Oak Leaf Fairy LED Raindrop String Lights Review

Christmas may be over but these LED fairy raindrop string lights can be used any time of the year. Use them to decorate for the holidays, a party, or into your home decor .

Oak Leaf fairy lights


  • Uses 3 AA batteries
  • 9.8 feet long
  • Made from 60s of individual LEDs, Rope lights have over 25 Years of Life Span
  • Cool to touch – low power & heat insulated silver wire make it not overheat after usage
  • Easy to Shape – Flexible Silver wiring can easily design many shape; wrap around tree trunks or gaze
  • Perfect for spice up your decoration and add welcome feelings to your party, restaurant and shops
  • Guaranteed with CE and RoHS certification. 90 days money back or lifetime replacement warranty.




How to use

  • 1st press, the lights turn on regularly (6 hours on, 18 hours off, cycle daily)
  • 2nd press, make the lights keep on
  • 3rd press, turn off the lights


I was surprised how bright these lights are. I love the warm glow they give off.  These are perfect for parties, holidays, romantic evening, a night light, or into your regular decor.  Wrap it around your staircase rail, put it in a  glass bowl/vase, around your mantel, plants. These string lights are easy to mold and wrap around items. As you see I wrapped it around a piece of wall art and just slipped the battery pack behind it. The lights are also perfect for if the power ever goes out.


Where to buy

Head over to Amazon they are $7.69

…because you are awesome, enjoy 30% off these light using code : AGEGJJ3J at check out.


I received this product complimentary for review purposes. All opinions are my own.

Bzzagent – Glade wax melts & plugins scented oil customizables

20140316-061842.jpg 20140316-061852.jpg

I always am excited when I get an invite to participate in a campaign from BzzAgent. This time it was from Glade plugins scented oil warmer customizables & wax melts.

Glade plugins scented oil warmer customizables

I went to CVS, and there wasn’t much of a selection. I found the one I bought behind some other products. So I was ‘stuck’ with clean linen and sunny days. Which isnt so bad because it’s still a clean , neutral scent.
First you notice the design of the plugin. It’s pretty and in a neutral color so will go well in any room. The only con is it is big so can’t use that outlet for anything else.
It was easy to assemble , you just unscrew the caps from the oil , lift up the plate and insert them in, and then plug it in.
I first plugged it in near my bed but had to switch it to another outlet because the scent was really strong and gave me bad headaches.
I read somewhere the first few days the scent would be the strongest but I still suggest you move it to an outlet you won’t be sitting or sleeping.
I had it plugged in for about an hour when my friend came home. Right when he walked in he said wow it smells nice in here.
I like it because I’ve been using it for a month and I can still smell it, it’s also a nice because it’s not bam in your face scent it just sort of lingers and fills the room .
Price varies $7.99-$12.99
Plus there are a variety of scent to choose from like ; Apple cinnamon & lavedar & peach blossom, Hawaiian breeze & vanilla passion for the kits
They have a variety of refillable like honeysuckle & nectar, fresh berries and right now they have limited edition spring scents that smell really nice!

Wax melts
So my warmer is in my storage unit so I havent used these yet.
I ended up getting Live Loud ( hints of mandarin, peach and pear join notes of plumeria, peony and orange blossom ) from their Spring collection.
Just from them in the pack I could smell it in the room.
From their site: they last 12 hours each wax melt (there are 8 in a pack)
Price : varies about $4.99

Arts & Crafts at Work

Was at work and thought the window display needed something extra on the top. I thought about making tissue flowers and string them hanging from the ceiling but then I found out how to make these big pom poms. I saw them before on Martha Stewart’s website and that’s where the link brought me. I was happy with the results, and they are really simple to make.




These would be cool for a party too!

Favorite things around the house & Mozz Sticks take 2

I took some photos of my favorite items around my house that I wanted to share.

I like the beach and starfish, I like the way the colors go in this shelf. I bought the Buddha figurine at a flea market, I also bought a jade/emerald colored one. The little cylinder is a candle , it was $1.50 at target. I liked the embellishment on the top .

I spotted the owl at Pier 1 , it’s actually a Christmas decoration but I took off the top of it. I loved the colors on it.

Laughter is the best medicine. I spotted this at stop & shop for a buck and decided to display on the shelf. 🙂

I have that little beaded lizard above a door frame , I bought it at Busch Gardens a couple years ago.

I loooooove my chocolat wall decor. I thought it was different and its hanging in my kitchen.

The purple lamp I found at Marshalls I believe, again loved the colors and the way it looked.  I want to put it on a side table by my bed so I can put a candle in it but I still haven’t found a side table that I like and will fit.

I liked the design and color of the bottle, I bought it at Good Will for $1-2 bucks!

Loved the look of the pearl vase.

For whatever reason a couple years ago I bought a couple of clocks which it weird because my place isn’t big so now all rooms has a clock. I thought the shape was cool.

I bought those little shelves at Walmart and I painted them myself. I bought two, I wish I bought more. As you can see I use it to hold some spices above the stove.

And take 2 on those Mozzarella Sticks. It worked out much better this time. I paid better attention, I also flipped at 4 minutes instead of 5. I also think having the already battered sticks fully frozen helped too. I had them for lunch with left over  Tuscan Tomato Soup 🙂

Shelves, Owls yada yada

Wow! It’s almost been 3 months since my last post, that is sad. I keep telling myself to type something new but then always forget & go do something else. Anyway, I found out about this newish website called Pinterest. You ca find tons of crafts, home decor ideas, pretty clothes, jewelry, DIY stuff. You make these boards so you can go back and see what you found and it’s all organized and doesn’t take up any space (which I love). It’s also super addicting , so be careful and be prepared to waste your time on there. haha

Anyway I wanted to share a cool shelf I made awhile back. My friend Shawn who does tile had these crates that the tile came in. He asked if I wanted them and I said yes. Then came up with this:

All I did was stain it and put it together how I wanted. I didn’t attach the pieces together so I can arrange it if needed. Great for magazines!

Now to owls.I was on pinterest last night and saw these owls made from toilet paper tubes. It took me a couple minutes and came up with this cute guy:

You bend one end in to make the ears and then draw any owl face you want. You can also paint them, add glitter, sequins, or just leave them plain. Maybe even make it a decoration for a Christmas tree?

Click my photo to go to the page where I got it from. Hers are much better than mine.

What I got for freeee

I come home from work and there is a decent sized box on my porch. I see if its for me and it is, I pick it up and think wow this is pretty heavy wonder what it is.

One of the freebie sites I follow on FB posted something for Bob’s Red Mill grain. If you used their app to sign up you would get a free hat ( which I didn’t care if I got and/or free grain) I thought why not. I open the box and it was from them. They ended up sending me the hat , a sample of almond butter and 4..yes four full size bags of grains.

7 grain pancake & waffle mix

10 grain hot cereal

honey oat granola

whole grain quinoa

Can’t wait to try it, I’ve actually been meaning to buy some wheat berries by this brand at the store.

Pancakes anyone?? 🙂

Here is a cool site I have to share

P.S- I made this

A purse made with a sharpie …I mean if I tried this I don’t think it would come out as fashionable & nice looking as this .

or what about a sunburst mirror, I’ve always wanted one but never wanted to spend the money on the ones I really loved. Who wants to spend $200 on a mirror?


I wandered over to the free people website and saw this outfit.

I really like it. Its fun and has a classic look to it.

Creative nail art work.

Here are some whimsical & color illustrations I came across. I found her by reading dailycandy.

Miss Capricho

The art below is done by Vernice Holmes. Not only is she an artist but also a designer ( how I met her) and also incorporates the drawing into her designs.

I really love this drawing . Here is her website if you’d like to check her out 🙂


Not sure who painted this but its pretty neat.

How can you not like cute cartoon sweets?

I like those round things on the wall. Pretty cool way to add color, art & texture to a room.

I found this photo on Scout design nyc. I like the style and the since purple is my favorite color, I’m digging the wall and chair.

Not sure where I found this but thought it was cool.

Thought this clock was pretty cool. This one you can definitely do it yourself. Find 13 squares or shapes you want , either paint or get sticker #’s and buy a clock hand. 🙂

Cool DIY

Here is a DIY project I did in May.

A friend of mine gave me her old vanity. I wanted to paint it but wasn’t sure what I wanted. So many choices!! I ended up taking a paint chip sample, it was Ralph Lauren silver crackle type paint. Years later I decide its TIME to paint it. Home depot no longer carried the paint I wanted and was back to square one. I put it on the back burner until I went to home depot and happened to look at spray paints. They ended up having this silver spray paint with a hammered look finish. I had to try it. Here is the final product. Not the best before/after photos, I decided as I already disassembledthe mirror then decided I needed to take photos…oops

I was happy with the outcome.

– Side note when I was looking for paint I was thinking to myself how does home depot not have any crackle paint..then saw Martha Stewart paints and was like WTF how does she not have crackle paint..a month later Martha Stewart had crackle paint in Home Depot! haha now to a Martha Stewart DIY 🙂

I was watching Martha Stewart a while back and she made this really pretty window frame.

I said I was going to attempt to do it but  have no windows that could be decorated like this

Here is a neat way to display your items. A wine box, put some nice wrapping paper inside and wahlah..a cool shelf.


Design sponge has so meany neat DIY projects, definitely worth checking out.

Here is another wine crate shelf, I really like this one. I just have to go out and get the supplies and make it already 🙂


I found the wine box shelves  while searching for apple crates , good second option.

Here are some other ideas on how to use apple crates :