The sweeter the better sweet n low sampling

Crowdtap picked me for their Sweet ‘N Low sampling .

I personally don’t like to drink my calories so was excited to try out some of their “skinny” versions of some yummy drinks. Crowdtap sent 6 recipes to try but sweet ‘n low has a big list on their website .


I don’t think I have used sweet n low before so was nice to have to opportunity to see what it was about. I mean you do see sweet n low at every diner.

I bought some flax meal and was trying to figure out some things to make with it. I ended up finding a recipe for a 2 minute muffin.

1/4 cup flax meal
1 packet of sweet n’ low
1 egg
1 teaspoon baking powder
1/2 teaspoon cinnamon
Drizzle of oil

Mix together in microwaveable bowl
Put in microwave for 2 minutes

Options: adding dried fruit (I used raisins) , nuts, chocolate chips, splash of vanilla extract






My friend put sugar on some bananas and strawberries .I would eat them plain but I tried them and try were tasty. Good if you want dessert but not all the calories . So last night I wanted something sweet and sprinkled some sweet n’ low . Delish!!



Check out the many drink and food recipes here
Strawberry Granita Freeze
This was tasty would be good with alcohol too. It did have a slight after taste I believe from the sweet n low.

1 package frozen strawberries
2 cups cold water
1/4 c lime juice
16 packets of sweet n’ low
Fresh strawberries for garnish





Thinking about making strawberry lemonade ,a blueberry lemonade, maybe even a daquari with sweet n low next…. stay tuned.

Was happy to be part of this sampling. I don’t think I’ve ever had sweet n low . Will I buy it again? Probably not. One or two packets was ok but the more sweet n low it has an after taste for me.
Plus I normally drink water , juice,smoothies (with no added sugar) and almond milk. I don’t add a lot of sugar to my food I make. I also am not watching my calorie intake, So it would be a waste for me to buy. I would recommend it to my coffee drinker friends or friends watching their calories though.

Schick Hydro 5 Groomer

My best friend Shawn (whom I live with) always wonders how I get to test out products . When I saw this opportunity available from Crowdtap I jumped on it and was accepted.
Shawn was pretty happy too. ( except that I have to take photos too )


The NEW Schick Hydro 5 Groomer is the only 4 in 1 styling tool that shaves , grooms, edges , & hydrates
Retails : about $14.99
Refills for pack of 8- $19.99



Shawn’s pretty on top of shaving so no need mention he needs to shave.

Uh oh I stole a kiss but he forgot to shave with Schick Hydro 5 groomer.


“You must shave” , I said. It hydrates while you get a close shave, try it out.




I think this is a good groomer option. I feel like a lot of guys lose things often, so having all the parts in one groomer is perfect.

What he thought:
•Close shave
•shape felt comfortable in hand , easy to use
•easy to clean
•liked adjustments to trimmer and razor to edger

•Refills expensive
•Hydrating bar makes razor glide to fast


Thumbs up


Beautybox5 review -June box

A few friends post about subscription boxes they receive and I came across beautybox5 . They were offering the first box free and I wanted to see what it was all about .
Beauty Box 5 is a subscription based , beauty sampling service. You receive a mix of 5 samples and full sized products each month.
It’s $12 a month and you can cancel anytime
I love trying new products and it seems like these subscription boxes are the best way to find and try out beauty products you normally wouldn’t try or even know about .

>>>> Enter code FREE614 to receive a free box <<<<



First thing I tried was Nicka K New York nail color.
Retails : $4.99
It went on smooth, it’s formaldehyde-free.
It did stain my nails when I took the polish off though but I also didn’t put on a base coat.



Very nice red !

Eslor introductory collection calming kit

Replenishing Scrub
Retail: $28
Has good ingredients like almond paste, honey, peach & apricot kernel powder.
It’s a thicker scrub that isn’t abrasive. Just splash some water on your face or add a few drops of water then apply to face.


Soothing Cream
Retail: $65
Has ingredients like vitamin E, avocado & hazelnut oil
Can use day or night. Helps offset the damage that leads to premature aging. Hydrates and moisturizes.
A little goes a long way, leaves skin soft, smooth, & moisturized .

Refiner & Cleanser
Retail: $28
Has ingredients like ; aloe Vera , sage ,carrot , & rosemary extracts.
Deep cleanses skin.
-Leaves skin feeling clean and doesn’t dry out skin.

Comforting Mask
Retail: $ 38
Ingredients like ; seaweed extract, almond oil , & ginseng extract
Eliminates impurities . Use twice a week
Tones , detoxifies, hydrates

This green color reminds me of the movie The Mask haha I was expecting it to dry like most masks but stayed soft. Left my skin feeling nice


Wild red cherry Vita Bath body wash
Retail: $7.95
Smells AMAZING and doesn’t dry out skin.
Sulfate & paraben free

Organix coconut water shampoo & conditioner
Retail: $13
Sulfate free
Going to try this week
Glam Natural Mascara
Retail :$28
Gluten free , paraben-free, hypoallergenic

While wearing it it did smudge on me , was caught in the rain and wiped my eye.
Did give me nice long lashes though .


I really enjoyed trying the Eslor calming kit . Great products.
My favorite was the Vita Body wash , it smells so great and instantly puts me in a good mood.

Try it out !

Reviews to come

I’ve been very lucky that I’ve been selected to test so many products .

Influenster sent me such a great voxbox ( #GoVoxBox ) to test and review .

Crowdtap has really been keeping me busy .

I just got done reviewing the Litter Genie but I have some more things to test and review that Crowdtap sent me.

Stay tuned for ::

Sweet ‘n Low
I will be making some skinny summer drinks . The super skinny margarita and strawberry granita freeze look delicious


Next will be
The NEW Schick hydro 5 Groomer
My friend Shawn always is amazed of all the product I get. He always asks for me to get him something so when I saw this sampling available I signed up right away. He will be very happy with this 4-1 high performance styling tool.20140621-132855-48535129.jpg

And finally Kleenex
I don’t have my kit yet but it’s to show how I use Kleenex .

I would have had fun photos to share from a fun beauty event sponsored by Cottonelle. There was some confusion on their end it ended up not attending . Crowdtap will updated me on a similar event in July so stay tuned for that.

Next I will share my thoughts on a beauty subscription box by Beautybox5


I’m still using (and loving) this product from Coppertone . Stay tuned in 2 weeks for my thoughts on CLEARLYSheer Sunscreen that I got from BzzAgent


Will be sending me Arm & Hammer truly radiant toothpaste and a spinbrush


Litter Genie Review

Crowdtap sent me a Litter Genie disposal system to test out and give back my feedback.

A little about the Litter Genie
Retail price : $14.99
Refill : about $6.99
Where to buy: amazon, petco, petsmart, Target

On their website you can get a $2 or $5 coupon

When the box arrived D-O-G, Gizmo, & Lexi definitely wanted to know what it was.


One of the challenges we were asked to do was to decorate the Litter Genie.
Here is what I did to mine :



And the kitties with the decorated Litter Genie


Next is assembling the Litter Genie.
It was somewhat easy but the directions they do give ,they need to be clearer.




•Insert the scooper holder in the groves on the side , you will need to open it to do this .

•pull the plastic tab and remove
•Pull about a foot of the plastic and tie a knot

Inserting the plastic “bags” is where I was confused and wasn’t as clear. It shows something lifting but didn’t really see anything I should lift .
I kept placing it on top and was like this can’t be right it doesn’t close.

This is where it lifts (I didn’t think to open this part because it looked like this is where is latched to shut the lid)

The insert and the website were not helpful. I had to go to youtube and search for a review to see how to insert it.


Things I like about the Litter Genie
• It’s small
•Keeps odors down
•Holder for the scooper
• Bags/plastic always there

What I don’t like
• it is small but it’s just another thing in the bathroom I feel I don’t need.
•Tying off the bag
•opening small
• refills are expensive
• Having to stabilize the genie when you pull the handle
•I noticed once the bags were in the lid no longer latched correctly

For most of this year I actually stopped using litter and started to use shredded newspaper.

Why? You might ask. Ever since I got Gizmo, I’ve had issues with his bathroom habits.

When I got him I had this dome litter box . He would use it once and then go right next to the box. I thought it was the top made him claustrophobic, so took it off …same issue. Changed shapes and sizes of litter boxes , tried many different types of litter, got more litter boxes and nothing worked . One day I thought I should try shredded paper . I haven’t had a problem since. I guess he didn’t like how the litter felt on his paws. I rather change news paper than clean pee/poop off the floor all the time. My friend Shawn and myself couldn’t believe it.
If he did use litter and I only had him he would be a prime candidate because he is stinky!

Lexi : I swear she holds in her pee then dirties the whole box. So this wouldn’t be great for her . I have to change it after she uses the box anyway .

D-O-G : if I only had him this product would be good to have next to the litter box to use. He was happy that we tested it because I think he misses digging in litter , the newspaper isn’t the same for digging.

Final thoughts
I think it’s a good product if you have one cat, live in a huge building (or on a higher floor), or even if someone was older . Having 3 (actually 4 because I’m sort of fostering one) it’s not worth it for me . Its way too small for their bathroom habits. Plus I don’t want another item in the bathroom , it’s small enough. Plus with using the shredded newspaper right now, I dont have need for a product like this at this time.
On the refills it says for one cat they should last 2 months. These would last a week the way my cats use the bathroom.

Tip:: for refills the review I watched to see how to set out up said she uses garbage bags to cut down costs.

I give it 2.5/5 stars

Playtex Sport Fresh Balance review

I received a box of playtex sport tampons in my #GoVoxBox from Influenster. They arrived just in time because I knew I would be getting my period any day.

I’ve been a fan of playtex. When I first got my period I didn’t feel protected and comfortable wearing a pad but my mom would always buy the cardboard and those were uncomfortable too.
Then I saw plastic applicators that playtex had and all was good.


• Comfortable, didn’t even know it was there.
•Applicator , easy and comfortable to use
• Protection , with the 360 design you don’t have worry about leakage so you can #PlayOn
•Packaging , cute design. You don’t think about it that much but I think it matters.


• Scented . I don’t like using scented tampons never have, I don’t think it’s good for you. Though these didn’t have a strong scent like most .

Check out the other items I got in my #GoVoxBox here

I received these products complimentary from influenster . The reviews / opinions are my own .

New red lipstick

I won a custom lipstick from lip bar from a twitter contest.

I want sure at first but tried it on and love this red on me.

Lip Bar makes custom lipsticks based on skin tone or if you if you can no longer find your favorite shade they can make it for you.


I didn’t wear it long because I just wanted to see how it would look on but it went on smooth and didn’t dry out my lips .

They blend jojoba, macadamia, and avocado oils as well as Shea butter , aloe, and vitamin e.