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Prism EyeShadow Palette – Sunset  $10

ooooh ahhh


This is without primer. I’m new to doing swatches , perhaps I should do with & without primer. These colors are pretty pigmented but I do have to mix them with other colors. I don’t think I could pull off just these colors because I am so pale the veins are the colors of these purples and lets just say I looked like I was up for days when I just applied one color haha. These shades are really pretty. I can see myself really using the middle 2 a lot.

Illuminating Palette $6

4 shades to mix & match for a custom radiance that captures, diffuses, & softens the way skin reflects on your skin.
Infused with vitamin E & Argan Oil to nourish & hydrates the skin.

Use on your eyelids, cheekbones, or other areas you want to illuminate.

Moisturizing Lipstick- Marsala Blush $3

Excuse my goosebumps.

Blush Marsala Lipstick

This lipstick is enriches with shea and vitamins A, C, & E to nourish & hydrate your lips.
This formula is so rich & creamy it just glides on your lips. Plus it stays on for a long time & keeps lips smooth & hydrated while wearing. I love this color , it enhances my natural lip.

Precision Liquid Eyeliner  $3

Pigmented rich color that glides on smoothly. The tapered brush helps create bold or thin lines and easy to control.

This does make it a little easier to apply, goes on easy.

On the Spot Blot- mattifying blotting papers $5
These papers are infused with translucent powder to help mattify the skin and absorb oil without disturbing you make up. Nobody wants that! Especially when you spend time to do it. It comes with a mirror so you don’t have to worry about smudging lipstick or liner. It comes with a cute little puff that has a sticky adhesive that you grab the papers with.

Haven’t used these too much but they did help absorb without messing up or smudging my make up.

Lip color remover $3

elf lip remover

I know many make up enthusiasts get excited when we get a new lipstick. We want to try it on right away. Sometimes it stains or lips or the color doesn’t come off right away if its long wearing. Well that is no more. This formula gently breaks downs & removes the color. All you do it apply a small amount to your finger and apply evenly over lips. I like to use circular motions ( not needed). Leave on for about 3 seconds and then remove. Its infused with aloe & jojoba to help soothe & hydrate lips. So if you you want to swatch a few lip colors, or just get off a long wearing lipstick, this is for you.

I was surprised how well it takes of lipstick. Plus it leaves lips soft.

Shadow lock eyelid primer $2

Shadow lock primer
Preps eyelids for a smoother, long lasting crease proof eyeshadow. I picked this up at the Dollar Tree ( make sure to check the make up section). Its a champagne like color that helps eye shadow stay on longer. Its crease proof, goes on smooth, & is light weight. Definitely recommend this


I received these products for free ( unless stated) from E.l.f cosmetics , all opinions are my own.