil of Morocco (repair)
  • Cucumber & Green Tea (sheer moisture)
  • Golden Moringa Oil (smooth)
  • Vitamin E & Cocoa Butter (strength)
  • Passion Flower & Rice Milk (nourish)
  • Arabica Coffee Fruit (volume)
  • Rosemary & Herbs (naked moisture)
  • White Grapefruit & Mosa Mint (naked volume)

Herbal essences Bio:renew

I received these products for free from BzzAgent. All opinions are my own.



L’oreal Paris Pure-Clay Mud Mask review

Lately I’ve been becoming more aware of L’oreal skincare products.  One of their newest products is their Pure-Clay Masks. I love mud masks , it’s like a spa day at home. Transform you skin in 10 minutes.


Each mask has 3 mineral clays and an enhanced- sourced ingredient tailored for ideal absorption time. They are sourced from Mountains in Morocco, the South of England, and the USA.

Mineral Clays: 

  • Kaolinite is a soft mineral which absorbs unwanted impurities to remove excess shine without stripping away natural oils
  • Montmorillonite comes from igneous rocks, is soft to the touch, swells when it comes into contact with water and is renowned for its purifying and rebalancing properties
  • Ghassoul is gathered from volcanic regions of Morroco where it’s been used by women in face masks and compresses for years

Added ingredient


  • Eucalyptus known for possessing purifying and soothing actions beneficial for women with oily skin
  • Charcoal acts like a magnet on the skin to draw out impurities
  • Red Algae nutritious in sugars that help to strengthen the skin. Extraordinarily fine natural volcanic particles act as a naturally effective exfoliant to gently remove dead skin cells




The texture of the clay is creamy and goes on smoothly. There is no overpowering scent & they dry pretty evenly. Some are more “perfumey” than others. These were also easy to take off with warm water.

These retail for about $9.99 each which is pretty good. I’ve even heard a few people saw these are as good as glam glow . I’ve only used samples of that brand so  I can’t really compare in my own experience. For best results use these 2-3 times a week.

P.S Don’t want to get your fingers all dirty witd the clay. You can do this with any mask. Get a fan art brush ( Walmart/Target/Craft store) and use it just for your masks. Make sure to clean them after each use.

Detox & Brighten

Skin concern: Dull & Tired skin


Went on smoothly and easy to apply over my face. This one was my favorite. As it dries you can see where you are oily . It is sucking all the impurities out of you skin.  I took warm water and took off the mud mask. My face looked clean , refreshed, & did look a little bright. This one is my favorite out of the 3 I tried.


Exfoliate & Refine

Skin concern: Rough & Clogged skin

This one is my next favorite. It looks like the  mud you see people applying to themselves when they go to one of those exotic locations. This clay does have small particles which help exfoliate. This one is sort of like a 2-in-1 mask. This one also doesn’t dry completely. I like rubbing it on in circular motion to exfoliate. I let it sit for about 10 minutes and wash it off.  I rub it off in circular motions are well to exfoliate. The particles in the clay weren’t harsh on the skin and very gentle. My skin felt great afterwards.



Mattify & Purify

Skin concern: Oily & Shiny skin



This one for me is best when I multi-mask or area/spot treatment. This one dried really hard and made my skin feel tight while it was on.  It also stung a little bit when I first put it on for 10-20 seconds but not enough for me to wash it off.  When I took it off it did have a cooling sensation and my skin looked  & felt really clean. My skin did feel a little dry . I will use this for a spot treatment instead of my whole face ( t-zone, cheeks, chin, nose) This would probably be better for someone who has an oilier complexion and someone who doesn’t have sensitive skin.


Multi-masking :


Multimask Loreal

Do you or have you done a multi mask? It’s applying a few different products to your face to help your problem areas. Your skin might be oily in your T zone but have dry cheeks.



Loreal Multimask

I received these products complimentary from BzzAgent for review purposes. All opinions are my own.

Get in the holiday spirit with Silk Nog

Silk Nog is back with 2 new flavors.

You can choose from:

  • Silk Nog original
  • Silk  Almond Nog Original
  • Silk Almond Nog Pumpkin Spice

Each flavors are 80 calories or less per serving, free of dairy, free of eggs, saturated fat, & cholesterol.

No artificial colors, flavors.

Head here to get a coupon for $1 off 2 quarts.

I spotted 2 flavors are my regular grocery store. I wanted to try pumpkin spice but my store didn’t have that one so I went with my second choice, Silk Almond Nog.

I also made money buying it. BzzAgent sent me a coupon to redeem one for free. I checked my Ibotta app and there was a $.75 rebate. Score!

Silk Nog Ibotta


I wanted to make brownies ( with brownies mix & a can of pumpkin) and thought the Silk Almond Nog would be a nice combo.


It was flavorful but I do wish it was thicker. I’m not sure if that is possible because its free of egg & dairy help make it thick.  The flavor was great but the consistency for me was lacking. My friend enjoyed it though. So what will I do with the rest?

Silk Nog Smoothie

I made an apple smoothie one morning. I used 1 gala apple, 1 frozen banana, Silk Almond Nog, cinnamon, all spice. Blend it up and pout into a glass. Yummy!



With the remaining Nog , I added it to make my oatmeal. Oatmeal while healthy can be bland and the Silk Almond Nog helped add flavor to it to make it enjoyable. I mixed in all spice, sprinkled a little cinnamon, topped with a banana, chia seeds, & almond butter.

Overall it was ok, while flavor was good it was lacking on consistency. When I think nog , I want something a little more indulging & thicker. I do think it is a good option for those who can’t have dairy or don’t have dairy.


Do you drink nog during the holiday season?

  • I received this product complimentary for review purposes. All opinions are my own.




Indulge a little with Vanilla Bean Kozy Shack Indulgent Recipe Pudding

Did you read my other review on Kozy Shack Indulgent recipe puddings?

My store only had two flavors the chocolate truffle & dark chocolate. Well since these are near the yogurts I always look to see if vanilla bean or salted caramel have appeared. Guess what? They did!

Kozy Shack Vanilla Bean

I picked up Vanilla Bean first. I don’t normally pick vanilla dessert because…they can be a little boring. I opened my cup , dug my spoon in, and took a bite. Yum!!

Kozy Shack Vanilla Bean Pudding

It was creamy, decadent, smooth, and just tasty!


Look a the specks of vanilla bean! So Far this flavor & dark chocolate are my favorites.

You could even throw a few berries on top and make it an easy but sophisticated dessert.

The last one to try is the Salted Caramel. When I was at the grocery store the other day I went to grab it but it was out. So people must be excited to see this on shelves. I’ll just keep checking back.

Have you tried these yet? Have you seen them on your grocery store shelves?

Head to their website to see where you can buy them near you.

I received this product complimentary from BzzAgent for review purposes. All opinions are my own.

Crest Pro-Health Advanced Rinse Review #CrestSmile

Do you use a mouth rinse in your oral routine?
You should. Crest Pro-Health Advanced Mouthwash advances you towards stronger teeth for a healthier mouth.

Crest Pro-Health Advanced with Extra Deep Clean mouthwash:
-kills bad breath germs
-helps prevent cavities
-strengthens enamel
-cleans teeth and gums
-freshens breath

Check out more on their website

It only takes one minute of swishing twice every day, along with normal brushing and flossing, to get the benefits.


Besides a cleaner & fresher mouth the one thing I did like is that this mouthwash does not burn when you are swishing. That’s because it is alcohol free with fluoride. No more trying to get though that 1 minute with eyes tearing up. It has a nice minty flavor.that isn’t strong. I even had a canker sore and it didn’t affect it at all.

The one thing I didn’t like about this product is the weird after taste . Its not bad but when you drink water, or a drink, and/or food, it makes it taste weird…even after 30 minutes. ( You are supposed to wait 30 minutes before eating or drinking after you rinse)
While I like the benefits of using this mouthwash and how fresh my mouth was and clean my teeth were. I can’t get over the aftertaste and making drinks/food taste weird. I do like Crest mouthwashes but this one isn’t for me. I guess if you are trying to lose weight maybe you should use it that way you won’t want to eat or drink weird tasting foods lol

I received the product complimentary from Crest & BzzAgent. All opinions are my own.

Why eat, when you can indulge with Kozy Shack Indulgent Recipe Pudding

Have you seen Kozy Shack Indulgent recipe puddings on shelves yet? It’s a new delicious pudding they added to their line.

There are 4 flavors to choose from:
Chocolate Truffle
Dark Chocolate
Salted Caramel
Vanilla Bean


I looked at the stores near by and only one ( my regular grocery store) carried them and only had two choices, Chocolate truffle & Dark Chocolate. I didn’t mind though because I like chocolate. BzzAgent sent me coupons to get these for free but they are regularly $3.49
I was craving something sweet so headed to the fridge for a pudding. It was thick, creamy, smooth, & taste great. Though I was expecting a little more, it didn’t seem that much different from any other pudding. The cups are on the smaller side but totally left me satisfied & happy.

Next up was the dark chocolate. This is where the indulgent comes into play. It was thick, rich in flavor, smooth, and each spoonful made me go mmmmmm . I was very happy with this flavor and could see myself getting this one again, especially after a long day when you deserve to treat yourself.
I will keep looking back because I would like to try the other 2 flavors as well.


I think these would be great to bring to work, school, or wherever you are going for lunch. They are small & easy to carry. Plus who wouldn’t want one of these puddings for an afternoon snack or dessert after lunch?

I like the sayings on the lids, its a nice touch :
Kozy Shack
Spoon up a little deliciousness.
Delight in your dessert.
This moment calls for a decadent pudding.
Spoon, savor, repeat.

The ingredient list is small and the first ingredients include milk, sugar, & cream. It does have carrageenan which I heard could be bad for you ( causing inflammation, gut irritation, and even cancer). It is used for its gelling, thickening & stabilizing properties. It isn’t has no nutritional value or digestible.
I would say limit having foods with this ingredient ( found in a lot of products) I don’t think having this once in awhile will be bad.
These puddings are definitely a cheat day treat, #TreatYourSelf snack, indulgence.
The dark chocolate is 190 calories for a 3.75 cup
KozyShackPudding (1)
Dark Chocolate is a definite must try- I was sad when I was on the last one.

Which flavor would you grab first? Have you seen or tried these puddings yet?

I received this product complimentary from BzzAgent for review purposes. All opinions are my own.

Take a break & enjoy International Delight Iced Coffee #IDelightin10

Did you know International Delight also has Iced Coffee & Chai Tea Latte drinks to choose from? Not just creamers! Look for them by the milk.

( I added some vanilla almond milk to the mocha iced coffee)

I wouldn’t really say I am a big coffee drinker. In high school I was addicted to french vanilla cappuccino but when I left that high school my habit broke. ( P.S What high school sells cappuccino to students ? lol) I would crash so hard after school!
Anyway I would occasionally have cappuccinos once in a blue moon in the fall/winter. Maybe 1-2 times a year , if that.

Then this year I fell in love the with S’mores frappuccino when I got a free drink for my birthday. Sadly it was limited edition. What was I going to do I thought? My special treat was no more… only hoping I could get it next summer.

Then BzzAgent sent me an email inviting me to be part of the the International Delight Iced Coffee & Chai Tea Latte campaign. I like trying new products and I knew if I didn’t like it my friend would.
They sent me a coupon to redeem for a free half gallon & some $.80 coupons to share.
Off to the store I went. At first I didn’t see it then the next time I went into the store I found them.
There was only 2 to choose from at my location so I grabbed the Mocha . I thought you can’t go wrong my mocha.

There are 10 flavors to choose from:
Mocha Light
Caramel Macchiato
Caramel Macchiato Light
Vanilla Light
Cold Stone Creamery Sweet Cream
Hershey’s Cookies n’ Cream

Vanilla Chai
Caramel Chai

With inspiration from my favorite drink this summer and favorite camping treat I decided to make a s’mores ice coffee.

International Delight Smores1

I took
Mocha International Delight Iced Coffee
Marshmallow Fluff
Whipped Cream
Graham Crackers, smashed

I mixed equal amount of marshmallow fluff & whipped cream.
Smashed graham crackers
Added some whipped cream mixture & graham cracker crumbs at the bottom of my mug.
Poured in mocha International Delight iced coffee
topped with whipped cream mixture
sprinkled graham cracker crumbs.
Feel free to add chocolate syrup for more chocolate goodness.

It was really good but nothing something I could have all the time. Great for a special me time treat. ( sugar overload)

Then I started adding a little bit of vanilla almond milk or vanilla coconut milk when I had it in the mornings or afternoons. It tasted great.
At Target they even had it on sale 2/$7 and had 10% off from the cartwheel app. I was happy about that because I LOVE this iced coffee. I have been having trouble finding other flavors though. I am always checking though so hopefully they will pop up .
IDelight sale
A half gallon is around $4 which is a little expensive but if you are heading to the coffee shop all the time it will save you a lot of money.

If you head to International Delight website you can find great drink recipes , even a yummy chocolate truffle recipe!

So skip your trip to the coffee shop & grab one of the great flavors International Delight has to offer. It tastes great & will save you money.

Have you tried I.D iced coffee or chai tea latte yet? Which flavor did you try or would you like to try?

Silk Dairy- free yogurt alternative review #lovemysilk

Silk is one of my go to brands for almond milk or cashew milk. Did you know they have a dairy free yogurt?
They are high in protein, low in fat, high in calcium & potassium, a little high in sugar ( from fruit).

•6 grams of plant-powered protein (soy)
•Free of cholesterol, dairy, lactose, gluten, carrageenan or casein
•No artificial colors, flavors or funny business
•Excellent source of Calcium and Vitamin D
•Low in saturated fat
•Enrolled in the Non-GMO Project’s product verification program
•No high-fructose corn syrup

6 flavors to choose from: ( may vary at your store)
Peach Mango
Tropical Pineapple
Black cherry

BzzAgent hooked me up with a coupon for a free cup and I went to the store to pick my flavor. I knew where they were because I always get Silk Almondmilk & its in the same area.

I went for the tropical pineapple since its one of my favorites to get when I get my Greek yogurt.
5.3 oz – 140 calories


I opened it up and it was a light tan color. I stirred it and realized it was thin ( which is why I stopped eating yogurt long time ago until I found out about Greek yogurt) & there was barely any fruit chunks ( though I know they add more sugar to the yogurt).

I took a spoonful and put it in my mouth. It was creamy but I just didn’t like how thin it was. I prefer my yogurt to be thicker. It didn’t have much of a pineapple flavor like I was expecting and left an after taste of soy, which was weird. Perhaps it was the pineapple & soy combo that I didn’t like , I don’t know. I was expecting a little more from this yogurt.

Next I tried out blueberry 5.3 oz 140 calories

This one tasted a little bit better the soy & blueberry combo was good but still the weird aftertaste. I had a few more blueberry chunks which I liked. The color was more representative of the flavor a nice purple hue.

Final flavor Strawberry because who doesn’t like strawberry. 5.3 oz 130 calories

Strawberry Silk Yogurt

This one is definitely my favorite of the 3 flavors I tried. For me I could taste the soy in all of them but I feel like the strawberry & soy worked well together and wasn’t as noticeable. I would eat this flavor again. There were small bits of strawberries mixed in though I wish there was more or they were bigger.

Overall I think these are a good alternative if you already eat and/or drink soy products and are dairy free or just want a dairy free product. These are also a little pricier than my normal yogurt ($1.49) and don’t really see them on sale that much. I didn’t love them but didn’t hate them either.After trying the strawberry, I do want to try the cherry now. I don’t see me buying these in place of my regular yogurt but if I see a good deal on them I might consider it. Yogurt is great to have on hand, I like having it for breakfast, snack, even a treat/dessert. I would highly recommend the Strawberry & the blueberry a close second if you do choose to try them out.

There is a $.55 & $1 off 3 coupon here . Make sure to go to the left, click on Silk to get to them easily.

Which flavor(s) do you want to try? Have you spotted these in your store? Have you tried it?

I received this product for free, all opinions are my own.