My first Black Friday Sale

So I had nothing going on . No where to be, which wasn’t a bad thing. It was nice to not feel obligated to go somewhere & not feel stressed making something to bring.

There were a few places that were having good deals so I was like why not?

Old Navy 50% off everything. Doors opened at 7pm. Arrived at 6:45 ish. There was already a lined formed, not too many people in front maybe 50? I started from the front and work my way around the whole store, didn’t see anything. There was 2 tops but none in my size but not from the sale they seemed to be on sale before this sale. I was out in 15 minutes.

Next stores opened at 8pm. I’ve been eying these Steve Madden black boots . When I went last week they were on sale for $109.98. I didn’t think they would be there because they were size 11 and when that size goes, that’s it. To my surprise they were still there & $10 cheaper! No other deals for these boots but happy to have them. ( they are about $130 online) Still need to find a taller, tighter fitting boot that can be casual but can also be worn with dresses. I miss my old ones! Probably in there 10 minutes , mainly seeing if there were other shoes. Once the gate opened I ran to the section hoping to see my size still there 🙂


Next was to Macy’s. Since a lot of my stuff is in my now gross storage unit locked away until we settle in court, I needed a blender. I miss making smoothies and I do not like the 5-10lbs Ive gained since I’ve stopped drinking them lol. They had a doorbuster deal for a Cuisinart blender for $39.99 ( originally $119.99). I also wanted to go grab one because one of the survey sites I do , I redeemed a $25 Macy’s gift card. So I paid $17.53 with tax 🙂


On the way to the exit I stopped to check out Express since everything was 50% off and on the survey site I got the Macy’s Gift card I had enough to redeem a $25 or $50 Express gift card. Didn’t see anything I needed, though there were some cute dresses. I then returned home to drop off the boxes and relax before heading back  at 11:30 pm or so to check out Forever 21 & H&M. I didn’t see anything I loved that much to try on or wait in the long line for lol. Will go back when its a bit calmer ( plus I have a $12 H&M from the Wrapp app -YAY)

I check out some other stores on the way back to the exit but nothing that I needed that minute.

I’d say my Black Friday was easy, not stressful, & fast.

Most likely because I wasn’t getting tvs, gaming systems, electronics or boots in Macy’ 🙂

Easy white chicken chili/soup

Depending on how much liquid you put in this it can be either chili or soup.


Click photo to bring you to recipe.

Mine didn’t come out so picture worthy so I didn’t take a photo but this dish was delicious.

Here were my changes


A couple of months ago I tried avocado verde from Wholly Guacamole- so yummy.

So I used the Avocado Verde instead of the Salsa Verde the recipe calls for.

I added juice of one lime

I added more water to make it more of a soup.

Has anyone used Better than Bouillon before? This stuff is great. I made chicken & barley soup last Thursday and used this for the first time. So much flavor. I will be buying this for now on to use in soups and other dishes.

I haven’t used cumin in awhile, I made something before and made me dislike the taste, so I didn’t add it to this dish.

What are you quick meals using rotisserie chicken? Can’t beat $5 for a cooked flavorful whole chicken.

Thanksgiving Nail art

Decided to test out some nail art for Thanksgiving. I didn’t have any yellows or orange so did this.

Cherry Pie on Thumb


then some nail design


Then took it off but left the colorful turkey and put the red/silver design

Red: Rimmel London speed dating

Silver _ I want to say it was a Rimmel London Polish mixed with NYC Metallic/Glitter 255A

Turkey w/feathers : Motives by loren ridinger “decadence”  ~Feathers : Revlon tropical temptation, berry bloom , NYC green ( no name), Rimmel Black Satin ( feet) – I had all my polishes out but I believe these are the ones I used

Cherry Pie- Rimmel London Speed Dating  I think I mized the pie latice with Chelly 26 with something else



Retail therapy

So those that don’t know I have to buy new Fall/Winter clothes . I found out my storage unit was leaking somewhere , which ended up being from Hurricane Sandy. My sofa had mold all over it,  it was bad in there. Anyway I filed a claim with insurance and I can’t get into my unit until it is solved. ( there is more to it but I am not sure if I can speak about it right now) Lets just say I had to get a lawyer involved.

>Side note: In 2004 I went through not one but two hurricanes within a 3 week period. One was a category 4 and the other category 2/3 and had no damage what so ever. Strange! But did leave things a little tilted 🙂

25695_10150162982045251_5238539_n 25695_10150162984985251_2782691_n

Anyway Macy’s had a “Wow Pass” where you could have $10 off $25 & I had $25 that I received from one of the survey sites I use. So thought I could find something. I didn’t see much that I loved so I didn’t score out on the $10 off so thought I would check out a few other store just to see if there was anything.

Here is what I scored for $56.59

Forever 21

I have had a $25 gift card from awhile back

I bought the navy jacket below $19.80

black leggings ( not pictured) $3.80

I had to pay $.10 out of pocket


Next was H&M

I love wearing dresses all year round. So once it gets cold I try to find dresses I can wear with leggings or tights that are comfortable but look good.

This jersey dress was $ 24.95

I had a $10 off $10 from Wrapp app

Plus 10% for giving my email  ( there was also a poster in the store where you could text hm and get 10% off , will try to find that info to share)

It ended coming to $14.30


Next I had to go through Target to leave and usually its hit or miss.

I found this Mossimo sweater dress , 4 were left one small & 3 XL/XXLS . So I was hoping it would fit and it did, love it. $29.99

I added a 15% off Mossimo on the Target cartwheel app before I left so it ended up being $25.49

Also found this Merona purse originally $22.99 on sale for $11.48

Not pictured plain grey gloves $3  ( also had 10% off from the cartwheel app making them $2.70)


This sweater dress would look cute with black tights & these booties I bought about 2 weeks ago

Madden girl $37.20boots

Klout Perk- Slimfast

Received this  Slimfast #Slimfessions perk from Klout

I received a notepad & free coupon.

I ended up choosing a 4pk creamy milk chocolate, I mean how could you go wrong with chocolate. I think it was $4.79

They also had Vanilla Cream, Strawberry N Cream, Cappuccino delight & French Vanilla.

Creamy Milk Chocolate- Protein Milk Shake

190 calories – 10g protein- 5g of fiber

up to 4 hour hunger control.

I had it in the middle of breakfast and lunch to hold me over. It did fill me up & and held me over until my lunch time.

It tasted good, the first sip tasted weird I think because you need to get used to it but was tasty.

Definitely a good mid day meal supplement & good to satisfy those sweet tooth cravings.

As for my slimfession I just want to be a bit more toned since I have fallen a bit off my regular fitness/eating routine.

Whats your slimfession?


*I was given this free product because I am a Klout Influencer. I am under no obligation to receive the sample or talk about this company. I get no additional benefits for talking about the product or company. All opinions are my own

Oatmeal Pancakes

Be prepared for more oatmeal breakfast recipes that I will be posting soon.

Asked my friend to get me steel cut or old fashion oatmeal to make different overnight oats but got instant. So I wanted to see what could I make , besides the obvious.

I had a individual pack of peach oatmeal so I used that then sprinkled some plain instant oatmeal.

Will try to do more variations of these oatmeal pancakes. ( so many possibilities)

I used:

1 pack of peach instant oatmeal + some instant oatmeal ( maybe 1/2 cup combined?)

1 egg

pomegranate seeds

mix together, you want to get a nice consistency not too watery but not too dry.

olive oil for pan

takes a few minutes each side.


Do you have any different ways to incorporate oatmeal into dishes?

I love making oatmeal chocolate chip cherry cookies ( or cranberry , blueberry)

I have put it in smoothies before.

How do you like your oatmeal?



Lean Cuisine – Spa Collection Review

One of my survey sites sent me a check to go buy a frozen meal for me to try and give feedback.

I’ve seen the spa collection before but there wasn’t that much a of a variety so never tried it.

Lean Cuisine- Spa Collection

Apple Cranberry Chicken


Looks pretty close to the picture on the box which is always a nice thing.

It had grilled chicken, green beans, carrots, whole wheat orzo, wheat berries ( which was a nice surprise) , cranberries in a apple reduction sauce.

It was tasty, interesting, fresh  & flavorful dish. I could definitely see this being served at a spa.

I would to bring lean cuisine to work for lunch all the time. Lean Cuisine has such a variety and seems like they are always adding new recipes to the list. The meals always fill me up , are light , don’t make me feel bloated. Another great things is they are under $5, usually always on sale for $2-3 which is great on for your wallet and your waistline.


Mail Call : freebies

Freebies in the mail

Full size Fat Hair amplifying mousse

$2 coupon

2 samples curl enhancing creme & curl defining gel


New Progresso Tomato Florentine w/Italian Sausage

Had for lunch – too spicy for me


Manicure Spa hand creme

2 perfume samples “Ageless”