Vita Sciences – Maxasorb B12 cream

I was excited Vita Sciences sent me Maxasorb B12 cream. I just tried their melatonin cream which worked well for me. I’m not a fan of taking pills so I like that this is a cream and is easy to apply.

maxasorb b12

– Each bottle contains a months supply for $19.95
– Dosage- 320 mcgs of vitamin B12, 120 mcgs vitamin B3(niacin), plus 10 mcgs of folate
– Gentle on skin, not irritating , hypoallergenic lotion
– Vitamin B12 reduces nitric oxide, an element known to cause inflammation and itching.
– Not Greasy
– Vitamin B12 is essential for maintaining overall energy levels
– Topical Vitamin B12 cream has rejuvenating qualities for hydrating dry skin tissues, stimulating growth of new skin cells and preventing wrinkles caused by aging.
– Helps soothe dry, itchy, or irritated skin patches from eczema, psoriasis, or other skin rash

How to use:
Rub 2 full pumps onto skin once a day , or as needed

maxasorb b12

My thoughts:

When I first used it I was surprised to see the cream was a pink color. As I was rubbing it in you could smell the peppermint. It was refreshing and kind of perked me up. The cream goes on smoothly and absorbs quickly without leaving skin feeling sticky or greasy. It has coconut oil in it so my skin was really soft. I liked putting this on in the afternoon when I sometimes hit that afternoon slump and need to be a little more energized. I enjoyed using this cream but not sure if I would get it again. Maybe I was expecting more from it because the melatonin cream I tried from this company I had great results. It did help perk me up, made me more alert, and a little more focused for a small amount of time after I applied the cream. It also left my skin feeling really smooth & soft. It is worth it to try it out though, everyone is different.

I received this product from Vita Sciences for review purposes. All opinions are my own.