Fashion Haul- Ready for Falling

Savings for me doesn’t stop at beauty, makeup, food, pet supplies , ect.
I love finding great deals & scores on clothing, shoes, & accessories.

It was actually my inspiration to start my blog when I was working at a clothing boutique.

I spotted these at Macy’s.
I headed to the clearance racks just to see if there was anything good. Usually size 11 are picked over and nothing interesting. Then I found these Thalia Sodi Booties. They were priced $31.33 orig. $89.50 then was informed they were discounted even more .. $22.37 then she gave me 10% off making these $ 21.41 with tax!! I had gift cards from a survey site that I used making these FREE. These make me happy for Fall.

Beverly Diamonds Ring

Next is this pretty solitaire princess cut ring that I received from Beverly Diamonds to review. I love the simplicity to it and the detailed band. They sell everything from engagement bands, wedding rings, bracelets, studs & more. They have jewelry in white,platinum, and yellow gold.
This ring looked exactly like the photo so no surprises when I opened the box. Shipping was fast and communication was A+
Their website is really easy to navigate so you can find what you are looking for. When I was checking out the engagement rings, I liked that the name and a photo of the type of ring was at the top. So if you aren’t sure about the name of the shape you want there is a photo. You just click and you can see all the style in that shape they have available. I thought that was very helpful.

* I received this ring from Beverly Diamonds complimentary for review purposes. All opinions are my own.

Lane Bryant
Next deal was at Lane Bryant. Not sure if it is still available but if you text LBTXT to 23705 you will get $10 off your purchase. I spotted the sunglasses first and loved the shape & the design on the arms. They were priced $16.95. I went to checkout and they were on sale for $9.98 ( even better) but I couldn’t use my code because of two measly cents lol. So I went to the sale/clearance shelf and found a bracelet that was 4.98
I paid $5.28 with tax( still cheaper if I bought the sunglasses at full price)
Earlier this week I received a $100 gift card to Lane Bryant from their #epicsummerchallenge promo on their FB. So this = FREE !

H&M outfit

Next deal is from H&M I did my first mystery shop job and I will be getting $20. I could have bought a $5 top or something but took advantage because I need new Fall clothes. I grabbed the oversized long sleeve knit top ($19.99)
Then spotted the faux leather legging/trousers/pants ($19.99). I’ve been wanting something like them so got them both. Funny dressing room moment is when I tried on the smaller size and they were sort of stuck. I got them off but was a close call to having to call someone in haha.
I had a 20% coupon for signing up for their email newsletter.
Total with tax : $38.27
-$20.00 = $18.27
Then used survey money to cover the rest = FREE fall outfit
P.S those shoes are free , got them last year :oP

fashion finds
Here are some things I liked but didn’t buy.
The dress was from H&M, I really like the fit . Deciding if I should buy it.
The snake earrings are Betsey Johnson at Macy’s ($35)
The daisy kaleidoscope swarovski necklace from Macy’s (was $265 now $119)

H&M- $1 dress deal

I’ve talked about it before but if you haven’t already download the Wrapp app!

For Black Friday if you sent your friends a $12 H&M card you got one in return.

It was going to expire today so I had to go and see if I could find anything.

I ended up finding this cute polka dot jersey dress.

It was originally $12.95 which is already great but I had $12 off and with tax made it $1.01!

I love it because I can wear it with tights now, and bare legs in spring. I love getting dresses I can wear year round, more to wear!


I probably could have bought an accessory too because I had 20% off but I was started to feel faint and needed to get food asap.

So go subscribe to their mailing list get 20% coupon off one item

or text hm to 40679 for 10% of your purchase

With the holidays they have great deals $3/$5/$7/$10 racks!

H&M extreme savings

I recently came across the app Wrapp.
You can send your friends free and paid gift cards. Sometimes they have really good ones you can send for free. Also like their Facebook page to snag a gift card.

I ended up getting $36 for free to spend.
They had skinny jeans priced at $9.95
They also have a good sale going on that was going on before Christmas.
I snagged 3 pairs of skinny jeans , ring ,necklace , and top for….drum roll please ….$10.60

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I don’t really go for big rings but really loved the colors and how shiny it is. “Every time I come around your city, bling bling!”