#UnlockTheAwesome with SoyVay Marinade & sauce

I love getting perk’d! Klout sent me SoyVoy Hoisin Garlic marinade & sauce recently.
The first thing I thought was stir fry!


What you need:
Chicken breast
Bell Peppers ( any color) , diced
Green Beans, cut in half or thirds
Onion, diced
SoyVay Garlic Hoisin Sauce
Coconut Oil
Brown rice
Salt & Pepper

I put the chicken in a container & poured some of the SoyVay marinade just enough to cover to let marinade.

Boil water cook rice according to directions. Add salt & pepper

Diced up my vegetables. Bell peppers were $1 a piece to got a yellow & red but choose whichever you prefer. I was going to put carrots but forgot about them. oops Still came out great.

In a pan put some coconut oil ( or preferred oil) . Put green beans in pan and cook until tender. I like mine with a crisp still. Place on plate/in container.

Add more coconut oil, add onion for 1-2 minutes. Add bell peppers. Cook until tender. I added a little black pepper.

Add green beans to mixture. Add some hoisin sauce ( to your preference)

You can either place on plate or container or get another pan.

Put coconut oil in pan, med / med-high, add chicken , cook until done.

Dice chicken, add to vegetable mixture.

Put rice on plate or in a bowl.

Top with chicken & veggie mixture.

This was delicious and will be making this again soon. Maybe this time with carrots and/or snap peas.
Have you tried SoyVay sauces before ?

The marinade had great flavor. It sort of reminded me of bourbon chicken. It was sweet & a little salty ..in a good way.
This sauce is great for stir fry, grilling, basting, marinade.

Chicken stiry fry with SoyVay

I received SoyVay complimentary from Klout. All opinions are my own.

PinchMe I’ve been Perk’d

Klout sent me a box of goodies from Herbal Essences Naked collection.
Dry Shampoo
Moisture Shampoo
Moisture Conditioner
And a cute message in a bottle
coupon for buy 1 get one free shampoo /conditioner


Left my hair clean, didn’t weigh it down, smelled good.


Mr. Sketch scented market
Expo ultra fine dry erase marker
Lifestyles condom
$100 wine voucher
Paper mate inkjoy pen


Celebrate Fair Trade Month #FairTradeFaves

I was quite happy when I received an email from Klout that I had a perk, it’s been a while.

Fair trade is quality products , helps improve lives, and protects the planet.
When your purchase fair trade products the farmer receives a fair share for his or her work. Which allows farmers and families get better education and healthcare. It also helps their community and improves the quality of the products.

Visit BeFair to learn more.

So what Fair Trade goodies did I get in my box?
•Celestial Seasonings Green Tea
•PrAna tote bag
•Steaz blueberry pomegranate green tea
•BarkThins dark chocolate pumpkin seed with sea salt
•Larabar chocolate chip cherry torte
•Dang dark chocolate covered toasted coconut chips
•Near East quinoa blend zesty lemon

I’ve been a fan of SteaZ, NearEast , and Larabar.

What’s not to like about the Larabar . Tasty, satisfying, delicious , and made with real food. I like when I can read, pronounce , and know what each ingredient is when I read the back. This bar has dates, semi sweet chocolate chips , almonds , unsweetened cherries, cashews, & sea salt.

I usually buy peach Steaz green tea but pomegranate blueberry is my new favorite. Perfect blend of flavors.

Dang chocolate covered toasted coconut chips were really good . They were like mini chips covered in chocolate, a nice crunch with a coconut flavor that wasn’t overpowering. It’s a perfect blend.

BarkThins were also great ; loved the dark chocolate with subtle crunch from the pumpkin seeds then a hint of the salt which just completes the flavor combination . Both of these snacks will definitely will satisfy your chocolate craving without feeling guilty afterwards .I like that you can eat a few and be satisfied.


Can’t wait to try the Near East quinoa blend, since I usually buy the cous cous . Also can’t wait to use my new tote bag!
Have you tried any of the products I received ?
Do you have any favorite Fair Trade products, what are they ?

Remember next time you go shopping , look for the fair trade label. Everything from clothes,jewelry , food, wine, & more. Every purchase counts and helps.

Hershey’s spread review

Have you tried this yummy Hershey’s spread yet ?
I was lucky enough to receive 2 free jars of this delicious Chocolate Hershey’s spread from Crowdtap & Klout.
The best part is I tried two of the three flavors ( Chocolate & Chocolate with Almond) The other one is chocolate & hazelnut .
The chocolate spreads tasted exactly how I thought they would be. They were so creamy , yummy , smooth, easy to spread , and of course delicious . I knew exactly what I would try them with . I paired them with pretzel crisps, apples , bananas, and not going to lie even got a spoon and took a spoonful to satisfy my chocolate craving . I even tried it on a gingerbread man cookie!










Tried this for an afternoon snack the pineapple, Greek yogurt , & chocolate Hershey’s spread went well together


breakfast / snack/ dessert
I used instant oatmeal and cooked it in the microwave.
Then I took 1-2 tablespoons of chocolate & almond Hersheys spread and put it in the microwave for 15-20 seconds.
Spread/ drizzle on oatmeal
Cut up a banana like I did or strawberries .
(You can also add sugar to oatmeal if needed before adding spread and fruit)




I was going to take bananas cut into 1-2 inch pieces , spread the Hershey’s chocolate spread on the top half of banana pieces, then sprinkle with peanuts. Then eat them like that or freeze and then eat as a little treat .
Will post them within the next week or so.

what I will try in the future
-Baking with it. Making puff pastry with this as the filling .
– Dessert pizza : get a tortilla , which you could probably make crispy. Then add the chocolate spread and top with bananas, nuts ,granola , diced apples
Do something like this for a treat for yourself or a party

-On toast or crossaint
– As a frosting
– dip marshmallows in chocolate spread and use sprinkles or nuts
– I made this no bake peanut butter chocolate cake . You take Oreos , crush them up and use as a crust . Then take peanut butter and warm it up then add to whipped cream ( would add the spread to it here ) then you put in freezer until hard. So good everyone loved it


Klout Perks- Freeman Feeling Beautiful Masks

I was happy to receive 3 masks to try out from Freeman Beauty & Klout


I wanted to try one out before I started multi-masking ( when you use 2 or even 3 of their masks at once)

How multi-masking works : If you have a oily t-zone , but are dry on your cheeks, neck, and chest. You could use a clay mask on your t-zone & gel mask everywhere else.

Avocado & Oatmeal Clay Mask – Its a super star for your T-Zone or oily spots that helps pull toxins from the skin.


You keep it on 10-15 minutes until it dries, then wash off with warm water. I liked this mask because it didn’t burn or tingle like some masks. I also liked when I washed it off it didn’t make my skin feel dried out. It also left my skin feeling soft & clean.

Next I tried the #multimask

I used the Avocado & Oatmeal Mask for my T-Zone since its good for that area that tend to be more oily.

Then I tried for the first time Charcoal & Black Sugar Facial Polishing Mask which is good for dull or dry patched and your cheeks tend to be more dry.

When I start putting it on a felt a warm sensation, which I liked . It was a little difficult to apply to face . The sugar wasn’t harsh on the skin an left my face smooth & clean.


Cucumber Facial Peel- off Mask
This one is for all over total renewal.

I didn’t really like this one because it was a little messy and really sticky. The consistency was like a really thick sticky gel, which made it a little difficult to spread over my face. It did leave my skin really soft though . I didn’t take a photo with it on me because I look weird lol 🙂 but did get it off on one go


Overall I liked these masks. They left my skin feeling clean, smooth , & soft.
My favorite was the avocado & oatmeal mask it was soothing , not as messy, and didn’t leave my skin dried out.
Next would be the charcoal & black sugar mask. A little weird to apply but I liked that it helped exfoliate but wasn’t harsh on the skin .
Last would be the cucumber mask due to the messy application.
I didn’t check to see how much a tube of these would be but the packets are $1.99 each.


I was given a free product or sample because I’m a klout influencer . I am under no obligation to receive the sample or talk about this company. I get no additional benefits for talking about the product or company.

Klout Perk- Slimfast

Received this  Slimfast #Slimfessions perk from Klout

I received a notepad & free coupon.

I ended up choosing a 4pk creamy milk chocolate, I mean how could you go wrong with chocolate. I think it was $4.79

They also had Vanilla Cream, Strawberry N Cream, Cappuccino delight & French Vanilla.

Creamy Milk Chocolate- Protein Milk Shake

190 calories – 10g protein- 5g of fiber

up to 4 hour hunger control.

I had it in the middle of breakfast and lunch to hold me over. It did fill me up & and held me over until my lunch time.

It tasted good, the first sip tasted weird I think because you need to get used to it but was tasty.

Definitely a good mid day meal supplement & good to satisfy those sweet tooth cravings.

As for my slimfession I just want to be a bit more toned since I have fallen a bit off my regular fitness/eating routine.

Whats your slimfession?


*I was given this free product because I am a Klout Influencer. I am under no obligation to receive the sample or talk about this company. I get no additional benefits for talking about the product or company. All opinions are my own

Klout perk : Hill’s Science Diet Cat Food

It was a good freebie day!

I received a box with some goodies for my furry children.

Science Diet– Grain Free 2lb bag of cat food ( value $12.59)

2 Crunchy Creations Treats chicken & salmon ($2.99 each)

$2 coupon

Plus a little did you know guide



I got it a little late, was for Halloween #HalloweenWithHills So they sent me some decals to carve pumpkins and also a little background with orange Fall leaves & a pumpkin to take pictures of your cat in front of. ( see below)

It was cute , and thought it was decent sized until I put my big cats in front of it haha


D-O-G being is suave self. He is one smart cat, of course he had to be right there when I was opening the box to see what was in it & if whatever was in the box wasn’t interesting he would still have the box to play with.

He could smell the food & the treats right away even though they weren’t even open!


Gizmo , a little mad I kept laying him down trying to take his picture. Hes camera shy sometimes.

I put a treat before I took this photo so Lexi would stay in place.

It was hard to take photos because the background was made of thick poster board and with one flap of tail it would fall over , so I had to be quick.

Of course D-O-G would jump up in Gizmo & Lexi’s shots trying to investigate and try to steal their treats.


D-O-G loved the treats!

Gizmo is quite picky & didn’t like the salmon flavor but liked the chicken.


Collage of all three


Next the food, I just wanted to see who liked it so I only put some in one of their bowls. As you can see from the middle photo they loved it, even Gizmo they picky eater.

I usually feed the Purina, which is half the cost of this brand. I just got it so I can’t tell if is better than what they normally eat but the reviews are all 4/5 stars so that has to say something.

*I was given this free product because I am a Klout Influencer. I am under no obligation to receive the sample or talk about this company. I get no additional benefits for talking about the product or company. All opinions are my own ( and my cats)

Klout, Crest, Walmart , McDonalds , & Revlon oh my

3 perks from Klout in one week.
Revlon- Luxurious colorsilk buttercream hair color

Crest 3D white strip sample
$10 Walmart gift card


McDonalds $5 arch card to try the new grilled onion cheddar burger.

I haven’t had McDonalds in awhile and this burger sounded interesting. So after work I headed there. I looked over the dollar menu and ordered the grilled onion cheddar burger , 2 chicken nuggets , small fry, double cheeseburger. It came to $5.39 ! I shared with my friend. I liked the burger , had a nice flavor.





Brookside chocolate/klout



Another great freebie from Klout from Brookside Chocolate.

I received the Dark Chocolate Acai w/ blueberry, the other choices were pomegranate & goji with raspberry.

These are definitely a treat, I was glad they came because I was craving chocolate. I had a few pieces and was completely satisfied which is good because the bag will last longer!  They are just starting to come into store so keep your eyes peeled for this yummy treat.

* I was given a free product or sample because I’m a Klout influencer. I am under no obligation to receive the sample or talk about this company. I get no additional benefits for talking about the product or compant.