My Ancestry DNA results

I’ve always wanted to do this because it’s something I am interested in.

They’ve been playing the commercials nonstop and it worked. I looked on Amazon since I have credit on there to see if they sold them.

They do! Yay It was $99 and it arrived a couple days later.

AncestryDNA kit

The kit comes with a box to send it back in with a prepaid label , a collection bag to put your sample in, & a tube to spit in  & a solution to keep your DNA sample ‘fresh”. Very simple.

It also has an activation code which you register so you are able to get your results.

Next you spit in the tube to the line. Take off the little cup piece on top. Screw in the blue liquid , press hard to release it into your spit and shake. This is to keep your DNA fresh until it gets to the lab.

Seal your sample into the collection bag.

Then place in the box and mail it in.

Ancestry DNA

I sent my box Dec 7th & received an email confirmation on Dec 12th the they received my sample. It says it cane take 6-8 weeks to receive you results. Now just wait.

December 22 I received another email stating that my sample was in the lab processing.

I liked that they sent email to keep you updated and in the loop.

January 4th My results are in!

Ancestry Results

Its pretty much told me what I knew, mostly European no big surprise.


Another thing I found pretty neat on the site is once your results come back it matches you with other people who are possibly related.

I ended up having 49 pages of people who I am possibly related to . From 2nd cousins to 5th-8th cousins.

My matches were 2  x 2nd cousins, 2x 3rd cousins, 30x 4-6th cousins, the rest too many to count were 5-8th cousins.

I’m still checking it out .I do see a few people I’m positive are related from my great grandma on my mom’s side  because of the name surname.

Overall Im happy I did it to find a little bit more about myself. It was a very simple process.

Have you tried AncestryDNA or similar DNA testing ? We’re you surprised by the results or was it something that just confirmed what you knew ?