Tony Moly Shiny Foot Review

It’s Spring time! Soon sandals & open toed shoes are in our future. I did one of these a long time ago and started seeing people mention foot peels.  I heard good things about the Tony Moly brand . I saw it on Amazon and decided to give it a try.




It’s very easy to do. I like to soak my feet before hand so your skin is softer and the solution can work into your feet better. I do this when I am in the shower. I just plug the tub & let them soak for 15 minutes.



Next you put on these cool booties!  I wear size 11 , so if you have big feet like me they will fit.

Cut of the top of the feet with the solution and pout into each bootie.

Wiggle your feet around so the solution evenly coats the bottoms of your feet.

Tie the tops by your ankles & if needed there is a sticker to tighten on the top of your foot.

You can easily walk in them , though Id do more of a shuffle.

You wear them for 1-1.5 hours, I think I did 2 hours.  My feet were getting so cold without my slippers.

Rinse your feet off and apply the lotion.

Id say day 2-3 my feet were getting itchy. I remember this from the first time I did a foot peel. It means its working and that peeling is going to start.  It wasn’t a bothersome or annoying itch .

Day 3 there was peeling! I took off my socks and started walking I felt something and thought I stepped on what looked like apiece of plastic bag but it was a piece of skin dangling! lol gross!

Wearing socks 24/7 is sort of mandatory from this point on unless you want to leave a trail of dead skin every where.


Gross! I know …ahhhhhh!

Overall it was easy and the results were what I needed. My feet were soft and ready for sandals. When I first ordered these I didn’t know I was heading to FL so it was perfect.

Just give your feet some time before heading in the sun because I think the formula made the tops of my feet a little sensitive and my feet got burnt when I went to the beach. I don’t know it it was because I didn’t apply enough ( which I did) sunscreen but was also playing in the sand and ocean and it wore off OR if it was this formula .



Have you done one of these foot peels? Which one? If not how you get your feet Spring & Summer ready ?