Shaklee 180 energizing smoothee mix review – Pinchme

I received this sample from pinchme.
It’s kind of funny because I haven’t really had protein shakes and now have tried 3 in a month ( natures promise I bought on amazon, fit n’ full from influenster and now this one)

What I like
• easy to mix
•24 grams of protein, 6 grams of fiber
•no artificial flavors , colors, sweeteners , added preservatives
•23 vitamins and minerals
·Kept me full

What I didn’t like
•after taste
•a little grainy / thick
·Not a huge fan of vanilla

I think it would be good with added fruit though.
Will I purchase it probably not but was nice to try it.

I used my nextstep JAXX shaker which I love from my #govoxbox