Empties 10- Mini Reviews


I didn’t add these the last time

Empties 148-158

  • (148) Suave touchable finish hair spray– smelled nice, left hair manageable , soft, & easy to style.
  • (149) Vitafushion beauty sleep- Helped relax me which helped me get to bed sooner. Tasted great, didn’t have a coating like most gummies
  • (150) Colgate Enamel Health toothpaste– keep mouth fresh & clean but didn’t whiten them as well as other toothpastes I use
  • (151) Nature’s Bounty Hair & Nail gummies- tasted great
  • (152)  Sponge– kept skin exfoliated & soft
  • (153) Derma-e antioxidant natural sunscreen– Absorbed nicely, didn’t leave skin sticky or greasy
  • (154) Skin9 Panda Mask– left skin soft but mask didn’t fit well at all.
  • (155) Gold Bond Strength & resilience left skin soft & hydrated
  • (156) Gold Bond Healing – left skin soft & hydrated
  • (157) Dove dry spray– one of my favorites, easy to use,  smell fresh & clean
  • (158) Dr Dennis Gross alpha beta peel– Skin felt great after using it but it had a strong smell to it


June Empties

(159) Yesto grapefruit correct & repair- Nice smell but stings face a little. Not uncomfortable & only lasts a few seconds. My face felt clean afterwards & soft. I prefer the cucumber wipes .

(160) L’AFFAIR Vitamin skin newal mask– It fit well & was easy to move, didn’t fall off, left skin soft , smooth, hydrated, & healthy looking. It did have a lot of essence on it which made it a little hard to open at first.

(161) Pure Good skin food- only 7 ingredients like apricot oil, aloe vera juice, grapeseed oil, safflower oil. At first I wasn’t sure about it because it does make your face look very oily.  I only used it at night before bed. When I woke up my skin was so hydrated, soft, & supple. I used it every day and I had no break outs.

(162-163) Hair Food Moisture Shampoo & conditioner infused with honey apricot fragrance- My hair felt really soft & smelled great

(164-165) Udderly Smooth body cream– My friend turned me onto this like 15 years ago. I love it. Keeps skin smooth, soft, moisturized. Didn’t leave skin greasy, absorbs nicely.

(166) Chapstick hydration lock moisture & renew– Yes I finished one without losing it. Kept lip smooth & soft. Don’t think Ill get a duo one again but it did its job.

(167) Nugg hydrating face mask- Keeps skin so soft & hydrated . Nice pleasant smell

(168) Avalon Organics Cleansing Milk– I didn’t care for the formula but skin felt clean and nice after using it

(169) Garnier Skinactive Clearly Brighter Brightening & Smoothing Daily Moisturizer- smelled nice, absorbed nicely but still left skin looking greasy/shiny. Left skin hydrated

(170-171) Suave Rosemary & Mint shampoo & conditioner – Left hair soft, nice,healthy. Love the scent my hair & scalp were happy

(172) Not Your Mother’s Beach babe texturizing spray– Not sure if it really gave my hair the texture I wanted but it smelled fantastic. Like a a tropical island because of the coconut smell. I would just get it to spray in my hair for that.

(173) Neutrogena Healthy Skin Boosters facial cleanser– cleaned face great without leaving it feel dry or tight. Foamed up nicely

(174) Manicure & Spa hand creme– I used this at night before bed because it left hands greasy. Not a fan but my hands were soft & moisturized in the morning.

(175) Victoria’s Secret Hydrating Body lotion coconut milk- LOVED the coconut scent & kept body soft, smooth, hydrated

(176-177) Babyganics lotion- My skin was soft & the chamomile scent was relaxing

(178) *Garnier Skinactive Clearly Brighter Brightening & Smoothing Daily Moisturizer smelled nice, absorbed nicely but still left skin looking greasy/shiny. Left skin hydrated


Empties 9- Mini Reviews

Its been going a little slow since my last empties post. There will be a lot of lotion in my upcoming empties post because I’m trying to use up my samples. Especially since 1 sampe I will use in 1 day.


137- Wet n Wild top coat- Love that these are $.99 , works just like it should

138- Vaseline intensive care healing serum – moisturizing, absorbs quickly. I’m a fan of Vaseline.

139-141 Gold Bond Healing & Strength & Resilience – Leaves skin so soft and moisturized.

142- Beauty Garden by Sothys flower water- refreshing, pleasant scent  , gentle on skin. I don’t think I would get it again because it wasn’t anything special or do anything other product can do.

143- Nordic Naturals Omega-3 these were easy to take and no weird taste

144- Vaseline advanced repair- keeps skin soft all day

145- When masks – LOVE these. Make skin look so healthy You can find them at Ulta & Sephora as well as other places. I did a review on these recently.

146- Bullet pocket acne aid- oh no a pimple is coming or is on your face! Grab some of this it makes it go away quicker.

147- bareMinerals Bareskin perfecting veil- gives your skin a nice finish and evens skintone. Light on skin, doesn’t look bad, blends well. I will be buying this again.


What products have you finished lately ?


Empties 8- Mini Reviews

Up to 136 products used up already this year. Here is what I finished recently.




128- Fekkai Blowout hair refresher dry shampoo-  LOVE!! My favorite dry shampoo. It smells fantastic, doesn’t leave residue, works very well. The only con is that it got clogged and warm/hot water didn’t help. I did ask them about it & they told me they are actually in the process in fixing the issue.

129 Centrum Multigummies- Easy to take. I don’t procrastinate taking them. Taste good.

130 MaritzMayer Laboratories Melatonin 5000- I got these to review. I really like the strawberry flavor . Helped me relax which helped me go to bed quicker.

131 Keri lotion shea butter nourishing-  I only bought this because I got it free with coupons/ecoupon.  Its ok but I just prefer other lotion compared to this formula & scent.

132 Colagte Optic White -enamel white- keep breath and mouth feeling clean, helps keep them white without making your teeth sensitive

133 Maybelline- The Falsies volum’ express I had this at the bottom of my purse,  I don’t even remember the last time I used it lol- Its ok but prefer other brands I think it left my lashes more clumped together.

134 Skinfix Ultra Rich Body Butter- I tried their hand cream previously and was not a fan. Their body butter is much better. It creamy & leave skin super soft. Though it doesn’t spread as easily. I did like it but it is pricey and I didn’t like the way it spread so I wouldn’t buy it.

135 Dial coconut water & mango- didn’t dry out hands, smelled nice

136- When- Snow Magic – stay tuned for review later this week but I loved it 🙂


What products have you finished lately? 


Empties 7- Mini Reviews

It’s been about 3 weeks since my last empties.  Not as many as my last post but finally used up some bigger items I’ve had for awhile.

120-127Empties 7- Mini Reviews April

120 Simple Cleansing Wipes– Refreshing & takes off make up and dirt off face well.

121 Philosophy  Time in a bottle for eyes– I haven’t had much luck with Philosophy but I liked this. It was moisturizing & left my eye area a little more radiant. The formula was a a little thinner than I like.

122 Revlon ColorBurst Peach Parfait – Nice color, felt good on lips

123 M.D Complete Skin Clearing Healthy Skin Accelerator–  I wasn’t sure about this at first but grew to like it. I ended up using it before or during my period when I tend to break out. It helped any break outs clear up quicker or not have any surprise break outs, which was nice. I used it at night only. If you do try it, try skipping days because it does tend to dry out skin.

124 Degree dry spray deodorant– I love these sprays but the scent/ spray would throw me into a coughing fit .

125 DR Jart Water Replenishment sheet mask– It made my skin feel soft , smooth, & hydrated.

126- Radha Beauty Intensive Youth Eye Gel- I liked the gel consistency . It absorbed nicely .I used this at night. I didn’t notice any results but it did keep under my eye moisturized.

127 Benefit They’re Real!- Favorite mascara!  I like how flity , long, pretty they make my lashes. They give me a confident boost.




Empties 6- Mini Reviews

Another batch of empty products. My next batch I should have some full size empties.

After my sample challenge in February, my numbers went up.


Empties March

98-99 Covergirl tru blend . Hard to tell because it was such a small sample . It is a thinner formula, light-med coverage.

100 Yes To Grapefruit pore perfection paper mask- While it leaves my skin soft after, I don’t like the smell of this mask at all. It smells like chemicals

101 It Surf Spray- if you have thick long hair it won’t work as well. Works best when applied on damp hair. Smells delicious!

102 ACT Advanced Care Plaque Guard- Leave mouth fresh & clean. When you spit out your first breathe in is so cool it gave me chills lol

103 Tommy Hilfiger True Star – Ive had this for the longest time and it just gets pushed to the bottom/back. I finally wanted to use it up. Didn’t care for the perfume smell, which is probably why I always said Im going to use it and didn’t

104 L’oreal Youth Code Pore Vanisher I wanted to see how this worked but the sample separated and was not putting it on my face

105 L’oreal Magic Lumi light infusing Primer- At first I wasn’t sure about it then I loved it! I put it under my eyes in the corner for a nice brightening effect. I have to get a full size

106 D by Jennifer Aniston perfume sample– eh was ok wouldn’t buy it not for me

107 Smashbox photo finish foundation primer YASSS! Love this stuff

108 Victoria Secret Shea Body Oil- Didn’t leave skin oily at all, absorbed nicely, left body super soft. I have a bigger size that II will be using once Im done with the lotion Im using now.

109 Victoria’s Secret Bombshells in Bloom- One of my favorites

110-111 3D Crest White Brilliance– Step 1 the formula was shiny and reminded me of the good tasting stuff they use at the dentist which I enjoyed. Step 2 was not as tasty but not bad. I don’t think I would buy this because I don’t want to have 2 steps for toothpaste.

112 Bella Organics Vanilla Mint Natural Deodorant – Liked the smell, kept me smelling good, dry. Even had a slight cooling effect

113 Colgate Max Clean – Enjoyed this, Kept teeth clean & bright , mouth feeling clean & fresh. Had these

114-119 Garnier Whole Blends Shampoo & Conditioner- Stay tuned for a blog post about them 🙂


Favorites: Smashbox primer, L’oreal Lumi Primer. Victoria’s Secret perfume & body oil, Colgate Max Clean


Have you tried any of these products?

Empties 5 & #FoilFebruary week 4 mini reviews

Forgot to post this yesterday. Here are my February empties & last week of #FoilFebruary.

My skin went a little crazy as I mentioned in my last post. A  mix of junk food, hormones, lack of sleep, & probably using so many products. So my final week was only a few samples



No7 Protect & Perfect Advanced Serum- Nice scent, absorbed nicely, didn’t leave skin sticky, left skin soft & smooth

Philosophy Ultimate Miracle Worker SPF 15 moisturizer- left skin hydrated but also greasy/shiny looking

Lancome Advanced Genifique concentrate- This is a product you need to use more of to see if it works. Smelled nice, left skin soft, absorbed nicely.

Dr Lin Acne Cleansing Wipe- Took of make up well, left skin clean, didn’t dry out skin.

Revlon Color Burst Peach Parfait- I really liked this color & felt nice on my lips.

Smashbox photo finish foundation primer- I can see why this is a favorite. I used another one of these previously. Left skin smooth and make up looked great.

Fresh Soy Cleanser- Smelled like cucumbers, gentle on skin, cleansed skin well.

DHC Velvet skin coat primer- skin felt super smooth and soft, make up went on nicely


I ended up using up 62 samples! I put a big dent in my sample stash, I found a few favorites like Dr Brandt plump up the volume, Smashbox primer, L’oreal color vibrancy hair care, Murad Essential C eye cream, Ole Henriksen truth serum are a few. I didn’t count these in my empties because it was sort of a separate thing but for my next empties I will add these.  >>> So I am up to 97 for the year so far! <<<<

February Empties



25 L’oreal Paris Superior Preference- Dark Auburn – I had a free coupon , I usually give them away but it was about to expire. I already have red highlights in my hair but I wanted more. You know when kids have that natural highlight? I wanted something like that. Well I have a lot of hair and I should have gotten one of those caps with the holes in it. The color was perfect and exactly what was pictured on the box. Its hard to tell in my hair but when the light hits it right I can see it.

26 Herbal Essences Naked Dry Shampoo- Smells great, works nicely, doesn’t leave a residue. It’ way better than my previous one I used but my current one is now #1.

27 Skintimate Raspberry rain shaving cream- Love the scents skintimate has. Moisturizing , smells nice.

28 Bath & Body Works A Thousand Wishes body cream- If candy land was scratch n sniff, I picture it would smell like this. It’s lovely. It’s not over powering, leaves skin soft, not greasy, hydrated, & smelling awesome.

29 My Magic Mud tooth powder: It was really weird putting powder in my mouth to brush and on top of that black powder. My whole mouth was black, it was like one of those scary movies where they open their mouth and a demon goes in or out. It didn’t have a bad taste which was my first thought. It was a little messy spitting it out  ( splatter) but easy to clean off.  I think it did make my teeth a little whiter. Plus who doesn’t like simple ingredients?


30 Dial foaming soap- Last year I was lucky enough to be sent products from Dial. I never really thought too much about the brand. I really love their soaps this one was Omega moisture

31 Act Advanced Care clean mint mouthwash- refreshing cool sensation when you spit it out, fresh breath

32 Arm & Hammer Truly Radiant- not strong, easy to swish around, fresh breath

33 Survey tester: Conditioner – whatever brand it was it was nice

34 Survey tester: Facial Cleanser- I didn’t care for the pump it was annoying to get product put. It was a little thinner than I like but did a good job.

35 Centrum Multigummies:  Easy to take but not overly sweet which is nice to have in the mornings.







#FoilFebruary – Week 3

Another week of project use up samples! Only one week left for this challenge, then I’ll slowly get through them.  This week my skin broke out a little bit. I’m not sure if its because of all the products I’ve been using on my face, a little bit of stress, I’ve been a little bad with my diet, or it’s almost that time of the month. Perhaps it’s a little bit of everything.

Samples used: 23

beauty samples foil february

Pond’s Wet Cleansing Towellettes- I like these because of the textured cloth, it makes it easy to take off make up…even mascara. Plus they don’t dry out my skin and leaves my face soft afterwards.

Dr Brandt Plump Up the Volume- I don’t really have wrinkles but used this anyway. I was using it at night.  It was a little tingly, then my skin turned pink for a few minutes. I woke up and I looked well rested

OLE Henriksen truth Serum collagen booster, vitamin C-  I really liked this vitamin C serum. The past vitamin C serums Ive used int he past leave my skin feeling tight afterwards and this one didn’t. It absorbed nicely and left my skin with a healthy glow.

Murad Essential C eye serum- Like that it has SPF in it, absorbs nicely, make up goes on easy, leaves skin soft & smooth.

L’oreal Color Vibrancy shampoo, conditioner, & antioxidant- I recently put a little dye in my hair for highlights so technically some of my hair is color treated lol After each product my hair felt so soft and smooth , especially after the antioxidant treatment. I couldnt stop toughing my hair because of how nice it felt.

Boppy Bloom stretch mark cream- left skin soft, nice scent

Purelygreat lavendar natural deodorant-  Calming scent, I like that it is vegan friendly, 100% natural. It kept me smelling great all day and dry. Which surprised me. It did leave white marks though.

Shiseido Ultimune power infusing concentrate- This is one of those product you need more than a sample to see how it works for you. It did smell nice , absorb quickly, & leave skin soft.

Eu2Be nurture + nourish lotion- Not a fan of the smell at all though it does go away once you rub it on. Left skin soft

S.W Basics of Brooklyn Exfoliant- I like the concept of it being organic and made of simple ingredients but because it is made with flour it smelled like I was putting dough on my face. It was really gentle on skin, I didn’t care for this one but would be up to try their other products . Their Hibiscus mask looks nice

Centrum Vitamints- If you’re like me and hate swallowing pills this is a great way to get in your vitamins. Vitamins + mint = 2 in one,  fresh breath & you get in vitamins You can chew them with no nasty taste

Sundown Naturals Co Q-10 – I liked the mango flavor, easy to take

L’oreal Revitalift miracle blur- I do like these blur product but this one was too thick for me. Skin looked nice and smooth after applying.

Shea Moisture Fruit Fusion Coconut Water shampoo & creme rinse- gentle, smelled nice, left my hair clean and soft. Love that this company makes products good for you by using natural ingredients.

Shea Moisture baby lotion- Why is this for babies? I would use it lol Left skin soft and hydrated. The scent was very calming ( which I guess is good for babies) 🙂

Fresh Soy face cleanser- very gentle on skin, left skin soft & clean. If you love cucumbers you will enjoy the scent. Smells just like a cucumber & reminded me of Summer.

Philosophy renewed hope in a jar- hard to really tell how well it worked because there wasn’t much to work with. Absorbed quickly,left skin hydrated.

Wella Velvet amplifier– Easy to use, didn’t leave a residue on hair. Helped with frizz

Garnier BB Cream- I like the scent to this but the formula doesn’t really absorb nicely into my skin. Also I think this color is off for me but this is the lightest I think they have. I like that it has salicylic acid to help with any blemishes you might have.