Listerine HealthyWhite Gentle Mouthrinse #ListerineTeam #sponsored


I love being part of the #ListerineTeam on Crowdtap. I was sent a bottle of their HealthyWhite Gentle ( sodium fluoride anti-cavity) mouthrinse.

If you would like to try it too check out Listerine’s website to get a $1 coupon

A little about this product:
– Removes & prevents tough stains
– Gentle on Enamel
– Kills bad breath germs
– Whitens teeth without irritation
– Use twice daily for a naturally white smile.
– First peroxide free whitening rinse

Have you tried a whitening mouthwash before?

I have and it wasn’t that pleasant. I couldn’t use it daily because it made my teeth & gums sensitive ; on top of that it didn’t taste good at all.

With Listerine HealthyWhite you don’t have to worry about that at all.

For me it wasn’t strong or overpowering. I also didn’t feel burning or was it irritating while I rinsed. The flavor I received was clean mint and it tasted just like that, no peroxide gross taste ( or aftertaste). When you spit it out it leaves you with fresh breath , clean teeth, & a clean mouth.
After rinsing with the clean mint whitening mouthrinse, it reminds me of when you leave the dentist and leaves you feeling confident & happy because you know you have a clean healthy mouth & fresh breath. This might be my favorite Listerine mouth rinse flavor wise since it was light and clean. The aftertaste didn’t leave you with a stale mint taste and just left my mouth feeling good.


If you read my blog I just finished up another Listerine so I haven’t been using this whitening rinse long enough to really see a difference yet.

I am enjoying using this product. Who doesn’t want fresh breath, a clean mouth, and healthy teeth just by swishing for 2 minutes out of your day?

Having whiter smile, fresh breath, & healthy mouth makes you feel confident. Whether you are going about your every day routine, a new job interview, or first date you should definitely use HealthyWhite mouthrinse.


I received this product for free from Crowdtap for being a part of the Listerine Team for review purposes. Opinions are my own.

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