So what was in the box?

I had some store credit at ShopLately.

Shoplatey is a fashion marketplace that sells affordable & trendy jewelery (necklaces, bracelets, runs, earrings) , shoes, scarves, clothes & bags. There is something for everyone and within any budget.
Get a free $10 credit here

My main shopping reason was to find a statement necklace for Spring/Summer.
I bought this piece for $15.50
Crystal Petal Necklace – Lily Wang



I was worried a bought the length and where it would hit, it’s perfect. Exactly what I was looking for.

Also the day I posted that I had another surprise from ShopLately a ring from Aurora Kingdom. I ordered a teal ring but they notified me it was the last one and was in imperfect condition so they couldn’t send it out. Then said they would return my credit back ($5.99) and send out a gift. It was the same ring just a different color, very nice of them to do. Perfect for a pop of color to any outfit .


Bzzagent – Glade wax melts & plugins scented oil customizables

20140316-061842.jpg 20140316-061852.jpg

I always am excited when I get an invite to participate in a campaign from BzzAgent. This time it was from Glade plugins scented oil warmer customizables & wax melts.

Glade plugins scented oil warmer customizables

I went to CVS, and there wasn’t much of a selection. I found the one I bought behind some other products. So I was ‘stuck’ with clean linen and sunny days. Which isnt so bad because it’s still a clean , neutral scent.
First you notice the design of the plugin. It’s pretty and in a neutral color so will go well in any room. The only con is it is big so can’t use that outlet for anything else.
It was easy to assemble , you just unscrew the caps from the oil , lift up the plate and insert them in, and then plug it in.
I first plugged it in near my bed but had to switch it to another outlet because the scent was really strong and gave me bad headaches.
I read somewhere the first few days the scent would be the strongest but I still suggest you move it to an outlet you won’t be sitting or sleeping.
I had it plugged in for about an hour when my friend came home. Right when he walked in he said wow it smells nice in here.
I like it because I’ve been using it for a month and I can still smell it, it’s also a nice because it’s not bam in your face scent it just sort of lingers and fills the room .
Price varies $7.99-$12.99
Plus there are a variety of scent to choose from like ; Apple cinnamon & lavedar & peach blossom, Hawaiian breeze & vanilla passion for the kits
They have a variety of refillable like honeysuckle & nectar, fresh berries and right now they have limited edition spring scents that smell really nice!

Wax melts
So my warmer is in my storage unit so I havent used these yet.
I ended up getting Live Loud ( hints of mandarin, peach and pear join notes of plumeria, peony and orange blossom ) from their Spring collection.
Just from them in the pack I could smell it in the room.
From their site: they last 12 hours each wax melt (there are 8 in a pack)
Price : varies about $4.99

Mail call- March Freebies

This week I got some nice & useful freebies

Suave advanced therapy lotion from PinchMe


Taste of Nature, Exotics, Persian Pomegranate Garden organic fruit and nut bar from Splashscore . This bar had the perfect sweetness and crisp. It was a little sticky but was a yummy pick me up in the afternoon.


Rachael Ray nutrish dog food along with a $4 & $1 coupon (signing up from their newsletter

Tide With Febreeze Spring & Renewal from their Facebook promotion


Secret clinical strength deodorant


Picked up my free can of almonds and glade wax melts(from bzzagent)


And what freebie is in this box ??


If you follow me on Instagram you know already , otherwise find out on an upcoming post ­čÖé

New cooking tool

When I saw this spiral slicer/ spiralizer I thought , ” How cool is that! I need one now.”.
I’m always looking to eat healthier and love cooking , so when I saw I can make zucchini or carrot ‘pasta’ I knew I needed to get it.
I looked on amazon and bought one for $19.95 with free shipping. (I used the money I received from crowdtap, so really it was free)
What I like about this one is that it is small, so it’s easy to store away. When browsing there were a few others that had additional things you can do but they were bigger. So this one was the right fit for me.
I didn’t make anything yet but I did have a zucchini on hand and had to test it out.



I’m looking up recipes now , so far these look tasty
Zucchini spaghetti with easy lentil marinara

Raw vegan creamy zucchini pasta bruschetta

Pesto zucchini pasta with chicken

Zucchini Pasta with Shrimp and Avocado Cream Sauce

BLT zucchini pasta

Have you used a spiralizer before? What’s your favorite dish to make using it?

Olay Regenerist micro-sculpting review

I received these items from the #PGHoliday box I won in December.

I haven’t tried the Fresh Effects yet , will blog about it when I do.

Olay Regenerist micro-sculpting cream moisturizer

Retails : $20-$25 varies

-Hydrates to regenerate volume and shape across skins surface.
-Reduces the look of fine lines & wrinkles.
-Smoothes & brightens skins appearance.
-Restores skins elasticity with plumping hydration.
-Firms skin over time

Has vitamin B3, pro vitamin B5, vitamin E, green tea, aloe vera , amino- peptide
See full list of ingredients here


I’m 28 , and don’t really have wrinkles but it’s always good to use an anti aging product anyway.

The cream is lightweight , has a slight pleasant fragrance , & good consistency.

I like that it absorbs quickly and left my skin smooth & soft while keeping my skin moisturized. This winter has been brutal on my skin this year and this cream worked great .

Also no clumping up when applying makeup on top which is a deciding factor in my moisturizing creams . Hate when clumping happens!

I have been using it for about 2-3 weeks and it does plump up my skin and brighten it up ( it has mica in it which helps brighten) .

Overall I like this cream, the only thing I would change is maybe having it in a tube, pump, or even have some sort of spoon/ applicator that comes with the tub. I don’t like sticking my finger in the tub each time and get it under my nails.
My tip: I started tilting it, tap on my hand and then open it so the cream is on a slant so no more getting cream under nails.

Olay Regenerist micro-sculpting eye cream & lash serum



Retails: $ 15-$17 varies

Info:Younger looking eyes that are brighter and firmer in 1 week.
-Hydrate to firm the eye area.
-Instantly thicken the appearance of lashes.
-Nourish lashes
-Soften appearance of lines.

I just started using this product this week . As you can see in the photo they are in the box separately but if you want you can screw in the the eye cream to the lash serum ,which is pretty cool and that way you will remember to apply them together.

So far I like it and it does brighten up my eye area. I have been having trouble sleeping and this product has helped me not look like a zombie lol
The eye cream has mica in it ,which helps with brightening the skin.

The eye cream goes on smooth, softens my skin ,absorbs nicely, brightens, & moisturizes.
The lash serum goes on smooth and makes your lashes look nice. Just make sure you don’t apply too much because it won’t dry as quickly. The serum also has alcohol so if you put too much you might notice dry skin on your lashes.

I do like the eye cream so far , it brightens up my eye area.
The lash serum is ok but I don’t really think it’s a must have.

*I was not asked to give a review by anyone. Just wanted to share my opinion on products I try.

Mail call – March 13th

The other day I posted about how to get an item of clothing for FREE from Twice
. I ended up choosing a blue dress and it came.. Yay ( fast shipping is always good)



Can’t wait for the weather to warm up. It’s really soft and comfortable.

1: Get a $10 credit signing up here
2 : Download their iOS app for another $10 credit
3 : Like them on Facebook for 15% off

I don’t know if they have a free shipping code, I’m sure they will post on their Facebook page when they do. So keep your eyes peeled.

Next I bought a case for my kindle on eBay ( used $ I got from doing surveys)
When I first found this one there were 2 people selling them and both were out of stock. Then I happened to check and it was there yay. It also came with a stylus pen and screen protector for $13.

I have mentioned surveying the past, I used money in my paypal account to buy this click the photo or here to sign up


I played a game on Facebook and won a free bag of harvest snaps
I also received a screen protector for my iphone


Clear scalp & hair shampoo from pinch me let me know of you want an invite


Burt’s Bees Lip Color Collection Review

I received Burt’s Bees lip gloss in Spring Splendor & Lip Shimmer in Peony from Pop Sugar Sample Squad.

I was pretty excited because I love Burt’s Bees & trying new make up / beauty products.

I tried them seperately and together to give a different effect. The colors that they sent me were great because they were somewhat similar to my lip color and enhanced them.

The lip gloss wasn’t sticky ,felt nice on my lips, and enhanced the color of my lips.

The lip shimmer was nice , moisturized lips , and liked the peppermint smell it had, and stayed on through the day . 

Both went on smoothly.

Definitely will be purchasing these in the future

burtsbees2.burtsbees1 kissface

Clean & Clear Morning Burst Hydrating Gel Moisturizer Review


I received a travel size to try out from PinchMe.
I’m always up to try new beauty products, so was happy to receive this. It came at a good time because I was almost out of my regular moisturizer.
I’ve been pretty loyal to Aveeno for my moisturizer for the past few years so wasn’t sure how I would feel about this one.

First off you notice the cucumber and mango scent while applying it. I enjoyed putting it on in the morning because of the smell , it was refreshing and gave me a burst of energy. There is no alcohol so no drying your skin out.
It is also water based and doesn’t clog your pores.

As you apply to your face you can feel how light weight the gel is.the moisturizer also absorbs quick and nicely into the skin,which is always a plus.

It leaves your skin so smooth, soft, and moisturizer. I wish I had a bigger tube.
I’m actually going to go get some this weekend. The price is budget friendly too compared to others , depending where you go $5-$8.

Definitely would recommend Clean & Clear Morning Burst Hydrating Gel Moisturizer.

FREE $20 credit + free shipping +15% off = possible free clothes from Twice

Twice is a shopping site for new and gently used clothing ( tops, dresses, skirts, pants , etc) They have different brands like Banana Republic, BCBG, J Crew, Ann Taylor , Theory , Max studio and many more

I ended up getting this Pins and Needles by Urban Outfitters dress and have $1.44 left over.

1. First claim a $10 credit by clicking here and sign up

2. Then download the Free Twice iOS app and get another free $10 credit

3. Like Twice on Facebook & get 15% off code

4. Use code FREEFORALL at checkout for FREE shipping ( 3/7 only )

Since it was free I did not have to enter any credit card info.

What did you get ?

You can also sell your unwanted clothes and earn money on this site too.

* Normal shipping is $5 flat for 2 day priority mail, or free shipping over $49.
Also 30 day refunds

Yoplait Greek Yogurt #tasteoff challenge

Yoplait sent me a gift card to buy Greek yogurt for this challenge. I love Greek yogurt and am always up to try new brands. I must say I’ve been pretty loyal to Chobani, it was the first Greek yogurt I tried and stuck with it. With greek yogurt becoming more popular there are now more options . Which is great because it’s so yummy and healthy. It’s so great to have for breakfast , dessert , or snack. I do have a few brands I like and alternate depending the sales that week.


In my directions was told to buy blueberry yogurt for Yoplait and Chobani. 20140306-160533.jpg 20140306-160541.jpg

As you can see they are different. The blueberry Yoplait is already blended together. Chobani has the fruit at the bottom.


I stirred both of them up. I like that Yoplait has chunks of blueberry, where Chobani blueberry is more like  jelly and blended.


So what was the result…. the winner is Yoplait Greek yogurt. 20140306-160607.jpg

I do like the tart taste of  chobani Greek yogurt but the blended blueberry yogurt from Yoplait was really good. I liked the chunks of blueberries in it, and tasted the blueberry throughout. Have you taken the challenge ? What are your favorite Greek yogurt brands ?

See what others are saying and get a coupon here

Even though Yoplait was the winner in this challenge, I will still alternate between other brands like Chobani , Fage, Muller , Oikos.