Summit Nutritions – 2 % Pure Whey Protein Isolate Review


Non-GMO , Lactose Free, Naturally flavored
Zero Fat, no fillers, low carb
-100% BIO PURE WHEY PROTEIN ISOLATE – Summit Nutritions whey protein is isolated from Whey Protein concentrate by using patented ultra-microfiltration process which preserves natural profile of amino acid unlike other whey protein isolates that denature the Protein profile by using Ion Exchange method or others.
Kosher certified
90% Protein per Scoop
Free from protein & amino acid spiking

-> What is protein & amino acid spiking? It is when companies add extra cheap Amino Acids like Taurine, Glycine, Glutamines and Creatine to the protein powders even though they are not Food Based Protein, but added to be calculated as protein to lower the cost since they are much cheaper to manufacture


Summit Nutritions sent me 3 packs of their dutch chocolate. I used 8 oz. of vanilla almond milk to mix with. You can use water, milk, coconut milk, etc. I put the 2 in my shaker cup & shook for 25-30 seconds. It mixed well, and no clumps. Opening the pack it, I could smell the chocolate and it reminded me of hot chocolate.
I think all protein powders/ drinks have a weird taste to them, at least the ones I’ve tried. This one was ok, didn’t love it but didn’t hate it.
Once I drank it I felt more energized which I liked and kept me full which I liked. So either you want to use it to power through your work out or through the day , it give you a nice boost.

* Summit Nutritions sent me 3 packs of their Whey Protein powders to review, all opinions are my own.