Mail call- freebies

Love when Stop & Shop send these coupons!

John Frieda Root Awakening Shampoos + coupon

Tide Pod Detergent

Meow Mix coupon & free pate cup ( even my kitties get in on the freebie action)

Bodycology Lotion Wild Poppy + coupon

Philosphy take a deep breath moisturizer



cute wreath I found at CVS  1/2 off $6.49 🙂

Coupons – all this for $13.33


Fridays if I’m tired or have somewhere to go. I usually go to Stop & Shop and buy a chicken, veggies and mashed potatoes. It’s simple , cheap and good. Plus I make soup for lunch or dinners for the rest of the week.

Rotisserie Chicken – $5.50 on Fridays ( woohoo)

Bread- .99 on Fridays

I looove Peach Steaz Ice Teaz x2

Yellow Onion

Bag of baby carrots

Bunch of Kale ( kale chips!)

Knorr chicken boullion

mashed potatoes

gravy( for Shawn)

2 liter of coke ( for Shawn)

I threw away the receipt but it was over $20. ( savings $7 + with the chicken and bread on sale too)

Thanks to signing up for the Stop & Shop rewards program they send me coupons now and then.

I had a $5 off any amount and a $2 off $15 or more.

Love coupons. I have to make a post dedicated to coupons ad savings for sure. Just takes time to get it all together. Will do it soon. Maybe tonight 🙂

Today I went to Stop & Shop again and had 2 coupons . I got a free 16 oz Wishbone dressing and $5 off $25 or more 🙂

I made baked fish nuggets with broccoli



Turned out great next time I think I will marinate the cod in lemon juice for a bit before breading.

Catch up

How I start of my mornings


I usually do different ones but this is the one I make the most. Banana, Frozen Mango & peaches, spinach, orange juice.

Another favorite is : Banana, Strawberries ( fresh or frozen) almond milk, sliced almonds.


Found a yummy snack to make! Garlic Roasted Parmesan Chickpeas!

I over cooked mine a little bit, guess my oven runs a little hot. So make sure you check on yours to figure out the right time for you.


Summer = time for S’mores so yummy

Sunday was just one of those days, not in a good mood, wanted to be off work and just really wanted a drink. My aunt was having a bbq and wah*lah Margaritas. I had a few (hehe) as I looked off at the calm lake 🙂


I also made this yummy Frozen Reese’s Peanut Butter Pie

No photo but it was a hit. I also made one without the reeses cups the other day. I didn’t have a springform pan so I used one of those aluminum throw away pie tins. Came out fine 🙂

This is a photo I took leaving Captains Cove. Love their fish n chips!



New work outs I’ve been doing from Blogilates!

She has a Bikini blaster series…love it! I’m so glad I found her blog. ( linked above)

My co-worker/friend Hanna came over Friday and made some Kale chips! They were so good. I tried to make them and they did not turn out good at all. I saw a recipe that added lemon juice and I believe I put too much. Ill make some today and post a picture, it’s so simple and easy to make.


Preheat oven to 350

Rinse Kale off, shake dry ( or with paper towel/towel)

Rip into small pieces and place in bowl ( cracker size or or little bit bigger)

Add a little bit of olive oil, just enough to coat

Sprinkle with salt

Place on cookie sheet and place in oven

Now you have to watch them…..don’t get distracted ( like I sometime easily do haha) I’d say about 5 minutes, just open oven and feel them if they are crunchy on the edges they are done. You can play around to bake them to your liking. Wah*lah a yummy healthy snack.

While Hanna was making the Kale chips, I was making dinner. Salmon, Broccoli & Carrots with cous cous.

After that we headed to see Snow white & the Huntsman. I thought it was a good move, I loooove Charlize. Though I wish there was a little more emotion or connection over all it was pretty good.



What’s for dinner

I love making this dish in the spring and summer on the grill .Chicken skewers marinated in Mccormicks grill mates garlic , herb and wine or zesty herb. I put chicken ( of course) , zucchini, red onion, baby bella mushrooms, and small tomatoes. I then put it over classic suddenly pasta. I had extra seasoning packets of the mix and used a mix of Barilla piccolini mini pastas . Tomato & carrot bow ties ( farfalle) and zucchini & spinach wheels. So yummy.

20120520-190846.jpgTonight I had a portobello burger first time making it. It was ok need to work on the marinade. I used rosemary, thyme , lemon juice , olive oil, last minute I put a splash of red vinegar which could have been the problem for me. I also bought these chicken and spinach sausages which were yummy.Served corn on the cob , zucchini and sweet potato/red potato mixed fries on the side. So stuffed , did I mention I have a photoshoot tomorrow ? Maybe I should have had less but was too good to stop 🙂