Klout, Crest, Walmart , McDonalds , & Revlon oh my

3 perks from Klout in one week.
Revlon- Luxurious colorsilk buttercream hair color

Crest 3D white strip sample
$10 Walmart gift card


McDonalds $5 arch card to try the new grilled onion cheddar burger.

I haven’t had McDonalds in awhile and this burger sounded interesting. So after work I headed there. I looked over the dollar menu and ordered the grilled onion cheddar burger , 2 chicken nuggets , small fry, double cheeseburger. It came to $5.39 ! I shared with my friend. I liked the burger , had a nice flavor.





Versatile Clothing

At the end of the summer , my boss started carrying a new brand called AngelRox. I actually modeled for this company years ago and was excited to see what we were getting. Her clothes are super comfortable , based in Brooklyn , made in the U.S.

We started carrying The Wrap. Its so cool, you can make it into so many dresses, vest, kimino top, skirt, shawl, hood with scarf, ect. I love demonstrating and showing it to customers. Its great for travel ( can be so many things), the fabric is travel friendly, I also tell people its a perfect gift for someone who says they have nothing to wear.

I love the cranberry color!




Brookside chocolate/klout



Another great freebie from Klout from Brookside Chocolate.

I received the Dark Chocolate Acai w/ blueberry, the other choices were pomegranate & goji with raspberry.

These are definitely a treat, I was glad they came because I was craving chocolate. I had a few pieces and was completely satisfied which is good because the bag will last longer!  They are just starting to come into store so keep your eyes peeled for this yummy treat.

* I was given a free product or sample because I’m a Klout influencer. I am under no obligation to receive the sample or talk about this company. I get no additional benefits for talking about the product or compant.


Nail art lines/stripes

Tools for this : tape

Paint color you want strips to be, let dry.
Cut tape into thin strips and place in any pattern.
Put another color on top, let dry.
If you are not sure if its dry just wait, I know it’s a pain but trust me. You don’t want to mess up and have to start over.


H&M extreme savings

I recently came across the app Wrapp.
You can send your friends free and paid gift cards. Sometimes they have really good ones you can send for free. Also like their Facebook page to snag a gift card.

I ended up getting $36 for free to spend.
They had skinny jeans priced at $9.95
They also have a good sale going on that was going on before Christmas.
I snagged 3 pairs of skinny jeans , ring ,necklace , and top for….drum roll please ….$10.60

20130101-173428.jpg x 2





I don’t really go for big rings but really loved the colors and how shiny it is. “Every time I come around your city, bling bling!”

Stylish on the cheap

Ok so you know I previously posted about the buttons at JCPenney. I probably received at least $300 in gift certificates that I won.
Here are the most recent items I bought
Shopping trip 1::
2 black tops ( look better on)- stackable rings
Top 1 – Was $35 Now $7
Top 2 – Was $30 then marked at $17 but rang up at $8
Rings $8
PAID: $3.19





Shopping trip 2
I had to make separate transactions in this trip to get the best deal.
Liz Claiborne purse $35
Black bandeau Was- $16 Now- $7
Earrings – $6
Gold sparkly clutch Was : $24 Now $12
Blazer – Was $25 Now $17


How cute is this lace lined boyfriend blazer??


I just happened to go in the purse section trying to spend my last certificates. I picked up the Liz Claiborne purse and liked the style/color.


The color combo caught my eye in these earrings.


I also gave my friend $50.


First top.