Empties 8- Mini Reviews

Up to 136 products used up already this year. Here is what I finished recently.




128- Fekkai Blowout hair refresher dry shampoo-  LOVE!! My favorite dry shampoo. It smells fantastic, doesn’t leave residue, works very well. The only con is that it got clogged and warm/hot water didn’t help. I did ask them about it & they told me they are actually in the process in fixing the issue.

129 Centrum Multigummies- Easy to take. I don’t procrastinate taking them. Taste good.

130 MaritzMayer Laboratories Melatonin 5000- I got these to review. I really like the strawberry flavor . Helped me relax which helped me go to bed quicker.

131 Keri lotion shea butter nourishing-  I only bought this because I got it free with coupons/ecoupon.  Its ok but I just prefer other lotion compared to this formula & scent.

132 Colagte Optic White -enamel white- keep breath and mouth feeling clean, helps keep them white without making your teeth sensitive

133 Maybelline- The Falsies volum’ express I had this at the bottom of my purse,  I don’t even remember the last time I used it lol- Its ok but prefer other brands I think it left my lashes more clumped together.

134 Skinfix Ultra Rich Body Butter- I tried their hand cream previously and was not a fan. Their body butter is much better. It creamy & leave skin super soft. Though it doesn’t spread as easily. I did like it but it is pricey and I didn’t like the way it spread so I wouldn’t buy it.

135 Dial coconut water & mango- didn’t dry out hands, smelled nice

136- When- Snow Magic – stay tuned for review later this week but I loved it 🙂


What products have you finished lately? 


Keep produce fresh with Rubbermaid fresh works

Everyone is eating or at least trying to eat healthier more these days. I don’t know about you but one thing that is a pain is when I go to grab produce in the fridge and its all wet, soggy, moldy, or soft. The worst, for me is grabbing spinach and it being all slimy. YUCK! Being single, it sometimes can be hard to get through some produce fast enough before it starts to go bad.

Did you know: 

  • Americans waste 23 billion pounds of fresh produce each year because it spoils before we can eat it.
  • Americans throw away  $24 billion worth of produce  each year.


Two things that I eat a lot of and that tends to go bad quick is spinach & strawberries ( or any berries). I was happy when I was sent the NEW Rubbermaid fresh works produce saver in the medium size to try out.

Rubbermaid has 3 sizes ( shown below)



I  bought strawberries a day or two before I received my new container, it was perfect timing.

How it works



It keeps produce fresher up to 80% longer than using traditional / store packaging.

At the top there is a FreshVent Lid that contains a membrane that naturally regulates  the flow of oxygen & carbon dioxide to create an optimal environment to keep your produce fresh. The membrane never needs to be replaced or removed.

At the bottom , there is a CrispTray that elevates the produce away from moisture & promotes airflow to help prevent spoilage.

Condensation inside, means its working.

Don’t wash or cut up product before placing in in the container.

All components are dishwasher safe

BPA-free & made with non-toxic plactic


Rubbermaid Strawberries Time


Here are my strawberries ( remember I did have them 1-2 days prior) day 1 in the Rubbermaid Fresh Works container and on day 13. Almost 2 weeks is when they started to show signs of going bad.

I’m pretty happy with this container,it did a great job. I’m going to spinach or lettuce next and see how it does with that.

Have you seen this product yet?  What produce do you want to keep fresher longer?


This post was sponsored by Rubbermaid® as part of a sampling activation for Crowdtap. I received complimentary products to facilitate my review


List of companies to email for coupons

About a year ago I emailed some companies and asked if they had any coupons they could send me. Most of the companies I emailed me did send me coupons. Well about 2 weeks ago I couldn’t sleep and thought I’m going to email a bunch of companies and ask again. This time I wrote down what I got from each company that said they would send.


I will start adding links directly to the site soon & will continue to update as I get them in. I wanted to wait a little so I got a majority but still have a lot on the way.


My tips:

  • Be original. With some pet food companies I said I was writing because my cats asked me to because they love their food so much & want me to buy more but want me to save too.
  • Be positive
  • Tell them a short story or memory with their brand.
  • Tell them how long you’ve been using their product/brand.
  • If they don’t have a place to put your address , put it after whatever you write in the comment part. It saves a step of them having to email you asking for it.
  • If you have a suggestion tell them (  how to improve something, new flavor idea, ect)
  • Have you been looking at a product but too pricey? Tell them . You can say something along the line that you’ve seen it at your store but its a little out of your budget or you really want to try it and ask if they have any coupons.
  • Just ask



4C  2 x $1 off any product  2x $1 off 4C liquid water enhancer

4grain eggs 2x $.35 off


Apple & Eve Juice 2x $1 off 2, 2x$.55 off 1

Al fresco 2x $1 off

Amore 1 free product & $1 off

Amy’s $1.50 off full sized pizza, $1 off 2 burritos, $1 off 2 soup,beans, or chilli, $1 off entree

Aquafor 3 x $3 off

Arrowhead Mills 2x $.55



Balance Bar- 2  coupons for FREE bars

Barbara’s $1 off any product x 2

Barber Foods 3x $1  *request every 6 months

Bolthouse 4x $1

Borden cheese or butter $.55



Cabot 2x $.50 off any product

California Olive Ranch Olive Oil 3 x $1 off

Canyon Bakehouse bread 3x $1 off

Chicken of the Sea free product up to $3

Chobani 6 x $.30 *request every 3 months

Cooked Perfect Meatballs $1

Crunchmaster Crackers 4 x $.50



Daiya 2 x $1 off coupons

Dr Praeger’s  2x $1

Dream $1 off beverage / 2x $.50 almond dream yogurt

Dreamfields $1 off 1



Earthbound Farms 2x $1

Eggland’s Best 2x $.50 off eggs

Enjoy Life 1x $1.50 off 2 products, 4x  $1 off any product

Eucerin 3 x $3 off

Evol $1 off any product



Fancy Feast 2 x $.75 off 3 cans of Purina brand pet food & 1 FREE ( up to $5.56) on any 2 Purina brand pet food

Filippo Berio – 5x $2 coupons for rubusto or delicato extra virgin olive oil,  5x $1 coupons on any olive oil + bookmark, booklet of 101 recipes & magnet olive oil vs butter measurements

Flipz (3) $.50 coupons

Florida’s Natural OJ (5) $.50

Food For Life 4x $.50 of any product

Freekah Foods 2 bags of their grains + 5x $.50 coupons


Free samples , magnet, bookmark, recipe booklet!


Garden of Eatin’ 2x$.55

Gardein 3x $1

Gorton’s 2x $1 off frozen seafood

Gold’n Plump Chicken 3x $1 off one package



Hanover $.50 off frozen/ $.50 off canned

Hot Pocket $.55 off x2  ( or lean pocket)



Iams 2x $2 off

Imagine 2x $.55

International Delight 2x $.55


Jif 2x $.35 off

Jimmy Dean $1 off breakfast product

Jones 2 x $1 off any products

Johnsonville 2x $1 off any sausage product *contact again in 90 days for additional coupons

Johnson & Co. booklet > ( received 2 of these because I contacted Glade & Windex which are both under the same company)

*2x $1 Scrubbing Bubbles , $1 Fantastik , $1 Windex, $1 Pledge, 2x $1 Ziploc, $1 Shout

Glade: $1 wax melts, $1 plugin, $1 automatic spray, $1 jar candle

2x$1 OFF!, 2x $1 Raid, $1 Drano


Justin’s $1 off



KA*ME  $1 off & one free item

King’s Hawaiian FREE package of rolls, buns, or bread

Kozy Shack 2x $.55



Land O Lakes 3x $.55 butter or butter product, 1x $.50 eggs

Late July Organic 3x $.55

La Tortilla Factory 4x $.55 off

Luigi’s Real Italian Ice 3 x $.25

Luvo (5) $1.50 off



Malt -O-Meal 2x $.75 cereal

MamaMancini’s 2x $2

Mama Rosie’s 2 x $1 off 2 products

Mambo Sprouts booklet – $2 off pacific steel cut oatmeal/ $.75 off Alexia product, $1 off 2 Horizon snacks, dried fruit, or super squeeze/ Ellyndael $1 off coconut infusions or cooking oil/ $1 off Lifeway/ $1 off truroots/ $1 off veggie fries/ $1 off siggis 24oz/ $1 off santa cruz organic/ $1 off once again 16oz tahini/ $1 riceselct couscous

Marie’s dressing $1  ( contact every 3 months)

Martin;s bakery products  3 x $.55

Maruchan  $.50 off 24 ramen, $.50 off 12 lunch, $.50 off 6 bowl, $.50 off 8 yakisoba + sticker

Eat, Sleep, Ramen, Repeat

Mariani dried fruit free package

McCormick 2x $.75 off recipes mix, 1 x $.75 off any mccormick item

Michelina’s 2x $1 off 2

Mrs T Perogies 3x $1 off 3



Nasoya 3x$.75 any product

Newman’s Own $.50 off any product (4 coupons)

Nissin 4 x buy 3 , get 1 free off cup noodles homestyle, chow mein bowl, bowl of noodles hot & spicy

Nivea 2x$2 lotion , 2x $2 off men’s face or shaving, 2x$1 body wash

Northalnd juice 3 x $1 off 2 , 3 x $.55 off 3



Ocean Spray free bottle 96oz or smaller

Odwalla 3x $1 off

Oliva’s Organics 2 , $1 off 2



Pacific 3x $1 off 1 item + free product coupon

Pasta Chips 3 coupons for FREE bags, 3 x $1 off

Persil (4) $1

Pompeian (2) $1

Popcorn Indiana = free bag of popcorn up to $3.99

President Specialty Cheese FREE ( up to $9)

Pretzel Crisps 3 x $1

Premio Italian Chicken Sausage  (2) $.50



Quorn  4x $1 off



Ristorante Pizza 2 x $1

R.W Knudsen Family juice 2x $1 off



Sabra Hummus  2x $.55 off , 2x $1 off

Santa Cruz Organic 2x $1 off

Schick free up to $14.99 schick hydro silk razor or refill * this was a semi complaint email

Screamin Scilian 2x $1 off

Seed of Change- FREE product coupon

Silk 2 x $1

Similac ( I contacted Ensure but same company > 3 x $2 off infant formula

Smart Balance1, $1 off any product

Smucker’s 2x $.55 off

So Delicious booklet filled with 6 x $1 coupons for a variety of their products ( ice cream, drink, creamer

Spice Islands Product $1

Suja free 12oz bottle, 2x$1

Sunsweet $.75 off any product x 2



Talenti 3x $1 off

Tabasco $.50 off

Terra (2)  $.55

*Tofurky ( received 2 booklets) $.75 off roasted chick’n, $.75 off deli slices, $1 off sausages, $.75 off dogs, links , & ground, $.75 of tempeh, $1 off pizza, $.75 off pockets

– 10 x $.75 but they expired 2 days after

Tribe Hummus 1 free product up to $6.99 & 3x$1 off

Turkey Hill – sent me a handful of coupons $1 off gelato, $1 off natural ice cream, $1 off premium ice cream, $.50 off ice cream, yogurt, stuff’d , or sherbet, $.75 off any of their ice cream x2

-$.75 off pure & chill drink, $.75 off haymakers drink, $.50 off their drinks x3

2x $1 off any of their products

TUMS- they sent a booklet with $1 off Aquafresh, $1 off sensodyne, $1 off biotene, $1 off breathe right, $2 off Os Cal, $2 off Citrucel, $2 off Gaviscon, $1 off Tums, $1 off polident, $1 off poligrip



Weber 2x $.50 on spray, bbq sauce, or seasoning  *contact every 6 months

Welch’s Snacks 2x $.50

Welch’s juice,jam, or jelly 2x $.75

Whiskas (5) $1

Wonderful Pistachios 4x $1


Yasso frozen Greek Yogurt 3 x $1


Zatarain’s 2x$.50 any of their products


Companies that said no, sign up for newsletter, check social media, check newspaper, ect

  • Tressemme
  • Uncle Bens
  • Dannon
  • Wholly Guacamole
  • Thomas English Muffins
  • I Can’t Believe it’s Not Butter
  • Red Gold Tomatoes, Tuttorosso Tomoatoes
  • Wet Ones
  • Kashi
  • HIdden Valley
  • Skippy
  • Mrs Buttersworth
  • Musselman
  • Sobe
  • Del Monte
  • Dole
  • Motrin
  • Molly McButter
  • Farm Rich
  • Pepperidge Farms
  • Skinny Cow- sent me a link to a coupon
  • Arnold Bread
  • Snickers
  • Fresh Express
  • Chiquita
  • No Yolk Noodles
  • Anciant Harvest
  • Near East
  • Mission
  • Banana Boat
  • Edge Shaving
  • Log Cabin syrup
  • Skintimate
  • Hershey
  • Bertolli
  • Flatbread
  • Country Crock
  • Tabatchnick
  • Red Baron
  • Bear Naked
  • Snyders of Hanover
  • Brown Cow Farms
  • Breyers
  • NY Toast
  • Stretch Island Fruit
  • Better Oats
  • Seapak
  • Tropicana
  • Neutrogena

Spring Wardrobe


It’s feeling like Spring every day still not warm enough for me to wear my new dresses but giving me hope I can wear them soon haha


The only think I love wearing is dresses , so I always buy them. They are so easy to throw on with sandals for everyday or throw on heels for a dressier look.

Navy Polka Dot dress was $9.99 at H&M !

Mossimo Purple/ Magenta dress at Target for $26.99 I believe.  I loved the color, chevron, & the top.



I found this Nine West bag at Marshalls for $19.99. I’ve been needing a smaller black bag & when I glanced in that section I found it right away.  I can be picky when it comes to my bags & never seem to have luck. I used a gift card I had which made this deal even better.

I have some more gift cards burning a whole on my wallet. I think I need to go on a little shopping spree.

Have you added anything new to your wardrobe for Spring? What is on your list?

Get #Extraordinary Hair with L’oreal

It’s always a good mail day when I received something new I haven’t tried before.

Have you seen the commercial for L’oreal Advanced Haircare Extraordinary Oil Nourishing line with Blake Lively? She flips her hair and its so shiny , healthy, and pretty.

Well, Influenster sent me Extraordinary Oil Nourishing Shampoo, Conditioner, & Serum to try.

Influenster L'oreal

Its helps rejuvenate & nourish your hair so its lustrous & soft.

How does it do it? Well it has great ingredients like Coconut, Argan, Chamomile, Amla, Soja, and Sunflower oils.

It smells fantastic, they are light weight,  not greasy. If you are like me and have thick hair, you probably deal with frizz. These products have helped tame my mane and reduced the frizz , especially the serum.

  • The shampoo lathers up nicely, rinses out well. Cleans hair without stripping out the natural oils.
  • The conditioner leaves hair smooth
  • The serum, I was worried about but it doesn’t leave hair oily or greasy at all. It helps add shine & tames frizz.

As you can see on the bottle it claims in 1 wash you will have lustrous hair. In one wash you really can tell how soft and healthy it leave hair feeling & looking.

I spotted some deals, mostly at CVS and with coupons I was able to stock up on shampoo & conditioner. If you’ve seen my previous posts on deals I’ve done.. I got them free! woohoo. I even scored a serum for $1.99 at another store.

L'oreal Nourishing Oil Shampoo & COnditioner

I can’t wait to see how the serum is in the Summer , I think its going to be my saving grace. It leaves hair so silky, smooth, & manageable.  I like focusing more on the ends of my hair and then whatever is left , I apply to where frizz is a problem. Great for  before styling or adding the final touch. Also use for touch ups mid day if needed.


loreal before after

There isn’t too much noticeable changed in my before & after but I can feel & see it. ( my hair is a bit damp in the second which is why its darker) My hair is softer & has a healthy shine. I also love how light weight the products are so my wavy texture is not limp or disappear.

If you have thick hair or textured hair like mine,I highly recommend these products. If you try them let me know how you like them.

Carra Selfie Hair

I received these products complimentary from Influenster for review purposes. All opinions are my own.




Take the Clearly Bright Challenge with Garnier

Garnier Clearly Brighter Brightening & Smoothing Daily Moisturizer SPF15 can noticeably improve the tone and texture of your skin in just one week! You’ll see brighter, smoother skin giving you the confidence to take on whatever comes your way.

Made with an Antioxidant Complex of Vitamin C & E, Pine Bark Essence, and gentle exfoliating Lipo-Hydroxyl Acid (LHA), this formula helps dull skin become more radiant.


I would say my skin is combination between normal & oily ( mostly in T zone). I am always up to trying new beauty products especially moisturizers.

When I entered my 20’s I realized that moisturizer is a must have in your beauty routine.It helps skin look its best & also make up will look better when you apply.

I like that this moisturizer has SPF 15 in it, some SPF is better than no SPF.

Next is the scent. One thing I like about Garnier products is their products all have a pleasant scent without being overpowering.

The formula is light weight, absorbs quickly, smoothly goes on, & doesn’t leave skin sticky. My makeup went on top with no issues or piling. My skin felt smooth & soft.

I do notice my skin does look a little shiny. I don’t know if it because of something in it to make skin look brighter or if its just making my skin greasy looking. Once I put make up on though it goes away.

I’ve only been using this during the day and have’t really noticed too much of a change. . As of right now this moisturizer is ok.. I don’t love it but don’t hate it wither. I will still use it to see if I do see any changes.

You can print out a $2 coupon on their website  & you can try the challenge as well

I received this product complimentary from Crowdtap for review purposes & being part of the Garnier Crowd. All opinions are my own.


Empties 7- Mini Reviews

It’s been about 3 weeks since my last empties.  Not as many as my last post but finally used up some bigger items I’ve had for awhile.

120-127Empties 7- Mini Reviews April

120 Simple Cleansing Wipes– Refreshing & takes off make up and dirt off face well.

121 Philosophy  Time in a bottle for eyes– I haven’t had much luck with Philosophy but I liked this. It was moisturizing & left my eye area a little more radiant. The formula was a a little thinner than I like.

122 Revlon ColorBurst Peach Parfait – Nice color, felt good on lips

123 M.D Complete Skin Clearing Healthy Skin Accelerator–  I wasn’t sure about this at first but grew to like it. I ended up using it before or during my period when I tend to break out. It helped any break outs clear up quicker or not have any surprise break outs, which was nice. I used it at night only. If you do try it, try skipping days because it does tend to dry out skin.

124 Degree dry spray deodorant– I love these sprays but the scent/ spray would throw me into a coughing fit .

125 DR Jart Water Replenishment sheet mask– It made my skin feel soft , smooth, & hydrated.

126- Radha Beauty Intensive Youth Eye Gel- I liked the gel consistency . It absorbed nicely .I used this at night. I didn’t notice any results but it did keep under my eye moisturized.

127 Benefit They’re Real!- Favorite mascara!  I like how flity , long, pretty they make my lashes. They give me a confident boost.




Save on Clarisonic brush heads


I remember when Clarisonic popped into the beauty scene. I really wanted one and when someone asked what i wanted for Christmas it was at the top of my list. I even gave them my Sephora card so I can get points haha

The one thing I didn’t think about is the price to change the heads ( about every 3 months). Instead of buying pretty makeup while at Sephora, I would have to buy replacement brushes which could range from about $27 for 1 or $54 for a twin pack.

Well now I no longer have that problem.

I recently was sent a twin pack of replacement heads to review from Soniworks.

You can find them here on Amazon . They are $10.99 for a twin pack.

They are supposed to fit : Mia, Mia2, Mia3 (Aria), SMART Profile, Alpha Fit, Pro, Plus, and Radiance Cleansing Systems.

I tried it on my Mia & Mia 2 and had no issue. They twist in & out with ease & stay in place. It rotates & vibrates. They even look pretty identical. The only small thing I could tell is the Clarisonic bristles on the brush were a little more far apart.

You can see in the last the Clarisonic is the dirty one of the left, definitely needed to be changed ( these came at a good time) & the right is the head from Soniworks.

They were soft on my skin, cleaned off gunk from the day & make up. Skin felt great after using them. They also have a 100% guarantee with no questions asked, you get a full refund. With my experience I don’t think you will do that but instead be a constant customer.

So happy I came across these. Now I can save some $$ or spend on things I really want.

I received this product complimentary for review purposes. All opinions are my own.


March Freebies, Deals & Prizes

March was a great month for Freebies, deals, & prizes. Awesome prizes ( 2 that have been on my wishlist). I started posting deals separate but these were this week so added them to this. I’ve been following 3 people more lately so I have been finding awesome deals. Of course, great samples


  • I won a Fitbit Flex from a sweepstakes Dannon had, I couldn’t believe it. I’ve been wanting a fitness tracker for the longest time. I’ve been getting my 10k steps in & like seeing my sleep chart
  • I then won a limited edition  Bellabeat Leaf activity tracker . I saw this in December and thought it was so cool. You can wear it as a necklace, bracelet, or clip on clothing.
  • 3 x 6packs of limited edition marvel mini cans
  • Won $100 from a panel I am a part of for participating
  • Moisturizer to test
  • I won a supply of Cetaphil moisturing cream & $35 to Hallmark from Influenster from my Jingle voxbox




  • Hershey’s dark caramels from Splashscore
  • Victoria’s Secret- used coupon for a free panty then sent in a catalog
  • Pure Good Skin Food- They sent me samples. They are vegan!
  • Pretty Fabulous Things glass box. This was $28 but on clearance for $8.xx I had $5 in Surprise points ( shopyourway) and paid $3.05 with tax for it at Sears.


Food Deals


-Top left: Target Eggs were $.99 , there was a 50% Target coupon making them $.49 each

-2 Grainful Entrees: These were on sale at Shoprite for $2.49. I had 2 x $1 coupons making them $1.49. I did separate transactions. 1st trip: I submitted my receipt on Ibotta ($2) & Checkout51 ($2) making it a $2.51 moneymaker. I realized my Ibotta offer popped up again for another so picked up the 2nd making it $.51 moneymaker . On top of that I had a $1 bonus since I bought 3 . Total : $4.02 moneymaker!

-Yuenglings ice cream was delicious! I had a digital coupon that I loaded to my account at Stop & Shop that made it FREE

-Bigger photo- Shoprite deal paid $5.10  Got back $5

  • Oxiclean $3.99 used $2 MFC & $2 ecoupon = FREE
  • Minutemaid -$3.39 had coupon for free bottle= FREE
  • Elliquark yogurt coupon for free yogurt from FB promo = FREE
  • Dole fruitocracy $1.99 Used $.75 digital coupon & $1 MFC= $.24
  • Perdue nuggets: $1.99 used $.75 MFC that doubled = $.49
  • Dove mens shampoo $4.49 $2 MFC & $2 ecoupon= $.49 *Got back $2 from Savingstar
  • Dove mens deodorant $5.49 $2 ecoupon/$2MFC= $1.49 *Got back $2 Savingstar & $1 from Ibotta
  • no deal on orange $1 or cat food $1.20

Food Deals2

  • Used a coupon to get free Pom juice
  • Target Easter Candy clearance $.80 per bag
  • Gevalia iced coffee $1.99 used $1.50 coupon = $.49
  • Thrive Market order 7 bags of Harvest snaps & 1 coconut oil paid $2.10 . There was a promo for $10 off. Technically free since I used a gift card I won to buy it



CVS: Check your CVS because that gillette razor was unmarked on clearance for $2.74 even great without a coupon. I used $3 off gillette razors making it free plus I received $2 ECB for buying the razor

L’oreal extraordinary nourishing shampoo/conditioner at CVS was $2/9.98 Used $4/2 + $2 off beauty purchase + $3 ECB from previous purchase = FREE + $4 ECB for buying 2

Stop& Shop ( available until 4/7) L’oreal cleanser $6.99 I had a $3 digital coupon + $3 MFC = $.99 I also had $1 on my card which made it FREE

Victoria’s Secret- (available until 4/6) Go grab a mystery game piece- no purchase needed check their FB for rules. Also screenshot or make sure you have it on your phone in case there are problems because there is a deal to get one if you spend $75 but the fine print says you can get one FREE! I scored 2 free panties. 1 per day  You can also win a bra, sports bra, pants, beauty item.

L’oreal Advanced Care serum – $6.99 had $3 digital coupon &  $2 MFC = $1.99


glad trash bag lol• Covergirl +olay samples & 2 coupons• Sephora correct & conceal mini makeover from a magazine • nordic naturals omega 3 + coupon• emergems sample + coupon• DHC skincare samples • won the Stanley flask

Magazine samples: Panetene Shampoo/conditioner • Lancome • Garnier moisturizer •

lifetime movie club blanket from Splashscore • Nissin RAOH umami soup •salonpas pain patch• $3 off Campbell’s product• VS coupons•CVS free playtex combo pack•Clif organic bar• premier protein shake+coupon


Won: Zicam Total Immune &  Triple C earbuds

Biotrue full size products, Nivea men cream, Yup bars, Popworks popcorn, free photo( chose my cat lol), silk yogurt coupon, Playtex Sport combo pack sample


sephora samples for being a beauty insider. Sign up completely FREE

Review Products

I received some goodies to review that I have been enjoying.

Melatonin gummies, Humidifier & diffuser, knife set, brush heads for my clarisonic, & moisturizer & a side dish


Have you gotten anything great in the mail lately?







Gwen Stefani- This is What The Truth Feels Like review

Gwen Standard Album Cover


I love Gwen Stefani. I remember in middle school my friends older sister was a fan and would always blast her music in her room. I remember she even dressed like Gwen. Ever since then I’ve been a fan. Catchy tunes, flawless make up, and fun fashion. I even bought her eye shadow palette with Urban Decay in November. I had to have it.

Can you believe its been a decade since her last solo album?  This is What The Truth Feels Like is her latest album that came out (Match 18) which I recently listened to.

With a divorce & a new realtionship you can tell she put her emotion into this album. With songs like Misery, Make Me Like You, & Used to Love You

Get her album:  Itunes  or Target

There are 4 bonus tracks on the album available at Target.

Check out her website here for special bundles

Some of my favorites on the album are: 

I think one songs most can relate to when it comes to heartbreak and realizing it is over is Used to Love You. Especially with these lyrics:

I don’t know why I cry
But I think it’s cause I remembered for the first time
Since I hated you
That I used to love you

I feel like she displayed her vulnerability .

‘Make Me Like You’

Check out the video here

I want more of this! Catchy, gets you moving, & you start to sing a long. The melody is infectious


Another catchy track, despite the title. It is about infatuation and a new romance.

I’m so into you totally . You’re like drugs to me

The album wasn’t bad but it also wasn’t my favorite either. Some of the songs & tunes are catchy and you get into them but they weren’t that memorable or distinctive. It has been quite some time since her last album, I had different expectations.  Her voice was great  but this album didn’t do it for me. Holla back girl..when you make another album.


I participated in this sponsored album review program as a member of One2One Network. I was provided the album to review but all opinions are my own.