Get your fashion fix

I’ve been trying Sitch Fix lately and love the opportunity to try pieces I wouldn’t pick out myself. I like trying out different cuts, styles, & prints.

You fill out a style profile of sizes, what you like,  styles you like. Sizing has been pretty much spot on .

Stitch Fix is a monthly fashion box that sends you 5 pieces of clothing /accessories based on your profile. You get to try them on, keep and buy what you want. You then send the items you don’t want back to them in the pre-addressed envelope. The styling fee for each box is $20 which will be applied to what you decide to keep. So if you have an item that $54  , you will pay $34.  If you love the whole box you also get an additional discount.

I also like that they send a paper with different ways to style the pieces you get. Plus a paper with prices of each piece.


You can try it too! Get $25 to go towards you styling fee / items you buy ( The styling fee is $20)  I also get $25 if you use my link 🙂 win win


Here are some of the pieces I have tried.


Loved this green dress. It fit perfectly and felt great on. I ended up keeping it. My $20 styling fee which was given to me, went towards this purchase so I only paid $18 for it.

Black& White Outfit

Here is a outfit regret. I wish I kept the top but also the bottom as well.  I loves the fit and feel of the Dee Elly stretchy crop top.  I also liked the print on the skirt.


I totally would have kept this dress if it was a little longer. The curse of being tall. I loved the cut ant fabric. One of those dress you can throw on and be put together.


I wouldn’t have gone for this floral print. When I first saw it I was like eh not for me but then tried it on and it grew on me  I loved the stretchy top and cut out in the back. Again … if it were a little longer I would have considered keeping it.


I really like the cut of this Kaleigh Adalia jumpsuit.  It was soooo comfortable. It almost felt like pajamas but it would be acceptable to go everywhere in this outfit. The fabric was a little heavy and the print I was iffy on. It did make my butt look great though.


I would have kept the dress if it was in dress code for work but felt like I wouldn’t wear it enough. The top on the right didn’t fit quite right. Also tip: The skirt is not a skirt….its a dress I folded.



Have you tried Stitch Fix yet?  Have you found or kept any pieces?


Rocksbox: Customized jewelry box

Looking to revamp your jewelry collection or maybe want to try a style of jewelry but don’t want to buy it? Well Rocksbox might be for you.  It’s pretty simple. When you sign up for an account you browse the site & click the star to add to your wishlist.  You want to make sure you add to your wishlist so you get pieces you want.

I received 2 boxes so far.

You can use my link here or use my code carrabff5 and get a free box!


  • KATE SPADE -Cactus Studs $48

  • PERRY STREET -Vega Statement Necklace $63

  • RUDIMENT- Lombard Ring $54



  • KENDRA SCOTT- Olivia Earrings in Brass and Aqua Apatite $70
  • AVA ROSE -Cheyenne Ring in Rose Gold with Rose Gold Druzy $58
  • SOPHIE HARPER -Delicate Crystal Layered Choker $46

My favorite from this box were the earrings. Like the turquoise color and shape. Loved the ring for some sparkle & glitz.


Just note this is a subscription service. You get 3 custom-picked jewelry pieces. You can keep the 1 or all 3 pieces. You also get a $21 credit to put towards your purchase and if you buy all 3 you get an additional $10 discount. They send a label already inside the box so you return what you don’t want. And they send another 3 pieces.

Stitch Fix Box review

Im a bit reluctant to trying clothing boxes because I can be picky with my clothing. I also have some issue with fit because  I am tall, have hips, & a small waist, long torso lol the list goes on.  Will they really know my style if I answer a few questions and choose some pictures?

Well thanks to T-mobile for hooking me up on T-mobile Tuesdays ( if you are a T-mobile customer , download the app for goodies!) with a $25 credit to use. I thought why not?

You can get a $25 credit too if you use my link ( I get credit as well) win win.

FREE $25 Stitch Fix Credit


Stitch Fix Box

When you sign up you answer questions about your style , there are also photos of styles to choose from , & questions about your sizing,  so the stylist can choose what is best from the results & have them personalized.

It was a simple process.

You are charged a $20 styling fee which can be put towards an item in your box.

You have 3 days to decide what you want and don’t. There is a prepaid mailer in your box to return the items you don’t want. You only pay for what you keep.

My box came and I was excited to see what was inside. There was 5 items.

  • 2 tops
  • shorts
  • dress
  • necklace

They also send a price list & a sheet showing how you can style the pieces.


One of my favorites from the box is this Pixley Crissie dress $68

I love the scallop detail on the neckline , the fit, color, and back.

I didn’t like that it had snap closures in the back. I do have long arms but a pain to do.

StitchFix Dress


Project Social T Natassia Mesh Trim Knit Top $40

STS Blue Eleonora Distressed Fray Hem Denim Shorts $38

The top was really comfortable and liked the mesh detail. It was so soft. It was a bit pricey for what it is though.

The shorts were also comfortable and a nice length.  A size smaller would have been better , when I checked their site they were out of the smaller size.



When I saw this print on this Renee C Jayani Halter top ($48) I wasn’t sure but when I tried it on I was pleasantly surprised. I didn’t care for the fit of it though. I prefer it to be more fitted or flowy.

StitchFix Halter


Last piece was an accessory . Bay to Baubles Sutara Filigree Circle Pendant $28

I liked the design but a bit too long for me.

StitchFix necklace

Overall , the items they picked are something I’d try on or stop and look at ….maybe minus the halter for the top but that’s what is great about these boxes. Trying something you might not.  The prices are a little high, for me anyway . I’m a bargain shopper so I know I could find similar pieces at places like Marshalls/TJ Maxx . I also wish they gave at least a week to think about it vs the 3 days. Especially since I just moved and am on a strict budget right now.

Have you tried Stitch Fix before? How did you like it?

Save money while shopping online

About a week ago I went to Marshall’s for a TJX rewards access event.  P.S if you shop at Home Goods, TJ Maxx , or Marshalls, sign up it’s free.  Every time you shop you will be entered into a sweepstakes, opportunities for giveaways, & special events.

At this event there was coffee, donuts, a chance to win a gift card ( I won $20!) , & free holiday wrapping paper.

I ended up buying this great black jumpsuit. I just tried it on for fun and was surprised it was the right length as well as fit in the right places. Being tall anything one piece is usually a miss.

jump suit tjx access rewards event


I also found this Tommy Hilfiger coat which I really liked. It was warm, sleeves were long, coat was a great length, & the hood looked good and fit right. I feel like its going to be a very cold winter so I needed something to keep me warm.

I wanted to wait because I was very close on one of my survey sites to cash out , and one of the option was a Marshalls gift card. Well it didn’t go as planned and I didn’t want to wait. I went back & my size was gone!! Oh no. I was pretty bummed because I haven’t been this happy to find a coat in awhile.

I did take a photo of the tag when I was at the store the first time . I googled it and guess what? It was at Macy’s for the same price! YAY

My deal ended up being WAY better too.

Coat $79.99 ( $85.07 with tax)

  • Used 3 Macys gift cards ( from survey sites) about $64
  • $5 in plenti points
  • $16.xx on a egift card from a survey site

I paid $0 out of pocket.

Here is where it gets good.


ebates tommy coat

You can find the Tommy Hilfiger coat here

Macy’s had a deal if you spent a certain amount you would get back $10 in Macy’s Money

I used Ebates & received $9.60 back

There was also a deal on plenti if you spent $50 you would get back $10 plenti points

I ended up getting $29.68 back with different sites!

Ebates is great and I highly recommend adding the Ebates cash back button to your browser. That way you are reminded to use it. I would always forget, ever since I added the button I never forget.

If you use my link >> EBATES you will get back $10 on a qualifying purchase of $25 or more. Which can easily be done with holiday shopping.

I also suggest signing up for honey . If you want to save a little more money and/or you’re tired of looking for promo & coupon codes this site does it all for you.



What sites do you use to save?

Spring Wardrobe


It’s feeling like Spring every day still not warm enough for me to wear my new dresses but giving me hope I can wear them soon haha


The only think I love wearing is dresses , so I always buy them. They are so easy to throw on with sandals for everyday or throw on heels for a dressier look.

Navy Polka Dot dress was $9.99 at H&M !

Mossimo Purple/ Magenta dress at Target for $26.99 I believe.  I loved the color, chevron, & the top.



I found this Nine West bag at Marshalls for $19.99. I’ve been needing a smaller black bag & when I glanced in that section I found it right away.  I can be picky when it comes to my bags & never seem to have luck. I used a gift card I had which made this deal even better.

I have some more gift cards burning a whole on my wallet. I think I need to go on a little shopping spree.

Have you added anything new to your wardrobe for Spring? What is on your list?

OKAjewelry Earrings – So cute!

I recently received OKAjewelry earrings to review. I’ve been looking for this style of earrings for awhile . The photo on Amazon didn’t do these justice , when I opened the box I was very happy with this look of them.

You can find them on Amazon here for $25.95

OKAJewelry Earrings box

They come in a silver box with , velvet foam thing to keep them in place. They are gift ready!   These are 18k brass plated silver cubic zircon crystal earrings. They are about the size of a quarter.

OKAJewelry Earrings size

The back of the earring/ part that goes in your ear is a little thicker than my normal earrings but went into my ears easily and they were comfortable in. Once you put them in you squeeze the back part so they stat in place. I even took a nap with them in and they were still in place.

When the light hits them they give off a great sparkle. They are fun, feminine, fashionable, & easy to wear.

Great to wear casually or add the final touch on a dressier outfit.


OKAJewelry Earrings

I received these earrings at a discount for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

How I scored free boots, accessories, & clothes

I’ve scored so many great things lately , a little bit of everything us ladies love.

A couple of months ago I posted about a referral program for Balla Bracelets. I received these cute heart earrings from them.

Balla Bracelets


Next up is Glamulet, I worked with them twice for Breast Cancer awareness month & Black Friday. They sent this limited edition breast cancer awareness charm necklace. Its much better in person


Next up Klout, I received $250 to spend at Lattori

Klout Perk Lattori dress

I wasn’t sure how it would fit but …..

Lattori Dress

It fit perfectly! I tried it on immediately. I was so happy. Its made very well & is really comfortable.


I’ve been mentioning ShopYourWay lately because its pretty easy to get points which equal $$. You can spend them at Sears or Kmart. Make sure to sign up for emails because you will get offers often. Some are great some not so much. I’ve gotten $35 off $35, $10 off $10 Plus when you play their instant win sweepstakes and get extra points to use.

Instant Win Games

So what have I scored?


Boots $26.24 ( good deal on cyber monday)

Long Sleeved top $12.99

Socks ( for my friend) $11.31

Total $50.54 = FREE with points


Bongo Leggings $10.40

Heart Necklace ( for sister) $6 on sale

Covington Sweater ( for friend) $14.99

Total: $31.39 = FREE with points

Had $10/10 womens clothing + points from games

I also received 2 x$5 coupons because I had to wait 10 minutes for my order when I picked it up. I usually look online , seems easier especially with the holidays.


I had to exchange a dress I got with my points because it didn’t fit ( con of shopping online) I went to the store and it was an even exchange.


I’ve scored great pieces on Schoola.

Use my link & get $20 credit

Credit expires I think in 60 days. They have great deals so check back. They have free shipping, percentages off, or even gift card deals. ( I received a $5 Starbucks & Target gift card with 2 past orders.Schoolapieces


Calvin Klein dress, Hourglass Skirt


Cynthia Rowley Dress

Tank ( not picture) I got for Free with credit, and they had had a deal if you bought something with the special promo code you would get a $5 Target gift card


Gap Dress


I received this infinity scarf to review. Its really soft!

They have tons of colors and patterns that you can check out here infinity scarf

Before Christmas if you were the first 250 shoppers at Macy’s you would get a $10 gift card. I had to go to the mall anyway , so I stopped in. I wish there wasn’t a time frame because I didn’t have to shop that morning so went back a day or 2 later to buy something. With holidays , it was hectic but found something pretty easy.
Macys $10 promo
As I was about to hunt I was walking towards the shoes and saw a display of rings for $11.99. Nothing good for shoes so went to look at the rings. I had a 20% off coupon making this Charter Club ring free with the $10 gift card promo card ( orginally $27.50)
Ring Macys

Black Friday Deals

Do you shop on Black Friday? … or these days I should say pre-Black Friday. Seems like stores open earlier and earlier each year.

Since I had no plans and really didn’t need anything I wanted to go to  few stores just to check out.


JC Penney, where they gave out mystery cards when doors opened until they ran out.  I didn’t win big , I received $10 off $10 which is useful.

I went to check out rings because they have a good selection and are always well priced when on sale.

This ring was $38 – on sale for $10.20 and paid $.21 with tax

Get it online here

I also received a special code with the mystery card to enter online to be entered in a sweepstakes. : crossing fingers:


With time to spare I headed over to Old Navy to get in line to get a card to possibly win a million dollars. The whole store is 50% off , I also had gift cards I redeemed from survey site. ( see my favorites here)


These knit pieces are super comfortable. I paid $26 and change ( saving $25)

Split Hem Cardigan  $29.94

Miscommunication but though Forever 21 was giving out mystery cards but I did get some goodies

Tanks were $1.80! ( not pictured)


Then spotted these 2 dresses that were marked down + an extra 50% off though 75% came off not complaining lol

Dress on left was 3.49

Dress on left ( all one color) just shadows but was $5.49

I headed back to Forever 21 at 6am and was the first 50 in line. Which meant a gift card ( to be used only on that day)
I ended up getting 2 cardigans that are super comfortable and soft and 3 tank tops. I wasn’t really the mood to try on a lot being 6am and all haha.
The cardigans were the same as the dresses on sale bu marked down.
Blue one: Was $27.99 – $13.99 Got it for $6.99
Green was $2480 $11.99 Got it for $5.99

Ralph Lauren

I bought these Ralph Lauren for $17.73 on Amazon for a friend. They were  $50 but they were on sale + 30% off! I used gift card balance that I get from survey sites , so basically free

Did you score anything good on Black Friday?

Save with ShopYourWay

I mentioned ShopYourWay  about a week and a half ago. Now its the time to sign up especially if you are still shopping for the holidays.

When you do sign up make sure you sign up for emails. I recently received an email with $25,000 points ($25) to spend on clothes. FREE $$ People have also gotten great deals on tvs I think someone was able to get a tv for under $10.


So of course I had to check it out. I ended up finding this textured Metaphor sheath dress…for FREE on

Sears Dress ShopYourWay

It was on sale fore $27.99. The best part is that ShopYourWay has instant win games and you can score points ($$) to spend. I had $7 saved up from the games so the extra was used for what went over the $25.


ShopYourWay Total

I chose in store pick up so I should be able to pick it up tomorrow morning. They send a confirmation to pick up quickly within an hour of ordering.

  • You can also redeem points in store while shopping

You can play the instant win games here

A little about ShopYourWay.

It is a free program that rewards you for shopping at Kmart, Sears, Lands’ End & a few other stores.  You earn 10 points for every $1 you spend on qualifying purchases.  A little reward for shopping in their stores.

Are you a member of ShopYourWay? Have you gotten any good deals?


Affordable ( possibly free) clothes- FREE $30 credit

About a week ago I posted this deal from Schoola

It is like thredup ( or twice , now closed) where you can buy gently use women’s & kids clothing & accessories at 70% off retail price & best of all 40% of the proceeds go to schools.

I got 6 tops & a scarf for FREE!

Well my clothes came in and I am very pleased. They all fit pretty well, I wish the Bebe top was longer and the Gap Blue knit sweater smelled a little like cheap perfume but other than that everything was in great shape and exactly what I expected from the photo. Shipping was also quick. They send you a fabric bag with the clothes inside which can be useful for travel.


My favorites are definitely the elephant printed infinity scarf & the blue Jessica Simpson to next to it. The slits you see have lace, fits and feels great and love that little detail.


I made a second order to score a free $6 Starbucks egift card & ended up getting this basic black Gap sweater.

Want to get in the deal too?

Sign up for an account using my link & get a $20 credit

Next make a Collection to get $10 credit

To create a collection at the top , hover over Collections, scroll down click +New collection

You also get 50% off your first purchase

Right now there is FREE shipping on orders $25 and up