Jewelry Box- Before & After

A couple of months ago stopped into my local Goodwill to see if I could find any hidden treasures. I ended up finding a jewelry box that had an interesting look , it was a bit outdated looking though. I’ve been itching to do a DIY project and the cost for the jewelry box. Only $5! Β ( Its a MELE Jewelry Case)



All it needed was some paint to update it. I wanted the majority of it a silver but wanted a pop or color on the drawers so when its closed it would pop through the lattice doors. I ended up choosing a turquoise color.

When it was done… it was exactly what I wanted.

I first took off the doors and hinges. Wipes & cleaned the surfaces.

I decided spray paint would be convenient and had a good experience using it in the past.

I picked up Rust-oleum painters touch paint & primer in ‘Metallic Aluminum” & Rust-oleum American Accents in “Satin Seaside” . I really like this brand because it only took 2 coats , dried fast, & easy to use. I believe they were $3-4 for a can & an array of colors to choose from.

I put down a large piece of cardboard and went to town. For the drawers , I cut out pieces of cardboard to place right on top so the fabric wouldn’t get paint on it. My cutting wasn’t exact lol so I did use a little painters tape for extra protection if there was any space.

Jewelry Box DIY



Before I didn’t know what I was going to about the fabric. Β It looked outdated & drab looking but this turquoise color made it look more golden & complimentary.

I also added a little detail on the handles. I took a q-tip and added a little silver paint to bring out the details.

Jewelry Box DIY handle

I put my lipstick & gloss holder on top for now. Not sure if I will use it for make up/ beauty or jewelry just yet.

Jewelry Box DIY

Do you have any projects your planning to do ?

Arts & Crafts at Work

Was at work and thought the window display needed something extra on the top. I thought about making tissue flowers and string them hanging from the ceiling but then I found out how to make these big pom poms. I saw them before on Martha Stewart’s website and that’s where the link brought me. I was happy with the results, and they are really simple to make.




These would be cool for a party too!

Using what you have:: Ring + update

It was slow one day at work and I was looking for something to do. Someone returned a ring because the stone fell out. I thought I could find something in our bag of broken jewelry and ended up with this.


I haven’t been posting many recipes/fashion/ ect . Family visiting, its summer, working lots, trying to relax on days off.

I had a running/fitness photo shoot on Tuesday ,so I should have photos to share soon!

I wore my new gap shorts to πŸ™‚

I will be trying some new (vegetarian) dishes soon , so be on the look out for those posts.

There has been an overload of tomatoes so I have been making my tomato soup and have been adding to it. One night it was cannellini beans, then cannellini beans & spinach , then chickpeas & spinach. All very yummy.

DIY Photo Magnets

For the most part, most people have ended up with some sort of magnet they didn’t want but just put on the fridge. Either from a pizza place, insurance company, was given to you for free, whatever.

Well I decided to stick some photos on them to make them pretty. As you can see here I had a big magnet from 2010 from a pizza place.

The best part is it only takes minutes to do, I did this one while my facial mask was drying πŸ™‚

Supplies needed:



Glue Stick



Take your magnet and photo. Depending on shape of your magnet you can place the photo over magnet or magnet over photo and trace.

Cut the photo out.

Place glue on the back of photo, place it on the magnet.

Trim edges if necessary.

If you want you can place it under something heavy for an hour or so.

Stick to fridge.

Wahlah now you have a photo magnet πŸ™‚



Shelves, Owls yada yada

Wow! It’s almost been 3 months since my last post, that is sad. I keep telling myself to type something new but then always forget & go do something else. Anyway, I found out about this newish website called Pinterest. You ca find tons of crafts, home decor ideas, pretty clothes, jewelry, DIY stuff. You make these boards so you can go back and see what you found and it’s all organized and doesn’t take up any space (which I love). It’s also super addicting , so be careful and be prepared to waste your time on there. haha

Anyway I wanted to share a cool shelf I made awhile back. My friend Shawn who does tile had these crates that the tile came in. He asked if I wanted them and I said yes. Then came up with this:

All I did was stain it and put it together how I wanted. I didn’t attach the pieces together so I can arrange it if needed. Great for magazines!

Now to owls.I was on pinterest last night and saw these owls made from toilet paper tubes. It took me a couple minutes and came up with this cute guy:

You bend one end in to make the ears and then draw any owl face you want. You can also paint them, add glitter, sequins, or just leave them plain. Maybe even make it a decoration for a Christmas tree?

Click my photo to go to the page where I got it from. Hers are much better than mine.

DIY- Wall Art

So everyone uses toilet paper or at least I hope so haha. Anyway here is a easy DIY project that I did a while back.

I saw this project here Wall Art

Instead of white glue/clothes pins I just used a hot glue gun and ended up not painting them.

What you need:

Toilet Paper rolls or paper towel rolls
White glue
Paint + brushes
clothes pins



1. Crush paper roll

2. Cut into approximately 5 equal parts don’t have to be exact

3. Place the rolls on a flat surface creating a pattern.

4. Glue where rolls are touching, hold with laundry pins to dry. You may use a stapler as an alternative, what ever is easier. ( or in my case hot glue gun)

5. Paint and or add glitter.

6. Hang on wall

Wah*lah enjoy! πŸ™‚