Yoga Design Lab- Alignment yoga mat review


-Lightweight, non-slip, extra-long, and the perfect thickness for maximum comfort, balance, and durability.
-Eco Friendly: Free of Phthalates, Latex, metals, harmful toxins, and SGS Approved.
-Comes with and easy no fuss carrying strap.
-$1 from every purchase goes to support Urban Youth Yoga Programs in need.

The first thing I noticed was the length, its a lot longer than my other yoga mat. Being 5’11 this length is perfect for me.
I also like how it has lines on the mat so I can make sure I’m in the right position and my body is aligned so I can get the most out of my workout and prevent injury.

The strap is easy to take off and put on. It fit comfortably over the shoulder and isn’t awkward to carry around.

This mat is made from memory foam which makes it lightweight and comfortable to use when working out.
The mat also has some texture to it , so you don’t have to worry about slipping.

Whether you’re doing yoga, pilates, crunches, or stretching this this yoga mat is perfect for your fitness needs.

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I received this mat in exchange for an honest review, all opinions are my own.