Shopaholic – new additions to my closet







I went to one of my favorite stores, Target!

I’ve been looking for a slouchy bag that its the right color & size. It’s not exactly what I wanted but its very close.

Mossimo $24.99


Next I saw this cute bag for when I go out and/or want a pop of color to an outfit.

Was: 34.99 but on sale for $17.37


2 pairs of earrings for $4.99!?! Yes please love the color w/gold.


I was in NYC on Wednesday and stopped in Strawberry. I love this simple navy dress. The bow back is adorable.


I <3 cheap clothes/ accessories





I went back to JC Penneys to use my gift certificates from the buttons/codes.

I probably paid under $10 for all of this.


Jou Jou purple coat WAS: $30 Sale: $20


Jewelry was 20% off when I went.

Snowflake earrings $20

Xmas earrings $5

Necklace $20

Bracelet $15

Then some gifts for the cute little girls in my life:




Healthy Choice- Baked Entrees

Crowdtap offered me a $1 coupon to go and try one of Healthy Choice baked entrees.

I sometimes get Healthy Choice steamers and am always up for trying new products , especially ones that I can bring to work and aren’t a fuss.

I went to Shoprite where they were on sale for $2.50 I want to say maybe cheaper. So I got it for $1.50 which is a good price for lunch, better than going to the deli.

I was torn between the Fettuccini alfredo bake or the Roasted chicken and potatoes.

I chose :


I popped it in the microwave for 4 minutes , opened it up and stirred.

I liked that there were lots of carrots, big tender pieces of non fatty meat.

I did think the potatoes were a bit bland, just tasted like they were frozen ( I mean they were but just needed a little something)


It was pretty tasty and held me over until dinner.

Will I buy it again? Probably not, I prefer other Healthy Choice entrees. I do want to try the fettuccini bake though!

If you want to try it for yourself,  here is a $1 coupon here.