Beauty / Fashion Haul -Mall trip

I bought 2 bras a month ago from Victoria’s Secret and received 2 secret rewards cards ( and 2 perfume samples) .
VS also had a promotion where you could get up to 60 codes for free . I sent for 3 ( hoping one might be $50, $100, or $500) No luck , they were all for $10 including what I got with my purchase. I also traded for a code , so I had 6 in total.

You have to use them in separate transactions.. Bummer! But I went to the store to find a deal.

If you download the pink nation app you will get a coupon to save to your phone for a free pink panty (up to $10.50) with any pink purchase. I also found one online so I had 2 different ones.

1st trip
I haven’t been to this VS where I am now so I wanted to check it out and see what they had, and what I needed. My best bet was buy a pink panty and get a free one.

•Bought 1 panty at $10.50 got one free paid $1.17

Trip 2


This trip I needed to make at least two purchases because the codes were expiring the 14th. I got 4 panties , used the 2 different coupons for free panty with pink purchase $1.17 each transaction = $2.34

Trip 3


This trip was a good one. Needed to use the last 3 VS codes since they are expiring. I also found some other goodies to use. The retail value of all of this is around $60-$70. I paid $1.11 !!!

– – – – – -Break down – – – – – –
Victoria’s Secret – 3 transactions


Transaction 1: 2 panties $10.50 / $9.50 . Used the get free panty with pink purchase Total was $10.10 used secret rewards card PAID $.10

Transaction 2: Pink sweet & flirty lotion $8 ( $8.51 w/tax) used secret rewards card FREE had $1.49 left over

Transaction 3: Bombshells in Bloom body mist $10 ($10.64 with tax) used secret rewards card making it $.64 Used the rewards card with remaining balance of $1.49 FREE and on top of that I had $.85 left over which they gave to me

>>>>> so they paid me $.75 for this <<<<<<<


Bath & body works


There is a GREAT coupon here

You get a FREE A thousand wishes body care item with ANY purchase
I bought an antibacterial hand gel $1.75 ( $1.86 with tax) and got a 24 hour moisture Ultra Shea body cream ($12.50) for FREE
Plus 2 coupons for $10/$30 or $20/$50



Next I headed to Aeropastale . I had a free $5 card I found on RetailMeNot
I found this Sugar Rush Perfume for exactly $5 = FREE

If you’re not signed up with RetailMeNot, you should. You can find so many deals online and instore. They also have an app.


I love Sephora and free make up 🙂


If you live near a Sephora in a JC Penney you can score a free Urban Decay 24/7 Glide on eye pencil if you are a registered Beauty Insider. Click here for coupon. Retails for $10-$20


Shopping trip 1 retail $22.33 -> Paid $1.17
Shopping trip 2 retail $42.27 -> Paid $2.34
Shopping trip 3 retail about $70-> Paid 1.11
Total retail about $ 134 —–> Paid $4.62

8 panties- 2 lotions -anti bacterial gel -2 perfume/mist- eyeliner