NEW Listerine #UltraClean – #TheUltraCleanTeam

Crowdtap & Listerine sent me the NEW Listerine UltraClean with everfresh technology in Arctic Mint to try.


Did you know brushing and flossing isn’t enough? It misses 75% of your mouth! Rinsing with Listerine you can assure your whole mouth will get clean.

A little bit about UltraClean
Anti- tartar ingredient for cleaner & brighter teeth.
Everfresh technology for a powerful dentist clean feeling that lasts for hours.
Dentist clean feeling up to 3x longer.
Clinically proven plaque and germ killing power of Listerine Antiseptic.
Use twice a day for 24 hour protection against plaque & gingivitis.

You probably use Listerine in the morning to ensure you have fresh breath , but do you use it at night too? Well that’s when your mouth is the most vulnerable. Your mouth is drier and that’s when bacteria multiply. Using Listerine, it kills those germs so you can go to sleep without a worry.



I really liked using Listerine UltraClean. It really does leave your mouth feeling clean & fresh. I felt like this one isn’t as strong as the regular Listerine that gives you that burning sensation while rinsing. When you breathe in you get a nice cool sensation in your mouth , which I like. It also lasts for awhile. You can also taste the Arctic mint , so you know your breathe smells nice.

Tips for a cleaner & healthier mouth:
Make sure you change your toothbrush every 3 months
Brush twice a day
Keep Listerine in sight so you won’t forget to rinse.
Limit sugary foods.

It keeps your mouth so cool and fresh it need shades! 🙂


I received this product for free from Crowdtap. All opinions are 100% my own

Listerine 21 day challenge

I was chosen by crowdtap to sample and feel the power of Listerine and participate in the Listerine 21 day challenge.

Why 21 days ? It takes up to 3 weeks to form a healthy habit.

I received 2 full size bottles of cool mint antiseptic mouth wash ,one for me and a friend .


Did you know brushing alone misses 75% of your mouth? Gross!
When you include a mouthwash in your routine like Listerine , the liquid can reach every corner and crevice. Leaving your mouth super clean. Yay!

For a few weeks Listerine had a #swishselfie contest you could enter on their facebook page and win $500. I was finishing up another brand mouth wash and received my samples the last week they were doing it .
Crowdtap also had photo challenges to do.
Here is my sunglasses #swishselfie

The challenge has been great so far, I think I’m on day 15.

My mouth feels so fresh and clean and stays that way all day.
At first the mouthwash was a little strong but now I am used to it. I think my teeth even look whiter .
While doing this I picked up another healthy habit , flossing. I must admit I don’t do it as much as I should. So I make sure to do it everyday instead of whenever . (Or when I have a dentist visit )
I have used Listerine before ,I switch brands depending on sales and what’s new. After using another brand for a bit ,I’m thinking of just sticking to Listerine because I can feel it working.

All it takes is 30 seconds morning and night . A few things I do while swishing ?
– wait for my mask to dry
– squats
– make up / touch ups
-blow dry hair / fix hair



So go ahead and do the Listerine challenge and see how it works for you. You have nothing to lose .You will help prevent plaque, gingivitis , and bad breath and gain better oral health. I enjoyed the 21 day challenge.