Bouchard Chocolate is at Target


The holidays are upon us. When I think of the holidays , I think about chocolate.

Bouchard Chocolate recently sent me a box of their Belgian chocolates to try.
They have been perfecting their Belgian chocolate for over 80 years with the art of chocolate making from the historical city of Ghent, Belgium since 1931.

bouchard chocolate

The chocolate is rich, creamy, and indulgent. The outer shell is a little thick but not so thick it is hard to bite into, it melts in your mouth. Once you bite into it you get into one of the creamy centers which is smooth, creamy, & delicious.

The chocolate I received in my box had a nice variety of flavors. 9 irresistible chocolates like coconut cream which was fresh coconut ganache covered in white chocolate & toasted coconut flakes.

I loved the heart detail on the raspberry ganache that was enrobed in dark chocolate. The perfect combo.

Creme brulee that was marbled white chocolate surrounding a cream vanilla & caramel brittle filling. Yum!

These boxes are great for hostess gifts, a co-worker , a chocolate lover, teacher, or just for yourself.

You can now buy these at Target:

Bouchard Small Wrapped Ballotin 125g – $5.49
Bouchard Medium Wrapped Ballotin 250g – $9.99

You will be looking for these boxes at Target :


Have you tried Bouchard Chocolate before? Do you give chocolate as gifts during the holidays?

*I received this product complimentary from Bouchard Chocolate for review purposes. All opinions are my own.



New Bling

I was lucky to recently receive some jewelry to review.


The first items I absolutely LOVE. I received 2 rings from ORROUS & CO Legacy Collection.


Find them on Amazon. They are $19.99. What a steal

18k White Gold Plated Cushion Halo Cubic Zirconia Engagement Ring (1.90 carats)

18k White Gold Plated Princess Crown Tiara Cubic Zirconia Enhancer Guard Double Ring

They are true to size and fit well. Both rings sparkle & twinkle when the light hits them, they are gorgeous. I received a handful of compliments while wearing them together or individually.  When I told them someone they were fake, she was like wow they fooled me.

The halo ring is gorgeous with stones down the sides, when I would go about my day I did realize if my fingers were pressed together they did scratch a little but it didn’t happen much. I even like the detail under the setting.

The crown tiara enhancer ring is great to wear alone, stacking, or putting a ring inside it. It just adds a little something.


18k rose gold plated Seahorse Necklace from Box Me Not Jewelry

How cute is this heart seahorse necklace?  The seahorse charm & chain sparkle when the light hits it. It hits at a good place while wearing it, it’s 18 inches. I liked the unique pink clam shell box it came in. Perfect for a gift for yourself or someone. This also comes with a post card to tell you the symbolism of the seahorse. It’s only $9.99 !

Brisk Bars Review

Brisk Bars


Brisk Bars are a plant based energy snack bar that gives you a natural energy boost.

They help you stay alert & focused with healthy ingredients from plants, not from sugar or chemical drugs.

What gives you the energy boost? Guarana & maca.

What is Guarana?

Guarana berries are known for the stimulating effects, due to their high-caffeine content.  The effects are gradual and isn’t accompanied by a higher blood pressure, nervous sensation, or anxiety.


What is Maca?

Maca powder has been shown to exhibit an anti-tiredness effect and reduce the effects of stress when taken regularly. It contains high amounts of protein and has been known to energize the central nervous system.

This bar is made with 70% dark chocolate & topped with shredded coconut. It is also stronger than 1 espresso.

If you are sensitive to caffeine , you should start our eating 1/2 of a bar.Morning & mid- afternoon are best to eat it.

This bar is:

  •  100 calories
  • 5 grams of protein
  • 4 grams of sugar
  • Enriched in plant protein
  • GMO Free
  • Gluten Free
  • Vegan Suitable
  • Soy Free
  • Peanut Free
  • Good source of energy
  • Low Sodium
  • Lactose free


Where to buy:

Check Brisk Bars on Amazon

or , get 20% off using THANKYOUSOMUCH


My thoughts:

Brisk bars have so many things I look for in a bar. First off being natural and using plants to give you an energy boost instead of those bad ingredients that make you crash. Low in sugar, having protein, & giving you an energy boost.

The bar was chewy and had a slight crunch to it. The only thing I couldn’t take was the bitter after taste. I couldn’t even finish half of a bar because of the after taste. While chewing , it was enjoyable. After swallowing , it just had a strong bitter aftertaste. Sort of like chewing coffee beans I guess is how I would describe it. I can’t tell you about the energy part because I only took a small bite & couldn’t keep going. I also gave it to my friend who was eager to try it & he didn’t like the after taste either. I would not get or eat these again.


I received this product complimentary for review purposes. All opinions are my own.

Oak Leaf Fairy LED Raindrop String Lights Review

Christmas may be over but these LED fairy raindrop string lights can be used any time of the year. Use them to decorate for the holidays, a party, or into your home decor .

Oak Leaf fairy lights


  • Uses 3 AA batteries
  • 9.8 feet long
  • Made from 60s of individual LEDs, Rope lights have over 25 Years of Life Span
  • Cool to touch – low power & heat insulated silver wire make it not overheat after usage
  • Easy to Shape – Flexible Silver wiring can easily design many shape; wrap around tree trunks or gaze
  • Perfect for spice up your decoration and add welcome feelings to your party, restaurant and shops
  • Guaranteed with CE and RoHS certification. 90 days money back or lifetime replacement warranty.




How to use

  • 1st press, the lights turn on regularly (6 hours on, 18 hours off, cycle daily)
  • 2nd press, make the lights keep on
  • 3rd press, turn off the lights


I was surprised how bright these lights are. I love the warm glow they give off.  These are perfect for parties, holidays, romantic evening, a night light, or into your regular decor.  Wrap it around your staircase rail, put it in a  glass bowl/vase, around your mantel, plants. These string lights are easy to mold and wrap around items. As you see I wrapped it around a piece of wall art and just slipped the battery pack behind it. The lights are also perfect for if the power ever goes out.


Where to buy

Head over to Amazon they are $7.69

…because you are awesome, enjoy 30% off these light using code : AGEGJJ3J at check out.


I received this product complimentary for review purposes. All opinions are my own.

Hair Growth Botanical Renovation Review

My friend said his hair has been thinning out a little bit and needed something to stop that from happening.

I received Hair Growth Botanical Renovation Anti-hair loss scalp treatment to review from Green Touch Beauty.  This treatment is unisex.

Use code: QR36XMRH for 20% off your order

Hair Growth Botanical Renovation

What it does:

Reduces hair loss by promoting additional blood circulation around hair follicles, and restores lost proteins that increase hair follicle strength. Improves scalp and hair health by encouraging hair follicles to remain in their growth phase. Contains powerful botanical active ingredients which have been shown to reduce hair loss, stimulate hair growth and return dormant hair follicles back to function

Provides more volume, bounce and shine to thinning hair. Improves scalp health and reduces scalp dandruff disorder. Returns shine to your hair. 50% less hair breakage.

Boosts natural hair growth by 145%. Reduces hair loss by 50%

  • Only use on scalp
  • Before using the product make sure you are not overly sensitive or allergic to any ingredient
  • Should not be applied to an open wound or dry, cracked skin.
  • Avoid contact with eyes

When will you see results?

To see new hair growth it will take at least 6 to 10 weeks of treatment. Healthy hair follicles that are not producing hair, need to rest 2 to 4 months before cells start dividing again and new hairs begin to grow.

This treatment is designed to stimulate existing hair follicles that are healthy enough to produce hair.


Choose 5 scents:

1. Cayenne and Saw Palmetto
2. Clove Leaf and Moringa
3. Ginger and Saw Palmetto
4. Lemongrass and Rosemary
5. Turmeric and Copaiba

More about what is in the treatment

  • 100% organic ingredients
  • 100% natural
  • No mineral oil
  • Alcohol free
  • No parabens
  • Rich in fatty acids, omega-3 oils and vitamins
  • No hormones
  • Vitamin enriched
  • 100% money back guarantee

How to use

Use before you shampoo. Part of your hair and apply 2-4 drops along the section line using a dropper, provided as part of the bottle. The dropper enables you to apply the solution directly to the scalp. Part another section of your hair and start the process again till the treated area is fully covered. Massage lightly with your fingers to ensure the product is evenly distributed Leave on for 20 minutes. You can cover your hair with a warm towel to intensify the effect. Then shampoo, follow up with conditioner and style your hair as usual. For best results apply 2-3 times a week.

  • Some of the ingredients like Essential Oils and Botanical Extracts are added to provide sensation of icy-hot warmth to intensify the effect of the treatment. These ingredients, when used as directed, will produce “tingling” sensation, which is expected. This sensation will increase with the increased amount of product. That’s why it is important to follow directions thoroughly to prevent skin irritation.
  • One 4 oz bottle of treatment should last for about 6-7 weeks, or 20 full scalp applications.

Benefits of the oils

Lemongrass is known to :

  • fight hair loss, treat oily hair, and cure scalp conditions.
  • Strong antibacterial qualities, so it improves scalp condition for successful hair growth.
  • Great for treating dry, damaged hair.
  • This unique oil’s properties have the ability to penetrate the cortex of your hair follicle, filling in gaps and damage, resulting in shinier and more manageable hair.

Rosemary Essential Oil :

  • Stimulates cell division and dilates blood vessels and, in turn, stimulates hair follicles into producing new hair growth.
  • Beneficial for dry and flaky scalps.
  • Rosemary contains ursolic acid which helps to increase scalp circulation – this means more oxygen and nutrients will be sent right to your hair follicles, and that in-turn promotes healthy hair growth.
  • This aromatic herb is traditionally known to darken grey hairs and also slow the appearance of grey hair. Due to its high antioxidant content, it scavenges free radicals and hydrogen peroxide, which are responsible for greying as well as hair thinning.
  • Revitalizes hair, removes product build up to leave your hair shiny and soft.


I will do another update after this product has been used longer since it is still early to really say anything about growth.

This product does have a strong aroma but its not bad since I like the scent I picked. It is easy to apply & use.  I like that it has natural ingredients and works with your body by helping increase blood flow to the scalp. My friend did notice the tingling sensation while he used it but it wasn’t uncomfortable. It was also easy to wash out.


I received this product complimentary for review purpose. All opinions are my own.

Good 2 Go Protein bar Review

When choosing a protein bar there are so many choices. From brands, how much protein is in them, ingredients, sugar, carbs & flavors.

Protein bars are great for pre & post work out, for that afternoon slump, and also good for when you are on the go.

A little about these bars: 

The G2G bars are all completely natural, 99.9% lactose-free, and use many organic ingredients. The bars do not contain any refined sugar; instead they are sweetened with honey, brown rice syrup, and coconut crystals. They contain flaxseed and coconut oil, and are flavored with cinnamon and vanilla. The bars are high in protein, which comes from whey isolate, peanut & almond butters, (freshly ground) and oats. In addition to fantastic taste and satisfaction, the ingredients in the G2G bars possess countless health benefits.



  • Whey Protein: rapid-digesting protein that feeds muscle tissue and helps in muscle recovery
  • Whole Oats: lowers cholesterol, reduces risk of heart disease, stabilizes blood sugar
  • Flaxseed: promotes bone health, protects against heart disease, cancer and diabetes
  • Coconut Oil: supports tissue healing, protects against osteoporosis, reduces inflammation
  • Honey: anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-fungal
  • Cinnamon: anti-microbial, helps control blood sugar, improves colon health


I heard its best to look for a protein bar with a protein to sugar ratio to keep the blood sugar balanced. These bars have 18 grams of protein & 15 grams of sugar. There is also 4 gram of fiber in each bar to help keep blood sugar stable & full longer.

I like that these bar have no preservatives. You should refrigerate these bars for maximum freshness & taste. They will also last longer, up to 8 months or one month our of the fridge.

The first ingredient is either freshly ground peanut butter or almond butter! YUMM! I love making my own nut butters at Whole Foods because I think they taste better. Well this goes for these bars.. they taste fantastic!

Each bite , especially in the peanut butter flavors are so creamy. They are one of the best protein bars I have tasted.  Each bar has weight to it, have a good thickness, & fills you up.



When Good2Go sent me their 4 yummy flavors to try I was pretty excited.

  • Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip
  • Almond Chocolate Chip
  • Peanut Butter Fruit Nut
  • Almond Fruit Nut

Also knowing that these bars are made in the U.S , made with organic ingredients , no refined sugar, & no preservatives I was ready to try them all.


Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip


The first bite you could taste the peanut butter.  Each bite is so creamy & smooth. There are small pieces of peanuts throughout the bar  ( which you can see in the photo) as well as chocolate chips which compliments well with the peanut butter. This combo is perfect. Each bite I thought is this really good for me? Yes it is nom nom nom  It almost reminded me of cookie dough.

Almond Chocolate Chip


These were still creamy & smooth but I think because it almond it was a tad drier than the peanut butter bar but still delicious. There was a subtle flavor of the almonds along with vanilla. There were almonds pieces & chocolate chips throughout making each bite heavenly.

Peanut Butter Fruit Nut


Again creamy, smooth, peanut buttery deliciousness. I didn’t get too much fruit flavor but when I did it reminded me over peanut butter & jelly. Small pieces of peanuts throughout the bar.

I think these are just a smidge smaller than the ones with chocolate but still hefty & filling.

Almond Fruit Nut


Subtle almond & vanilla flavor & hint of some fruit. Almond pieces throughout. Again a little drier than the peanut butter one but that is how almonds are.


Final thoughts:

These were delicious, it was love at first bite. Each bite I thought am I really eating something healthy? Yes..yes I am. With these being creamy & smooth , the consistency was sort of like a drier cookie dough. If this doesn’t make you want to try it, I don’t know what will.   I really like that I can look at the ingredient list and read and understand all the ingredients. I was also surprised with the weight & size of each bar. Packed with protein & good for you ingredients.

With these being completely all natural with no refined sugars (only sweetened with honey, brown rice syrup, and coconut crystals you can feel good about eating them. The high protein is great for a pre /post work out or even a snack to keep you held over until your next meal.  They help satisfy a sweet tooth,  fill me up , & gave me an energy boost.

To find out more & order head to their website

or check them out on facebook


I received these products complimentary from Good2Go for review purposes. All opinions are my own.

Glam Essentials – Hello Cutie Mud Mask Review

Once or twice a week I liked treating my skin to a facial mask. Mud & peel masks are my favorite.
Glam Essentials sent me their Hello Cutie Mud Mask to try out. How cute is the name?


What it does:
With the finest natural ingredients this mask will help :
Remove blackheads
Shrink pores

How to use:
Use 1-2 times a week.
Full mask or spot treatment
Spread evenly over skin until dry 5-15 minutes , then rinse with warm water.

One thing I don’t like about mud masks is applying it. It can get a little messy. It’s all over your hands, the jar gets messy, uneven application. Hello Cute Mud Mask comes with a fan brush for easy, even, & clean application. ( why haven’t I thought of using a brush before too apply masks?) Do you use a brush to apply your facial masks? You also don’t need a lot of the product to cover your face.

Hello Cutie Mud mask

The first thing you notice while applying is the peppermint. It smells great, not overpowering and didn’t make my eyes water. With each stroke you feel a tingling refreshing sensation. The consistency is nice and glides on nicely. After your face is covered you just wait for it to dry. This is definitely one of my favorite mud masks I’ve tried….ever! What I like about it is unlike other mud masks I’ve tried in the past ; while drying it doesn’t give my skin any irritation or unpleasant feeling, it doesn’t feel really stiff, & it dried really quick.
While drying, this mask did something different. You can see it absorbing the oils. For me it was in my T-Zone especially my nose. It was interesting to see. (You can see what I am talking about in this photo around and on my nose.)

Hello Cutie Mud Mask

When you are ready to take off it easily comes off with warm water. No need to scrub it off. My face feels so soft, smooth,clean, & moisturized after each use.

What is in it:
Pomegranate: Add hydration as well as being jam packed with antioxidants which gives it the power to help with cellular regeneration

Peppermint: for that refreshing feeling

Activated charcoal : it aggressively aids in the reduction of toxins on the surface of your skin, and it’s a natural exfoliator.

Hyaluronic Acid: has also been added to reduce the look of aging while helping boost your collagen levels

Vitamin B3: Helps with skin rejuvenation

There are no parabens, sulfates, dyes, or perfumes.

Manufactured in U.S.A

You can find it on Amazon: retails for about $28

Final thoughts:
Overall I really liked this mask. It pleasant to use throughout the process of applying , drying, and taking off. I liked that it’s packed with natural beneficial ingredients and not harsh chemicals, dyes , or perfumes. I’ve only used it a handful of times so far so no dramatic results but it leaves my skin feeling great afterwards. I can also see that is does clean out the junk in my pores. Making them look smaller. With a 60 day money back guarantee, you owe it to you & your skin to try the benefits of this mask & see for yourself.

I received a sample of this product in exchange for an honest review.

Coco Joy Coconut Oil review


Coconut oil is an edible oil extracted from the kernel or meat of matured coconuts harvested from the coconut palm.

I used to use olive oil all the time for cooking and I’ve pretty much switched to using coconut oil.I like it because unlike other oils, it has a high smoking point, so it can be used at higher temperatures. I also love it because its so versatile , it’s not just for cooking. It also has amazing benefits for inside & out.

Coconut oil also has some great benefits:
• A healthy alternative to cooking oils
• Curbs sugar cravings and energy slumps
• Anti-inflammatory
• Natural all-round beauty product

Coconut oil contains short-term medium-chain saturated fatty acids that stimulate the body’s metabolism, and increase the activity of the thyroid. Its antifungal, antibacterial and antiviral properties help boost the immune system and the fatty acids have been found to benefit digestive disorders including irritable bowel syndrome and microbial related tummy bugs.

I tried oil pulling with this oil. Oil pulling is when you swish a tablespoon oil in your mouth for 20 minutes. Its supposed to pull out the toxins & improve oral health. It works great as an organic mouthwash since it contains vitamin E, which acts as an antioxidant & it has anti-bacterial & anti- fungal properties. It also claims to whiten teeth, prevent cavities & gingivitis , stronger teeth, & more. Don’t swish too hard since you will be doing it for 20 minutes. It was ok but hard since I am having trouble breathing out of one of my nostrils.

Coconut oil is also great for hair ( frizz, hair mask)
Moisturizing the body, cuticle softener, lip balm, make a sugar scrub
Great for removing mascara
Massage oil
and soooooooo much more.

This oil is so versatile.

You can find this product on amazon.

Do you use coconut oil? What are your favorite ways to use it or favorite meals to cook with it?

I received this product complimentary from the company for review purposes. All opinions are my own.

Norm’s Farms jam pack review + recipes

I recently had the opportunity to try Norm’s Farms Jam pack which included :


Elderberry Jam
Our Elderberry Jam is made with the whole fruit and no seeds. It is then lightly sweetened with pure cane sugar and a touch of lemon juice. Excellent stirred into plain yogurt or used to sweeten oatmeal. It is also great on fresh home made biscuits.

Blueberry Elderberry Preserves
Norm’s Farms found the tastiest North Carolina grown blueberries to feature in our new line of Preserves. Loaded with lots of whole blueberries and oh-so-good-for-you elderberries, these preserves are the perfect treat. And at only 8 grams of sugar per serving (the same as most fruit spreads), this is a treat you can afford!

Elderberry Ginger Pecan Jam
Our Elderberry Ginger Pecan Jam is loaded with chunks of pecans and candied ginger. Delicious with soft cheeses and crusty bread, this tasty and unique jam is a wonderful way to get your daily serving of elderberry.

You can buy it this pack on their website or on amazon for $16.99. It would be a nice gift for someone or yourself.

All-natural ingredients
Made with elderberries that are grown on family farms in the USA
High in antioxidants
Benefits of elderberries: lowers cholesterol, improves vision, boosts the immune system, improves heart health and for coughs, colds, flu, bacterial and viral infections and tonsillitis

Perfect for mixing in , baking with, & spreading. I enjoyed the flavor in each jam/ preserves.

The first thing I made that I’ve made and shared on my blog before was microwave flaxseed muffins.
1/4 cup flaxmeal
1 egg
1 teaspoon baking powder
1/2-1 teaspoon sugar
Mix in bowl
Drizzle a little oil
Put in microwave for 2 minutes.
( feel free to add raisins, chocolate chips, nuts, vanilla extract) I kept it plain since I was going to spread jam on top. Next time Im going to try add it to the middle or maybe swirl it in the mixture and see how it comes out.
Very tasty!

Shawn saw them and wanted to try so he just spread it on some toast.

You know those fruit bars you buy at the store? I’m sure you have the ingredients in your home to make them yourself.

norms farms preserves

1 cup whole wheat flour
1 cup oatmeal
1/2 cup brown sugar
1/2 teaspoon salt
about 3/4 cups of cold unsalted butter
2 tablespoons of water
about 3/4 cups of jam or preserves I used Norm’s Farms Blueberry Elderberry Preserves

preheat oven to 350 degrees

mix dry ingredients, then add butter & water

mix until dough holds together

Dived dough in half, press half of the mixture in pan ( about 8×8) making sure it is even
Spread jam/preserves
What I did for the top was took pieces and flattened in my hand first then placed on top then attached pieces together so I didn’t press to hard down.

Place in oven for about 30 minutes or until golden brown.
Let cool, then cut into squares.

Fruit Bars with preserves

How yummy do these look?

Stay tuned because I have a a couple other treats that I will be making with Norm’s Farms jam & preserves.

I received these products complimentary from the company for review purposes. All opinions are my own.

I’ve Been Carded Black Soap Facial Wash review


I had the opportunity to try out Desired Diva I’ve been carded! black soap facial wash.

I’ve noticed black soap has become popular lately.
Last year I used black soap bar for my body, I didn’t even think about using it on your face as well.

A little more about I’ve been carded black soap:

* What it does: Rewind the clock with this youth-renewing black soap facial treatment. Made with powerful African ingredients, this natural treatment deeply nourishes each pore, leaving you soft, toned, and fresh.

* Ingredients: African black soap, shea butter, African coffee, fragrance.

* Shelf life is 5 years.

* bursting with antioxidants that protect the skin from free radical damage, which is the main cause of premature skin aging, wrinkles and facial lines.

* helps to even out and fade age spots and discoloration.

*rich in Vitamins A and E. Vitamin A helps promote collagen production which makes your skin softer and more youthful, filling in lines and wrinkles. Vitamin E helps to heal tissue structure and improves the texture and tone of the skin.

*Shea butter works to soften and smooth skin while firming up skin that has gotten looser with age. It also works to heal scarring.

*African coffee exfoliates your skin while the antioxidants in coffee help to cleanse and nourish. The caffeine in coffee is also known to tone and tighten the skin while increasing circulation.

I did some more research since I wanted to know more about it. The soap is made from the ashes of plantain skin, cocoa pod and palm leaves, and palm oil from leaves or kernels.

I found this website helpful to tell you the benefits of black soap & the ingredients 8 Top Skin Care Benefits of Black African Soap

I've been carded black soap

What I thought:

When I was reading about this soap it said your skin will feel different almost immediately after you use it.This soap is very gentle on the skin and a little soap goes a long way. It is a thicker consistency , I usually make sure my face is damp and also wet my finger a little before getting soap out so it is easier. It is very good at taking off make up & suds up nicely. You can feel the coffee grinds exfoliating your skin but it is very gentle. It does have an distinct smell to it but when washing you can’t smell it ( sort of earthy, & only when smelling it out of the jar). As you start rinsing you can really feel the difference in your skin…even on your first wash. My skin felt so soft & smooth. The shea butter in it not only moisturizes but also doesn’t clog up your pores , which is a great combo to have in a face wash. I was shocked how it really did feel different immediately. It tightens & cleans out your pores, giving you nice clean & radiant skin. If you haven’t tried a black soap product yet, I would definitely recommend Desired Diva I’ve Been Carded black facial wash. You won’t be disappointed.

I received this product complimentary from the company for an honest review, all opinions are my own.