Save money while shopping online

About a week ago I went to Marshall’s for a TJX rewards access event.  P.S if you shop at Home Goods, TJ Maxx , or Marshalls, sign up it’s free.  Every time you shop you will be entered into a sweepstakes, opportunities for giveaways, & special events.

At this event there was coffee, donuts, a chance to win a gift card ( I won $20!) , & free holiday wrapping paper.

I ended up buying this great black jumpsuit. I just tried it on for fun and was surprised it was the right length as well as fit in the right places. Being tall anything one piece is usually a miss.

jump suit tjx access rewards event


I also found this Tommy Hilfiger coat which I really liked. It was warm, sleeves were long, coat was a great length, & the hood looked good and fit right. I feel like its going to be a very cold winter so I needed something to keep me warm.

I wanted to wait because I was very close on one of my survey sites to cash out , and one of the option was a Marshalls gift card. Well it didn’t go as planned and I didn’t want to wait. I went back & my size was gone!! Oh no. I was pretty bummed because I haven’t been this happy to find a coat in awhile.

I did take a photo of the tag when I was at the store the first time . I googled it and guess what? It was at Macy’s for the same price! YAY

My deal ended up being WAY better too.

Coat $79.99 ( $85.07 with tax)

  • Used 3 Macys gift cards ( from survey sites) about $64
  • $5 in plenti points
  • $16.xx on a egift card from a survey site

I paid $0 out of pocket.

Here is where it gets good.


ebates tommy coat

You can find the Tommy Hilfiger coat here

Macy’s had a deal if you spent a certain amount you would get back $10 in Macy’s Money

I used Ebates & received $9.60 back

There was also a deal on plenti if you spent $50 you would get back $10 plenti points

I ended up getting $29.68 back with different sites!

Ebates is great and I highly recommend adding the Ebates cash back button to your browser. That way you are reminded to use it. I would always forget, ever since I added the button I never forget.

If you use my link >> EBATES you will get back $10 on a qualifying purchase of $25 or more. Which can easily be done with holiday shopping.

I also suggest signing up for honey . If you want to save a little more money and/or you’re tired of looking for promo & coupon codes this site does it all for you.



What sites do you use to save?

Are you on Yerdle? + Get $125 Yerdle $

I recently signed up for Yerdle so am fairly new.

Yerdle is on a mission to reduce the number of new things we have to buy by 25%. I would decribe the site somewhat as an internet tag sale. You never know what goodies you might find.

Clothing, Shoes, Makeup , Jewelry ,Electronics, Home & more.

>>Today only <<



Sign up using my link here 

You will get $125 yerdle dollars plus free shipping on your first item! It’s a great deal ,they usually give out $25-$45 ( if your lucky) .

Shipping is usually $5 and you  pay a service fee ( $2-$3) but still a good deal depending on what you are getting.

Right now is a good time to sign up because with the holidays coming up , I am sure people will be adding stuff because they got a newer version or maybe even got a duplicate of what they already own.

What will you be looking for ?

I’ve been looking at jewelry , clothes, & make up.



Target deal- food under $1


Use the cartwheel app this week for some good deals.

Eggs are on sale for $.99 use 5% off cartwheel & get them for $.94

All other items were $1 but using cartwheel I saved and got them for $.95 each

Cartwheel is free, you can use it on your smart phone or use it on the computer ( just print out your barcode)

I got this all for FREE because I used my gift card I earned on Recyclebank.

H&M extreme savings

I recently came across the app Wrapp.
You can send your friends free and paid gift cards. Sometimes they have really good ones you can send for free. Also like their Facebook page to snag a gift card.

I ended up getting $36 for free to spend.
They had skinny jeans priced at $9.95
They also have a good sale going on that was going on before Christmas.
I snagged 3 pairs of skinny jeans , ring ,necklace , and top for….drum roll please ….$10.60

20130101-173428.jpg x 2





I don’t really go for big rings but really loved the colors and how shiny it is. “Every time I come around your city, bling bling!”

Extreme Couponing- Clothes Edition

Ok so this week I’ve made two trips to the mall and they were the best trips EVER!!

On Wednesday I went to the mall with my little cousin, aunt, & friend.

As you can see in a previous post I am a member of crowdtap . I was chosen for an Old Navy Style Council/ Sample & Share for sweaters. I shared my coupon for a free sweater with my aunt. We both got sweaters for $39.95. So between both of us we saved $80. YAY.

( click photo to see sweater we chose)


We also when to JCPenney ( clicked for details) because I went there after Thanksgiving and got free buttons. You just ask any employees if you can have some buttons. They are really cute but the important thing on them is the codes. You can win great prizes , I received $35 in gift certificates ( 3 $10 & 1- $5).

I found this cute top.. wasn’t sure how much it was but knew it would be under $10 with my gift certificate. It ended up being completely free! ( originally $15)

It fit great and I liked the way the fabric felt. I also liked the little sequin triangle in the front.


My friend Shawn found a sweater he really liked so I gave him two of my gift certificates.

Original cost $45- on sale $20 – with gift certificates FREE!


My aunt found a hat ( no picture but it was originally $15 on sale for $7 plus my $5 gift certificate = $2!! )


receipts , with some of the buttons 🙂

Now last night was amazing. At first I wasn’t even going to go to the mall but I was bored and decided why not. I had $70 worth of gift certificates now.


Faux leather jacket- $35

I have super long arms which makes jackets and sweaters a tough one to find but this one was perfect and it has a detachable hood. awesome!! 😀


I saw this on my last trip but didnt want to try it on, I love how it fit. I have trouble because I have a small waist and fit nicely.

Turquoise jacket : $30


Long Sleeve top.. how cute is this ? It was originally $15- was $10 =FREE

Will wear for Christmas eve/Christmas!


Ok I look weird in this pic but whatever. This dress fit me so freakin well. I was wasting time waiting for my friend so I went to the dress section, I did a quick glance at the racks, happened to spot this one. Looked at tag , was my size and only $20 whaaaat had to try it on glad I did.


Nothing special here just skinny jeans, great fit & price $20  Brand: A.N.A

Grand Total:: $102 – $70 = $ 32!!! OMG!! I was excited & in shock.


Need more buttons!!

The event ends at the end of the month- what am I going to do after. Im addicted.

I mean this combines things I love. Free clothes, cheap clothes, new clothes, fashion, savings!!