Cookie dough … Without the guilt

I was unsure about this recipe at first . Who thought to combine these ingredients and get something that tastes like cookie dough ?


The main ingredient is … Chickpeas!!

I used
•1 15oz can of chickpeas , skins removed.
•1/3 cup peanut butter
•1 1/2 tsp vanilla extract
•2 tbsp agave nectar (honey would probably work too)
•chocolate chips
Mix first 4 ingredients in blender , when done put in bowl with chocolate chips and mix

Serve with pretzels or apple slices

Check out recipe here

Tips: better eaten cold . If it’s not mixing that great add a few splashes of vanilla almond milk just enough to get blender going ( you want it to be thick)

I had two taste testers , my mom and best friend . They both lpved it and couldn’t believe that it tasted like cookie dough. I think when I told them the ingredients and what it was going to be ,they were like oh no what crazy thing is Carra making now.

Nibble box from Graze

I received this box for free. I wanted to check it out.


I received this nibble box from Graze today

•Cracking black pepper ( crunchy rice crackers with cracked black pepper)
– it was a little ‘spicy’ because of pepper but lived the crunchyness

•tutti frutti ( pineapple , cherry raisins, blueberry , cranberry, & raisins)
– you can tell these are fresh , so yummy loved this one

•apple and cinnamon flapjack (rustic rolled pat flapjack with apple and cinnamon)
Delicious !

•bananas foster ( banana, fudge , honey almond slivers and pumpkin seeds)
The tiny squares of fudge was a nice surprise , very good combo.

I like that you get something different each time. You can also see what they offer and if you know you won’t like an item you just click trash. They also have seasonal items.

The one thing I loved is you can tell that they are quality ingredients.

If you use my code you could unlock your 1st and 5th box free >> here <<

You can cancel anytime , no commitment

You can receive a box every week or 2 weeks. Each box is $6

I do wish the containers were resealable , but I also wanted to try them all. So if you eat one snack a day , it will be ok

New nail stuff and new designs

Received a Julep Maven box yesterday
3 nail polishes
1 lip gloss
1 eye pencil

Love these colors


Orange – Mariska
Pink – Reagan
Purple – Kayla
Perfect colors for summer .

I’ve been wearing L’oreal ‘Not a cloud insight ‘ for a few days (bought with my Walmart gift card from crowdtap)


When I saw the orange in the Julep Maven box I knew what design I wanted to do.

I loved the result.


Today I received my purchase from modnique
I posted a deal a week and a half ago where you can get a $20 credit which expired.
I bought 3 CULT nail polishes for $.99 ( originally $15)
A lot of items that day were sold out because of the great deal. I really wanted this cute sunflower box for jewelry but was too late.

Boneyards , paradise cove , Catalina

Here is a design I tried to save . The black lines came out thick ,sort of looks like chicken feet lol
Not all designs work


Broccoli chicken mac & cheese

A few ingredients and 20 minutes is all you need.

This dish was ok, I felt like it was missing something though. I would suggest sprinkling some red pepper flakes.
It was really filling .

What you need:
•Pasta shells
•Sun dried tomatoes
•Laughing cow cheese wedges garlic & herb
•Salt & pepper

See the recipe here

Black bean, zucchini , & sweet potato soup

What’s not to love about this soup?
It has vitamin D, B6,and C which help keep our bones strong and aid in healthy immunity.

Then black beans for fiber and protein.

I switched it up a little.
I added a zucchini and instead of cayenne pepper I used chili powder.

What I used :
1 tbsp olive oil
1 large onion diced
Garlic minced
2 tsp cumin
4 cups broth (probably added more didn’t measure)
2 cans 15oz black beans
2 medium sweet potatoes , medium dice / bite size
Salt and pepper to taste
Sprinkled in chili powder probably 1 tsp

Then topped it off with diced avocado .


Check out the recipe here
Not the prettiest soup but was very good and filling.
Plus quick , easy , and healthy.