Priority Chef Dual Julienne & Vegetable Peeler Review

I was pretty excited to try out this dual peeler.
If you check out my blog you can see I love to cook . So I like when I can find kitchen tools that help me make dishes easier and give good results.


I like when items have other uses because it cuts back on storage .

•This peeler is a little bigger and wider than a regular peeler.
•One side for peeling , flip it over and you have a julienne peeler.
•It’s sturdy , feels good in your hand, and looks professional.

I had a few sweet potatoes when it arrived , I had to test it out ASAP.
It cut perfectly , without breaking when peeling .
Just be careful because the blades are sharp. When I was using the julienne peeler I got my palm , no blood but a scratch.
So don’t go too fast when peeling.

I made sweet potato chips with my first peel test run.
1 sweet potato
Put into bowl
Drizzle a little bit of olive oil
Sprinkle onion powder, garlic powder, chili powder, salt , pepper
Bake at a low temp I put mine at 250 and kept checking on them





They came out perfect.

Last week I posted my spinach &turkey ‘ravioli’ with squash
I wanted to make these long ago but never went out to look for the proper tool to make the zucchini strips for the ravioli.
Since the Priority Chef Dual Julienne and Vegetable Peeler is wider than a normal peeler, I decided to try it out.
The strips came perfect and so did my dish.




I also made zucchini zoodles and carrot chips . Works great for both soft and hard vegetables. Also perfect for slicing cheese, perfect thickness.

I recommend this dual peeler to anyone who enjoys to cook .
Great for stir fry, making zucchini noodles, veggie or fruit chips, peeling and more.

•Tip : When cleaning the peeler sometimes the fibers from the vegetables are harder to remove with a sponge , so I use a toothbrush to remove it.

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers. The opinion expressed are my own.

Spinach & Turkey ‘Ravioli’ with yellow squash

I saw these awhile back on blogilates
and have been dying to make them. So I decided to finally make them .
I didn’t make them exactly like hers but same concept.


2 yellow squash
1lb ground turkey or chicken
8oz spinach
1/2 yellow onion , diced
Parmesan cheese
Italian seasoning
Mozzarella cheese
Tomato sauce

I received a Priority Chef dual Julienne & vegetable peeler to test and review . This dish was perfect to try it with. Look out for my review soon.

Sauté onion until translucent
Add garlic
Add italian seasoning
Add turkey or chicken
I sprinkled a little bit of Parmesan cheese about 2tbsp , stir
Once halfway cooked, add spinach
I just placed it on top and left it for a few minutes , then stirred
Turn off burner
Added about a half cup of mozzarella cheese ,stir
Add to blender until preferred consistency

Assembling :
• First cut your squash into strips (with 2 squash I made about 12 ‘ravioli’)


Next take 4 strips and lay them like this . Overlap them a little bit.

• Add some filling forgot to take a photo , I was in the zone of folding them lol

•Then fold them up. Fold bottom pieces up first. Use a toothpick to make it stay together.


Put on baking sheet , place in oven at 350F for about 10-15 minutes.


Put on plate , top with your favorite sauce and enjoy! 🙂


Came out great, very filling.