Grab a Snickers Crisper


Have you noticed some new advertising with Snickers? “Hunger keeps inventing new problems, so we invented new Snickers Crisper.”  I think my favorite so far is “The Internship”

Snickers is  one of the few chocolate bars I like to grab when I do want a chocolate bar.

Snickers crisper still has the caramel, peanuts, & milk chocolate but replaced the nougat with crisp rice. It makes the candy bar a little lighter.

Snickers Crisper

I enjoyed the textures . You bite in and you go through the creamy milk chocolate, gooey caramel, then the crunch when crisp rice &  peanuts.  Plus its under 200 calories per serving.

I haven’t had a regular snickers in awhile so its hard to compare. I think these have more peanuts in them but I love peanuts so its good in my book.

I like that it came in 4 pieces. Sometimes I don’t want  a whole bar and having the option to have 1-2 pieces and then saving the rest for later without having to worry about opening it later and getting  you fingers all gooey from the caramel. It’s also good for sharing .

I’m a fan. If you want to try these you can find them at Walmart 



I received this product for free as part of the SheSpeakup community to try & review. All opinions are my own.