Get your fashion fix

I’ve been trying Sitch Fix lately and love the opportunity to try pieces I wouldn’t pick out myself. I like trying out different cuts, styles, & prints.

You fill out a style profile of sizes, what you like,  styles you like. Sizing has been pretty much spot on .

Stitch Fix is a monthly fashion box that sends you 5 pieces of clothing /accessories based on your profile. You get to try them on, keep and buy what you want. You then send the items you don’t want back to them in the pre-addressed envelope. The styling fee for each box is $20 which will be applied to what you decide to keep. So if you have an item that $54  , you will pay $34.  If you love the whole box you also get an additional discount.

I also like that they send a paper with different ways to style the pieces you get. Plus a paper with prices of each piece.


You can try it too! Get $25 to go towards you styling fee / items you buy ( The styling fee is $20)  I also get $25 if you use my link 🙂 win win


Here are some of the pieces I have tried.


Loved this green dress. It fit perfectly and felt great on. I ended up keeping it. My $20 styling fee which was given to me, went towards this purchase so I only paid $18 for it.

Black& White Outfit

Here is a outfit regret. I wish I kept the top but also the bottom as well.  I loves the fit and feel of the Dee Elly stretchy crop top.  I also liked the print on the skirt.


I totally would have kept this dress if it was a little longer. The curse of being tall. I loved the cut ant fabric. One of those dress you can throw on and be put together.


I wouldn’t have gone for this floral print. When I first saw it I was like eh not for me but then tried it on and it grew on me  I loved the stretchy top and cut out in the back. Again … if it were a little longer I would have considered keeping it.


I really like the cut of this Kaleigh Adalia jumpsuit.  It was soooo comfortable. It almost felt like pajamas but it would be acceptable to go everywhere in this outfit. The fabric was a little heavy and the print I was iffy on. It did make my butt look great though.


I would have kept the dress if it was in dress code for work but felt like I wouldn’t wear it enough. The top on the right didn’t fit quite right. Also tip: The skirt is not a skirt….its a dress I folded.



Have you tried Stitch Fix yet?  Have you found or kept any pieces?


It’s been a week

So its been a week since I last posted. A couple things have happened in my neck of the woods. An earthquake ( which I may or may not have felt) & hurricane Irene! The hurricane or by the time it was here in CT was downgraded to a tropical storm but the winds were strong & the ocean flooded the streets.

Here are some shots:

I didn’t take this but this place is a couple minutes down the street from me….crazzzzzzy

I also went off to a casting in the city for Redbook/ Good Housekeeping shoot for their website. I got the call and I was picked woohoo! Can’t wait for the shoot and to share when its up and running.