Valentine’s Day Nail Art

Oops should have posted these sooner.

I was going to do 1-2 other designs but I ended up liking these and didn’t want to take them off so quickly.

Polka Dots & Hearts

Hearts & Dots Nail Art


Mosaic Hearts

These were a little hard and didn’t come out as clean but I still like them. I also didn’t even attempt my other hand and just did small hearts on my other hand lol. Looks like 2 different peoples hands haha

mosaic nails


Did you do any nail art for Valentine’s Day?


Fun Nail Art

I used to post my nails often, I do mostly on instagram . I was feeling uninspired so haven’t really been doing many designs. I thought I’d share some that I’ve done .

I have a few designs I will be sharing for Valentine’s Day 🙂

Dotticure nail art

I love this purple color from SinfulColors. Its Dusty Rose & the dots are Gossip Boss.


I did this for Christmas time but this would be great for Valentine’s Day as well. I use Essie Life of the Party and a gold ( no name/brand) .

Nail Art

I used SinfulColors Calypso , Accent Nail is Milani Gold Glitz , gold details, no brand/name polish


I did this when I furst got into nail art. Paid your nails white. Take pieces of newspaper ( comics work too!) Dip your nail in rubbing alcohol ( vodka also works) Carefully place newspaper piece on your nail, make sure not to move it. Press down, peel off. Put on a top coat 🙂


I used Opi Precisely Pink & Wet N Wild Black . Paint bottom half pink. Take a dotting tool and place dots at the top. I am so bad a straight lines so this helps if your lines aren’t even the dots hide it. Then start in the middle and then the sides.

tropical nails

I did this in the Summer. I loved it and learned a new trick to make colors pop on dark nails. First apply white polish , then your colors.

tribal nail art

Another fun Summer design.


Easy nail art + DIY matte nail

Glitter Nails

This is super easy & is perfect for everyday , holidays, or party.

Take a nude color ( I’m using Poparazzi Lifes a Beach ) Wait until its dry

Take a makeup sponge, apply the glitter to the sponge and tap on the tips of the nail ( Using Milani Glitter Glitz)


Love a color but want it in matte? Using baking powder you can get the look. Pour some nail polish out and mix a small amount of baking powder into the polish. Mix & apply quickly because it get dry fast. I added dots on top of mine.


Im still working on getting lines straight but happy with this angled color blocking design.

Winterize your nails tips & tricks

A coordinator from Julep asked if I would write a blog post about winterizing my nails. I never thought about it because it’s become a habit, especially when I do nail art.
If you’re new to my blog, last year I posted Holiday themed nail art daily in December.
Holidays nails 1

Holidays Nails 2

Holiday Nails 3

I can definitely see a difference when seasons change and chilly weather sets in. My cuticles become drier. When it’s cold we move between the cold weather outside and hot, dry air inside which really reduces the moisture in our nails and skin.
This can cause nails to break and chip. One thing I hate is getting a manicure or doing my nails and a nail breaks. Ahhh!
Other things we might be doing that dries out our hands and nails in colder months is using hand sanitizer and hot showers.

Julep came up this tutorial and tips to keep your nails looking healthy and moisturized.

So what do in the winter?

•I always make sure I’m stocked up on lotion to moisturize my hands and skin. Travel size lotions are great to have in your purse.Make sure to massage lotion into nails.

•Diet is always crucial. Make sure you are drinking plenty of water , and eating lots of veggies and fruit to stay hydrated and get those vitamins.

•At night I like rubbing cuticle cream before bed. I like Burts Bees lemon butter cuticle creme

Here are some products I use to keep my nails looking good in the winter .


*No cuticle cream? Use a little bit of olive oil and massage into nails
*Bothersome hangnail? Use your lip balm and massage until you can cut it.
*Always wear your gloves when outside.
*Make sure to wear rubber gloves when cleaning .
*Give your nails a nail polish break between colors.
*When filing nails go in one direction and go all around (on sides)

Here I used Julep Kayla and Revlon Sterling . I really like doing this design because it’s simple but pretty.


Need some nail color inspiration for the winter ? Check out these great colors below or on Juelp’s website here
I love Kiki and Sawyer.


What are your tips & tricks for healthy nails all winter long?

Summer nail art part 2

Pop art , color blocking , flamingo

I received some goodies from PinchMe which included a pretty pink nail polish from SinfulColors.

I decided to try a flamingo , I was happy with the results.




Next I tried this out, still working on making neat lines.


Then some pop art . I put on a lighter purple and with a make up sponge tapped on a darker purple. I really liked that defect and will be doing that color combo again , to wear like that .