Freebie Mail Call +Venus &Olay Sugarberry Razor Review



Ok so I finally used the Venus razor.

I like that the razor blade is easy to put on and has 5 blades for a close shave.

The handle fits perfectly in my hand so it is easy to maneuver. I did feel the blade moved too much and I might cut myself but I didn’t *phew!*

When I started shaving my legs I realized that there was a lather from the moisturizing bars on the top & bottom of the head that left my legs, arms & underarms soft and smooth. The sugarberry scent was so nice, not powerful . It is a “happy” scent, if that makes sense.

Definitely a great razor , I didn’t even use shaving cream which takes out that extra step of shaving making it faster and easier!


I received an M&M Tumbler & Travel Mug by entering codes from M&M packages. I rarely enter them , bought 2 packs and won 3rd & 4th prizes!

Outshine Snack Better diffuser water bottle from Crowdtap

Venus & Olay Razor in sugarberry. #VenusGift