Flipz Milk Chocolate Pretzels

Earlier this month I shared Flipz white fudge snowflake covered pretzels . I had another coupon for a free bag but was trying to find snowflakes in milk chocolate ( because they are festive) or a different flavor.
I had no luck , so I went for milk chocolate. I picked these up at Target.

Flipz Milk Chocolate

I opened up the bag when I got home and WOW! These are my new favorite snack/treat.



I mentioned before I am not a fan of pretzels ( except pretzel crisps) but these have changed my mind. Well I guess as long as they are covered in yummy white fudge or chocolate. With the milk chocolate it brought out the saltiness from the pretzels , which I didn’t get from the white fudge. It was a perfect treat; crunchy, salty, & chocolate!

I wanted to eat the whole bag but I resisted, even though I really wanted to.

Flipz are officially on my radar for when I want to treat myself. Now I just have to find dark chocolate, birthday cake, & chocolate mint to see which is my favorite. So far milk chocolate is in first place.

I can’t believe I’ve always passed these up. I’ve spotted these at the Dollar Tree a few times too. On my most recent trip they were out, figures!

( For a 7 oz bag they were $2.89 at Target)

Have you tried Flipz covered pretzels? What flavor do you enjoy?



  • I received this product complimentary for review purposes. All opinions are my own.


Limited Edition FLipz, White Fudge covered pretzel review

I’ve seen these in stores, heard about, even saw friends share photos of these yummy treats…. Flipz covered pretzels.

Smiley360 sent me 2 coupons to redeem to get 2 FREE bags of Flipz.
I was determined to find the limited edition snowflakes to make it festive.

They have a variety of flavors to choose from :

Flipz Flavors


I searched a handful of stores but nothing. I then was near a store I’ve never been in or heard of and just checked because why not. I found them woohoo!
They only had the white fudge ( snowflakes) These were already on sale so they were not even in the section they would be normally, at this store anyway.

Flipz Snowflakes
These are a perfect snack for when watching a movie or as a snack in general.
The pretzels are covered evenly and not smothered in it. The pretzel inside is still crunchy. The chocolate isn’t overly sweet. They have a perfect ratio of chocolate to pretzel.

Im deciding which flavor to try next. Milk Chocolate or Birthday cake ( found at Target).
Flipz can be found at many retailers : Target, Walgreens, & most grocery stores. I would look in the candy section if you can’t find them in the chip section.

Grab a $1 off 2 bags coupon here
Flipz Pretzels

Final thoughts:
Loved them! Buy them if you see them. I am not really a fan of regular pretzels but covered in this yummy chocolate I was a fan. Perfect ratio of ingredients. My mom & friend also enjoyed them.

* I received this product complimentary for review purposes. All opinions are my own.

Advil Sinus Congestion & Pain review #AdvilatWork

Advil Sinus Congestion & Pain is the only over-the-counter cold and sinus medicine that combines the speed and strength of Advil and a proven nasal decongestant for fast, effective, relief of severe cold symptoms including stuffy nose and sinus pressure.

Though mucus can contribute to the stuffed up feeling, nasal congestion is the swelling of the tissues in the nose and sinuses caused by inflammation. Advil® Sinus Congestion & Pain re-opens your airways by constricting the blood vessels in your nose and sinuses.

This is also great to take when you have a cold.It helps with pain & congestion with just one tablet. Which means you can hopefully go about your day and not have to worry about being congested & in pain.

I hate when I get stuffed up , sinus headaches and sinus pressure are the worst.
Advil Sinus

Advil Sinus Congestion & Pain relieves:
• Stuffy Nose
• Sinus pressure
• Nasal Swelling
• Headache
• Fever
• Body aches

Grab a $1 coupon on their website here

You take 1 tablet every 4 hours for ages 12 and over.
If you are taking other medication or aren’t sure, ask you doctor.

My thoughts:
These tablet are easy to swallow. Want to know the best part, if they happen to touch your tongue there is no gross taste. They are actually kind of sweet. When I swallowed it and it touched my tongue it was that split second of oh no gross but it wasn’t at all.  They really do work fast. I had a really bad headache and my headache was gone in about 15 minutes. Which is good because with the holidays, work, spending time with friends & family who wants to be left out because of a headache? I also like that only you only have to take one pill.

How do you deal with headaches during the holidays?

I received a free product for the purpose of my review. Opinions are 100% my own

Goodnessknows snack squares review

Everyone deserves a little goodness….right?
If you haven’t seen or heard of these Goodnessknow snack squares you are missing out.
Crafted with real fruit, dark chocolate and whole nuts in bite-size portions, it’s an easy way to do something good for ourselves.


A little about Goodnessknows snack squares:

*Each serving ( 4 squares per pack) is only 150 calories- 38 calories per square.
*No high fructose corn syrup and contains no artificial colors, flavors or sweeteners.
*100 mg of natural cocoa flavanols per serving
*Comes in 3 different flavors:
•Very Cranberry: Cranberry, almond, dark chocolate
•Peachy cherry : Peach & cherry, almond, dark chocolate
•Apple, almond & peanut, dark chocolate (not available in all stores until 2016)

Very Cranberry
GoodnessKnows cranberry


I love how you can see & make out the ingredients in each square. Cranberries, almonds, crisp rice, toasted oats, chocolate. You feel good about eating these and are satisfied after having it as a snack or treat. This is perfect for the Fall/Winter. The tart cranberries, mixed with the crunch from the crisp rice, almonds, & toasted oats pair well with the dark chocolate.

Peachy Cherry
gksnacksquares peach

You can spot the almonds, dried peaches, crisp rice, dried cherries, & toasted oats . Yum!
I liked the mix of the peach & cherries with the almonds & dark chocolate.

Apple, almond & peanut, dark chocolate
Goodness Knows Apple

GoodnessKnows Apple
I liked the crunchy textures from the nuts, the sweetness and chewiness from the apple, and savory indulgence from the dark chocolate. It was almost like one of those gourmet candy apples in a snack square form.

Where can you find them?
CVS, Walgreens, or Rite Aid
online from their website
but make sure to check out their store locator to see if there are any store near you carrying them

Final thoughts:
If you spot these buy one! At least to try. I really enjoyed all 3 flavors. A mix of chocolate with fruit, nuts, oats, a crisp rice. What’s not to like? It satisfies your sweet tooth while feeling good about having a treat yourself moment. You deserve a little goodness 🙂

I received these products complimentary for review purposes. All opinions are my own.

O.B Pro Comfort Tampons Review #obPROCOMFORT

You head down the personal hygeine aisle and there are shelves stacked with different options of tampon. Scented, Non Scented, no applicator, applicator, plastic or card applicator, super, regular,lite , ect.
I have a few different brands I use depending on what is on sale when I need them. Recently Smiley360 sent me O.B pro comfort tampons. I’ve heard of these and even tried them once or twice in the past but have never been a frequent user.


The first thing you notice is the size.

This is one of my regular brands I use. 18 count & O.B Pro Comfort 18 count pack regular brand.
Why the difference? Well O.B Pro Comfort tampons don’t have an applicator. It is wrapped in plastic so it stays sanitary. Easier to carry and less waste.

They even sent me a cute plastic case to keep a few in, to be prepared.

O.B tampons actually launched in Europe before it caught on here in the U.S.
With O.B tampons not having an applicator they say it will help wearing a tampon be more comfortable. Most applicators are straight but the vagina is curved. Finger tip insertion allows you to follow the natural curve of the vaginal canal where it will be most comfortable for your body.

Will it be messy? It shouldn’t be. There is a little ‘finger pocket’ to protect your finger.

Proper way to use it?
Make sure you hands are washed.
Grab your sealed O.B tampon & unwrap it.
Next grab the string and pull it tight left to right. This widens the bottom and creates the ‘finger pocket’.
Place index finger in finger pocket while using your thumb & middle finger to hold the tampon.
Check here for their user guide

Finding the right fit
Below is a graph that shows a typical woman’s flow pattern during her period. It is usually heaviest the first 3 days so you may want to you a higher absorbency tampon those days.

The reason O.B tampons protect so well, even with their small size is because they expand to fit your body & fluid lock grooves to protect against leaks. Fluid lock grooves guide the fluid inside the core for up to 8 hours of protection.

Where to buy
CVS, Target, Walmart, Amazon, Walgreens are a few places to look.
You can also head to their website O.B Tampons


My thoughts:
I must say the whole not having an applicator turned me off from really using these. Plus I learned I wasn’t quite using them right when I used them in the past. I missed the step about moving the string to create the finger pocket. I like that they are small & compact so they are easy to put in your purse, pocket…anywhere. I am also a fan that these have less waste than my normal tampons since they don’t have a plastic applicator, the box is small, and so is the wrapper. So its better for the environment.
A little TMI but I did notice the how the fluid lock grooves works to guide the fluid to the core of the tampon to prevent leaks.
These weren’t as bad as I thought. O.B tampons are comfortable, easy to use, & comfortable. I don’t know if I will switch completely to o.b tampons. If I see a good deal I might just pick these up instead , have them in my purse for emergencies ( since they are so small), or use them for my lighter days.

What do you use to stay protected during your period?

*I received a free product for the purpose of my review. Opinions are 100% my own.

Get sleepy with Emergen-Zzzz

I’m sure we all have trouble sleeping at some point or maybe travel and the time difference messes with us. Well EmergenC now has a new product to help us get to sleep…Emergen-Zzzz.

Smiley 360 sent me some coupons & some Emergen-Zzzz in berry & peach to try.

For a $1 coupon & free sample go here


What it helps with:

Melatonin helps naturally promote sleep and relaxation which are important to overall health.

-Melatonin is a hormone made by the pineal gland in the brain that is linked to sleep and wake cycles. Your body produces high levels of melatonin when it’s dark and low levels when it’s light. When we get older our bodies don’t produce as much melatonin.

Immune Support
Vitamin C plus other antioxidants, Zinc and Manganese, and Vitamin D help support your immune system.

Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium and other key nutrients help replenish your body.

emergen zzzz

What I thought:
It is very easy to use. Just open a pack, pour in a cup, add water, mix. then drink.
I first tried the berry , the flavor was ok. At first I wasn’t sure because it was fizzing and a lot of those drinks just don’t sit well with me. I didn’t love it but didn’t hate it either. If Im having trouble sleeping I would use it again. I had a headache and just couldn’t get to bed. After tossing & turning trying to get to bed, I grabbed a pack of Emergen Zzzz and drank it, within 20 minutes I was relaxed and sleeping. I like that it has melatonin , something our body produces already so it won’t mess with my body. I woke up feeling good and not drowsy ( like some sleep aids). If you travel or have trouble sleeping , try Emergen-Zzzz.

Tips to getting to bed:
* Turn off lights.
* Try not having a tv in your room.
* Limit tv, computer, & yes even your cell phone before bed .(The artificial light suppresses the release of melatonin)
* Keep a journal near your bed in case you have any thoughts, things you forgot to do. Even do this before you go to bed so when you are about to go to bed you don’t have these thoughts which will keep you from getting to bed.
*Exercise. This always helps me get a good nights sleep.
*Stretch before bed

Do you have trouble sleeping? What are your tips to getting to bed when you just can’t sleep? Have you tried Emergen-Zzz yet?

I received a free product for the purpose of my review. Opinions are 100% my own.

Nutrition Now Gummy MultiVites Review #NutritionNow #FreeSample

I’m sort of bad at taking vitamins , I’m not going to lie. I know I should be taking them but when the pills are huge and/or taste gross I end up putting them off.

Smiley360 sent me berry Nutrition Now women’s gummy vitamins. I started taking the the next morning after receiving them. I love these. These taste great, easy to chew, & swallow. It makes taking vitamins enjoyable. The berry flavor is a great choice, I almost want to take more than 2 because they are that tasty. I haven’t missed a day, it’s the first thing I do now when I get up. Gummies I have taken in the past have had a gritty texture or chalky taste, these do not. I haven’t noticed a big change but do feel energized when I take them & feel good knowing I am getting essential nutrients.


Supports Healthy Metabolism, Immune System and Bone Health.
100% Daily Value of 9 Essential Nutrients
Take 2 daily
Natural berry flavor.
Gluten free
Improve your hair, skin and nails
Supports your energy

These retail for about $7-$8

Nutrition Now label

My one con is I wish it had zinc/iron since I seem to be low on those.


Make your taste buds & body happy and try Nutrition Now gummy vitamins.

Do you hate taking vitamins? Do you prefer gummy vitamins?

I received a free product for the purpose of my review. Opinions are 100% my own.

Seeds of Change Review #SeedsOfChangeFood #FreeSamp


Have you heard of seen Seeds of Change in your grocery store? Next time your there, go discover the goodness of Seeds of Change organic food from seed-to-plate. From adventurous flavors to something a little familiar, there is something for everyone.

Smiley360 sent me 2 coupons for a rice product and simmer sauce, a recipe booklet, magnet, & tote bag.

Seeds of Change products contain only the finest organically grown ingredients, selected with care from farmers they know & trust. They donate 1% of their net sales to support & develop sustainable community based gardening & farming programs.

So what did I make?


What you need:
Seeds of Change quinoa & brown rice with garlic
chicken sausage
1 small- medium red bell pepper
1 tomato, I used roma
Zucchini – I used 2 but you could probably fill 4
about 1/3 parmesan cheese

You can add an onion too, I forogt


Wash zucchini, cut lengthwise, & scoop the center and place in a bowl.

What I did to make it easier is with a knife go around the zucchini. cut the middle, then dice. Scoop with a spoon.

Feel free to sprinkle with some salt & pepper.

I did these in a toaster oven. I placed the zucchini on baking sheet and baked for 10-15 minutes while I cooked the sausage & veggies at 350.

Dice tomato & pepper.

Take the sausage out of the casings put into pan on medium.
Break into small pieces. on plate & eat!
When half way cooked through add red pepper.
When cooked turn off stove.
I microwaved the rice but you can add it to the pot and cook that way.
Pour in rice.
Pour in parmesan cheese.
Put in diced tomatoes.


Take zucchini out of oven, scoop mixture in. Sprinkle with parmesan cheese.
Place back in oven and cook for 5-10 minutes for cheese to get toasted.

Feel free to leave out the chicken sausage to make it vegetarian.


Place on plate & enjoy!


I have also taken the ready-to-heat rice to work, along with a can of chicken, & steamed broccoli & mixed it when it was lunch time. So I had a healthy & filling lunch.

There are so many choices of rice to choose from cuban, seven whole grains, mediterranean, brown rice, morroccan style, caribbean , spanish. A little flavor from around the world to make any meal delicious.

Head here and get $1.50 off 2 of their products.

Have you seen or tried Seeds of Change products?

I received this product complimentary from Smiley360. All opinions are my own.

5 hour energy #5HourGoesPink

When you need a boost you don’t want to wait. You want to feel energetic now. A 5-hour energy shot takes seconds to take. These shots come in original , decaf, & extra strength.

5 hour energy teamed up with Living Beyond Breast Cancer (LBBC) in October for breast cancer awareness month.

Smiley360 sent me 2 bottles of the specially marked Pink Lemonade energy shots to try.


Now through Dec 31, Living Essentials will donate 5 cents from the sale of every specially marked bottle of Pink Lemonade flavored 5-hour energy to Living Beyond Breast Cancer. LBBC is a nonprofit organization dedicated to connecting people with trusted breast cancer information and a community of support. The minimum guaranteed donation is $200,000. Just look for the white bottle with the pink ribbon to help make a difference.

•Contains a much caffeine as a cup of premium coffee.
•made with a special blend of essential B vitamins , amino acids, and nutrients.
•sugar free
•4 calories
•non carbonated
•zero herbal stimulants
•easy to consume

I took one before I went out dancing . I felt it pretty quickly and had energy to dance almost till the sun came up . I didn’t crash like some energy drinks/shots. The taste was ok but you take it pretty quick so doesn’t matter that much. You can take a half of a bottle for moderate energy or a full bottle for a big boost. You can take up 2 bottles in a day but should space them apart. Also make sure not to take it too late or you will be wide awake.


Good for anytime of day or when you need that extra boost.
Long night or not a morning person?
Get that afternoon slump?
Need some energy to stay motivated for a work out?
Play sports and need to get in the zone?
Traveling ?

Remember if you’re going to buy 5 hour energy to find the specially marked white bottle with pink ribbon available until Dec 31.


Have you tried 5-hour energy shots before?

I received this product for free from Smiley360 for review purposes. Options are 100% my own.

Dial Acne Control Face Wash Review #DialAcneControl

Smiley360 sent me Dial Acne Control Face Wash to try.

About product:
•Clinically proven to give you clearer skin in just 3 days.
•It is oil free
•Contains maximum strength salicylic acid to clear skin and prevent breakouts.
•Developed with dermatologists
•Use twice a day
•Retails for about $4.47

My experience :
My skin has been pretty good to me but break outs still happen.
I usually get break outs when stressed, eating bad, and hormonal break outs. So I’m always up to try a face wash to help make break outs disappear faster when I have them.

• I like that it has a pump, that way you can put it in the shower and have no problem opening it with wet hands.

•I love how sudsy it gets. It doesn’t necessarily mean it makes your face cleaner because of that but I like when a face/body wash lathers up really good.

•Doesn’t dry out skin like most acne facial washes.

•Leaves skin soft after using

•Leaves face feeling clean

•A little goes a long way

• good consistency not watery or too thick

•On the fence about the smell it has a citrus scent that I like but it sort of reminds me of a household cleaner.

Overall I think it’s a good facial wash. It left my skin soft and clean. It didn’t prevent break outs ,I don’t think there is a way to prevent when I do get break outs. I did realize they disappear a faster and are smaller , which is a good thing.

Click here for a $.75 coupon


Tips to prevent break outs:
•To help prevent break outs make sure you drink plenty of water.

•Moisturize & wear sunscreen

•Clean your makeup brushes frequently.

•Clean pillow cases weekly

•Products like laundry detergent , shampoo, perfume, make up can cause break outs . If you changed any of those and realize more break outs, stop using it and see if that is the cause.

•Exercise. It increases blood flow which will leave skin looking healthy & radiant.

•Diet this is a big one with anything to do with the body. Sometimes writing a food journal could pin point if what you’re eating is causing break outs. Dairy and sugary treats cause insulin spikes and cause your skin to produce more oil . Which can cause break outs.

Do you have any tips or tricks to prevent break outs?

•I received a free product from Smiley360 for the purpose of my review. Opinions are 100% my own