Hershey’s spread review

Have you tried this yummy Hershey’s spread yet ?
I was lucky enough to receive 2 free jars of this delicious Chocolate Hershey’s spread from Crowdtap & Klout.
The best part is I tried two of the three flavors ( Chocolate & Chocolate with Almond) The other one is chocolate & hazelnut .
The chocolate spreads tasted exactly how I thought they would be. They were so creamy , yummy , smooth, easy to spread , and of course delicious . I knew exactly what I would try them with . I paired them with pretzel crisps, apples , bananas, and not going to lie even got a spoon and took a spoonful to satisfy my chocolate craving . I even tried it on a gingerbread man cookie!










Tried this for an afternoon snack the pineapple, Greek yogurt , & chocolate Hershey’s spread went well together


breakfast / snack/ dessert
I used instant oatmeal and cooked it in the microwave.
Then I took 1-2 tablespoons of chocolate & almond Hersheys spread and put it in the microwave for 15-20 seconds.
Spread/ drizzle on oatmeal
Cut up a banana like I did or strawberries .
(You can also add sugar to oatmeal if needed before adding spread and fruit)




I was going to take bananas cut into 1-2 inch pieces , spread the Hershey’s chocolate spread on the top half of banana pieces, then sprinkle with peanuts. Then eat them like that or freeze and then eat as a little treat .
Will post them within the next week or so.

what I will try in the future
-Baking with it. Making puff pastry with this as the filling .
– Dessert pizza : get a tortilla , which you could probably make crispy. Then add the chocolate spread and top with bananas, nuts ,granola , diced apples
Do something like this for a treat for yourself or a party

-On toast or crossaint
– As a frosting
– dip marshmallows in chocolate spread and use sprinkles or nuts
– I made this no bake peanut butter chocolate cake . You take Oreos , crush them up and use as a crust . Then take peanut butter and warm it up then add to whipped cream ( would add the spread to it here ) then you put in freezer until hard. So good everyone loved it