Shopaholic – new additions to my closet







I went to one of my favorite stores, Target!

I’ve been looking for a slouchy bag that its the right color & size. It’s not exactly what I wanted but its very close.

Mossimo $24.99


Next I saw this cute bag for when I go out and/or want a pop of color to an outfit.

Was: 34.99 but on sale for $17.37


2 pairs of earrings for $4.99!?! Yes please love the color w/gold.


I was in NYC on Wednesday and stopped in Strawberry. I love this simple navy dress. The bow back is adorable.


I <3 cheap clothes/ accessories





I went back to JC Penneys to use my gift certificates from the buttons/codes.

I probably paid under $10 for all of this.


Jou Jou purple coat WAS: $30 Sale: $20


Jewelry was 20% off when I went.

Snowflake earrings $20

Xmas earrings $5

Necklace $20

Bracelet $15

Then some gifts for the cute little girls in my life:




Healthy Choice- Baked Entrees

Crowdtap offered me a $1 coupon to go and try one of Healthy Choice baked entrees.

I sometimes get Healthy Choice steamers and am always up for trying new products , especially ones that I can bring to work and aren’t a fuss.

I went to Shoprite where they were on sale for $2.50 I want to say maybe cheaper. So I got it for $1.50 which is a good price for lunch, better than going to the deli.

I was torn between the Fettuccini alfredo bake or the Roasted chicken and potatoes.

I chose :


I popped it in the microwave for 4 minutes , opened it up and stirred.

I liked that there were lots of carrots, big tender pieces of non fatty meat.

I did think the potatoes were a bit bland, just tasted like they were frozen ( I mean they were but just needed a little something)


It was pretty tasty and held me over until dinner.

Will I buy it again? Probably not, I prefer other Healthy Choice entrees. I do want to try the fettuccini bake though!

If you want to try it for yourself,  here is a $1 coupon here.

Extreme Couponing- Clothes Edition

Ok so this week I’ve made two trips to the mall and they were the best trips EVER!!

On Wednesday I went to the mall with my little cousin, aunt, & friend.

As you can see in a previous post I am a member of crowdtap . I was chosen for an Old Navy Style Council/ Sample & Share for sweaters. I shared my coupon for a free sweater with my aunt. We both got sweaters for $39.95. So between both of us we saved $80. YAY.

( click photo to see sweater we chose)


We also when to JCPenney ( clicked for details) because I went there after Thanksgiving and got free buttons. You just ask any employees if you can have some buttons. They are really cute but the important thing on them is the codes. You can win great prizes , I received $35 in gift certificates ( 3 $10 & 1- $5).

I found this cute top.. wasn’t sure how much it was but knew it would be under $10 with my gift certificate. It ended up being completely free! ( originally $15)

It fit great and I liked the way the fabric felt. I also liked the little sequin triangle in the front.


My friend Shawn found a sweater he really liked so I gave him two of my gift certificates.

Original cost $45- on sale $20 – with gift certificates FREE!


My aunt found a hat ( no picture but it was originally $15 on sale for $7 plus my $5 gift certificate = $2!! )


receipts , with some of the buttons 🙂

Now last night was amazing. At first I wasn’t even going to go to the mall but I was bored and decided why not. I had $70 worth of gift certificates now.


Faux leather jacket- $35

I have super long arms which makes jackets and sweaters a tough one to find but this one was perfect and it has a detachable hood. awesome!! 😀


I saw this on my last trip but didnt want to try it on, I love how it fit. I have trouble because I have a small waist and fit nicely.

Turquoise jacket : $30


Long Sleeve top.. how cute is this ? It was originally $15- was $10 =FREE

Will wear for Christmas eve/Christmas!


Ok I look weird in this pic but whatever. This dress fit me so freakin well. I was wasting time waiting for my friend so I went to the dress section, I did a quick glance at the racks, happened to spot this one. Looked at tag , was my size and only $20 whaaaat had to try it on glad I did.


Nothing special here just skinny jeans, great fit & price $20  Brand: A.N.A

Grand Total:: $102 – $70 = $ 32!!! OMG!! I was excited & in shock.


Need more buttons!!

The event ends at the end of the month- what am I going to do after. Im addicted.

I mean this combines things I love. Free clothes, cheap clothes, new clothes, fashion, savings!!

Keep Cozy this Season in Old Navy Sweaters! Sample & Share

Disclosure : I was chosen as a member of Crowdtap to try & review a sweater for Old Navy for me and a friend.


I’ve tried a couple of times  to participate in and Old Navy sample and share but I never was accepted but always fill out the survey just in case. So when I saw one for sweaters I was hoping I’d get it because I was in need of new sweaters to keep me warm during the winter. I got an email and shortly after a letter and 2 coupons were sent to me.

I had to choose someone to come with me and get a free sweater so I called my aunt and she was excited to go see what they had.

I actually bought a sweater the day after Thanksgiving and then received the coupons. It was the Fair Isle Sweater in charcoal. I am always cold and this sweater keeps me so warm even on the coldest days we have had so far. I’ve also received compliments and asked where I got it.

So my goal going back was either getting the camel colored in the same sweater or another thick, cozy sweater that will keep me warm.


On a mission we went to find our sweaters. We were at the mall so we stopped at the Old Navy there, I actually prefer another Old Navy location because I feel like the one at the mall is a bit messy. As we walked in most of the sweaters were right there when we walked in hanging up or folded on tables. So many to choose from.

Here we are happy with our coupons, ready to shop.


First I tried on the Fair Isle sweater in camel then I spotted another one I wanted to try.

Here my aunt is looking at sweaters too.


I thought it came out better but here is a blurry picture ( oops)


My 10 year old cousin, wanted to take pictures so I said take pictures while we shop.



She caught me grasping onto my new sweater, possibly looking to accessorize with a colorful scarf.


My aunt ended up liking the same same sweater I got around thanksgiving but they didn’t have any smaller sizes. So she tried on the camel.


Here are some other cute sweaters I saw but I was set on my Fair Isle striped Cardi

ImageImageHow cute are these animal sweaters?

My cousin liked the fox 🙂


I’ve always loved Old Navy, it has something for everyone. I love the bright colors , patterns, and the best thing is its affordable. Sweaters seemed to range from $20-$40. In the end my aunt and I were happy with our purchases and excited that we were able to get them free.

Thank you Crowdtap & Old Navy!!