Rocksbox: Customized jewelry box

Looking to revamp your jewelry collection or maybe want to try a style of jewelry but don’t want to buy it? Well Rocksbox might be for you.  It’s pretty simple. When you sign up for an account you browse the site & click the star to add to your wishlist.  You want to make sure you add to your wishlist so you get pieces you want.

I received 2 boxes so far.

You can use my link here or use my code carrabff5 and get a free box!


  • KATE SPADE -Cactus Studs $48

  • PERRY STREET -Vega Statement Necklace $63

  • RUDIMENT- Lombard Ring $54



  • KENDRA SCOTT- Olivia Earrings in Brass and Aqua Apatite $70
  • AVA ROSE -Cheyenne Ring in Rose Gold with Rose Gold Druzy $58
  • SOPHIE HARPER -Delicate Crystal Layered Choker $46

My favorite from this box were the earrings. Like the turquoise color and shape. Loved the ring for some sparkle & glitz.


Just note this is a subscription service. You get 3 custom-picked jewelry pieces. You can keep the 1 or all 3 pieces. You also get a $21 credit to put towards your purchase and if you buy all 3 you get an additional $10 discount. They send a label already inside the box so you return what you don’t want. And they send another 3 pieces.

Get a Birchbox for only $5 !

Love trying out new beauty products like make up, hair products, perfume , & more?
Birchbox sends you 5 deluxe personalized samples every month for you to try out.
Afterwards ,if wanted you can review the items on the site & get 10 points. With those points you can buy products on the site ( or if you are in NYC, their flagship store). 100 points= $10
It’s also easy to cancel if you decide this box isn’t for you.
I discovered a moisturizer from a brand I have never heard of , I loved it!


How to get the deal:
Head over to the Birchbox website

Enter 5BOX at check out

You might have to pay tax depending on which state you live in.

If you decide to get it , let me know what you get in your box! 🙂

NatureBox mini review


Have you heard about Naturebox ? It’s a subscription snack box that you can get every month with 3 or 5 bags of snacks that you can choose or be surprised and let them choose for you. There are over 100+ snacks to browse and choose with no artificial sweeteners, flavors, or colors. Crackers, dried fruit, fruit snacks, gluten free, vegan, baked treats , & more.

These come in resealable bags which is great to keep at home, bring to work, or even on the go.

You can choose to get it once a week, every 2 weeks, or once a month.
5 snack boxes are $19.95
3 snack boxes are $13.95
free shipping for U.S residents

Right now if you head to their website you can score your first box for FREE !

harvest mix

Harvest Nut Mix
What’s in it? : Peanuts , Wild Rice Sticks, Almonds, Edamame, Toasted Corn , Sesame Sticks
I loved this trail mix. It was crunchy, a little bit of salt… a perfect snack. I don’t think I’ve had toasted corn before, was great. Also liked the wild rice sticks in this mix.

guacamole bites

Guacamole Bites
What’s in it? : Yellow Corn Masa, Soybean Oil, Guacamole Seasoning

I am 50/50 on this one. It was pretty good but something about it was off for me to want to get it again. I could only eat a small handful each time. I even put some in my taco soup for some extra crunch.

fruit strips

Double Berry Fruit Peels
What’s in it? : Concentrated Apple Puree and Juice, Concentrated Raspberry Juice, Concentrated Blueberry Juice, Black Carrot Juice Concentrate, Pectin, Glaze (coconut oil, cellulose).

Pretty yummy! Actually tasted like fruit and not just sugar like other fruit snacks. It was a little sticky though. I liked that they came in individual packages.

sweet mix naturebox

Sweet & Simple Berry Nut Mix
What’s in it?: Blueberry Flavored Dried Cranberries, Cashews, Almonds, Peanut Oil, Salt.

I enjoyed this mix but felt like the nuts lost the crunch due to the dried cranberries. I also wish there were more almonds & cashews in the mix. I would get it again though. It was very good , especially when you get a craving for something sweet.

naturebox chocolate chip banana chips

Chocolate Banana Chips
What’s in it?:Bananas, Palm Oil, Natural Flavor.

These were ok. When I picked them I thought what is not to love about chocolate & bananas. I don’t think I would get these again. My friend liked them though. I wonder how these would taste in ice cream or even yogurt.


South Pacific Plantains
What’s in it?:Plantains, Non-hydrogenated Vegetable Oil, Sea Salt

I really like these. They sort of taste like a potato chip… but much healthier without that weird healthy chip taste though.

Have you tried Naturebox before?

Target Beauty Boxes

There are so many subscription boxes these days but did you know Target has a beauty box?

So far I received 2 of them and they are definitely worth it.

Here is the first box I got back in October. This box had 5 items and was $7. I paid $7.44 with tax but there was a deal on TopCashBack and I received $7.70 back. So I actually made money on this box. Can’t beat that!


So what items came in the box?

Elnett Extra Strong Hold Hairspray $6.69
Fekkai Professional Blowout Hair Refresher Dry Shampoo $7.99
Laneige BB Cushion Sample
NYX Jumbo eye pencil $4.49
L’oreal Colour Rice Extraordinaire Lipstick in Blushing Harmony $7.99
$3 of $15 beauty purchase
20% off

A little over $27 for $7 pretty great deal if you ask me. Plus the smaller dry shampoo and hairspray are good to bring if you are travelling.


I really like the L’oreal lipstick. It enhances my lip color.
loreal blushing harmony lipstick

Next is a box a bought in December. This time they had 3 boxes to choose from Naturals $5, For Him $5, & For her $10 + FREE shipping, I was going back and forth deciding between the naturals & for her. I ended up getting the “for her” beauty box.


In this box there are 8 pieces.


Hair Food Thickening Hair Treatment $11.99
CoverGirl eyeenhancers in daring nudes $4.49
L’Oreal Voluminous Butterfly Intenza mascara $7.99
Chapstick total hydration in sweet peach ( cant wait to try it) $2.99
Revlon HD Lip Lacquer in Sunstone $7.99
Pixi endless silky eye pen in Black Noir
Laneige water sleeping mask 0.6fl oz
Boots No. 7 Protect & Perfect intense advanced serum
$10 off at
20% off women’s apparel
$3 off $15 beauty purchase

This box value is about $50. That’s a really great deal. I’m not exactly sure when or how often they will be putting these boxes out but be sure to check often because they sell out really fast. I was going to get a “For Him” as an extra Christmas present but it was gone.

One thing I like about this boxes is its not a subscription so no obligation. No worrying about cancelling, you can get it or not. I like the way they package these too. They are simple witht he red tissue paper and sturdy & durable boxes. I’m definitely saving them for something. Maybe to store stuff in or if I have a small gift to give.

Have you tried Target’s beauty boxes yet? Or have you tried any of these products? What do you think ?