Valentine’s Day nail art + new tools

I recently received a nail art kit to review. I couldn’t wait for it to arrive so I could play with it.

It comes with 15 brushes, 5 dotting pens in different sizes , 12 different color gemstones, studs in different shapes ( stars, squares, rectangles, tear drop, circle, diamond, hearts) in silver & gold.

You can grab a set for $10.99 on Amazon from Ruimio

These have made nail art so much easier. No more crooked lines, more precision, easier to do designs.

The gemstones & studs come in a spin wheel case. You just spin the top of it to what color or shape you want and grab them out. No need to worry about them all spilling out.

On my set, I did have a problem with the brushes coming off the handle. Its easy to fix with super glue. Other than that I am very happy with this set.

Since Valentine’s Day is this weekend I decide to do some V-day inspired nail art.

My favorite one I did:ValentineNailArtxoheartsign

and a couple of others:

Valentine’s Day is approaching

Valentine’s Day is approaching.. what are your thoughts on this holiday? Love it, hate it, or just a normal day for you?

Do you have any plans ? …. hot date, girls night out, single’s party, or just going about it like any other day?


Check out what men & women polled tink and how they approach Valentine’s Day in this infographic



Are you surprised? What do you think?



Here are my thoughts on the poll:


      1: Perfect Valentine’s day for me would be combine those 2 . A candle lit dinner is more intimate & it a little more          of a relaxing atmosphere. Prepare the dish together, or if someone is better at cooking have the other one help               with smaller stuff. Since I always cook, if a guy cooked me dinner it would be a major turn on and he would get              major points for that. Then relax & watch a movie.


  1. I would say it is the guy’s responsibility to plan the date but deciding together is a good idea too.


  1. I don’t expect a gift but I wouldn’t say no. A small box of chocolate would make me happy.


  1. I’m living the single life so no receiving or gifting. I can’t be the only one who doesn’t want roses , am I? I love a variety of flowers , stargazer lillies are my favorite. What are you favorite flower to receive?


  1. It is Valentine’s Day … I would expect it to spill over into the bedroom.


  1. I agree with the majority here, $25 or less is a good budget for a gift.


  1.  Being single on Valentine’s Day is not horrible at all. Who is going after the discounted candy the next day? lol


  1. I agree on the men on this one it is blown out of proportion.  Valentine’s Day decor and items were out before the new year!  I think us ladies just want to feel special . Since it’s a dedicated day , we know  ( if we have a date/ in a relationship) we will have a day of romance. So fellas…. be more spontaneous and/or take your wife/girlfriend out more. She will appreciate it.  


The one thing that makes me feel good and ready for my date ( or any day) is putting on something that makes me feel confident & sexy, even if I’m the only one going to see it.

AdoreMe not only is affordable but the fit is great. They have a range of styles & sizes, from petite to plus.

*You can even order by Feburary 10th by 1pm EST & get if for Valentine’s Day!

Here are just a few styles to choose from. Be sure to check out their sexy lingerie  for more!



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If you use my  AdoreMe Link I’ll get some shopping credit, so I can get some goodies too. When you sign up you will get a link to invite friends too.

Here are 2 sets that I received from AdoreMe.


Adore me Lingerie


Valentines Day Nail Art

I was still deciding if I should add the lines to my thumb which is why its blank in this photo.

I saw this on pinterest, thought it was a cute and different idea than just doing hearts.

I had to mix Rimmels Pink Punk with  Wet ‘n’ Wilds white to get a lighter pink. The red heart didn’t show up.

For the heart I used Rimmels London Speed Dating and the lines Black Satin.

I used a bobby pin and pen with no ink to draw 🙂