ips chips review – a better for you snack

IPS Chips (rhymes with chips) is on a mission to make the foods we love…better.
They are the worlds first snack chip made with non GMO corn & a blend of the best proteins available: whey & egg.
These crunchy puffed chips have the crunch you want & the protein you need.
There is 6 grams of protein in each serving, so you can actually feel good about eating these.

IPS Protein Chips


These have a smoky & tangy flavor. If you are missing summer, grab a bag of these because that is what I thought about while eating these.
125 calories

Spicy warmth of cinnamon, a little sweetness, with a hint of salt.
These reminded me of a cinnamon roll or churro but in a crunchy puffed chip form. These are great for an afternoon snack.

White Cheddar

ips white cheddar
Made with real cheese, these had a nice smooth, cheddar tanginess to them.
If cheetos made white cheddar flavor this is what these remind me of but these are much better for you.
130 calories

Sea Salt & Black Pepper

I really like the salty & peppery combo. Though if you eat them too fast the pepper will give you a little kick in the back of your throat.

Overall: I loved the crispiness & crunch to these as well as the flavors. I would have never thought about cinnamon chips. They were light, didn’t leave grease on your fingers, & left me satisfied. I felt good while eating these and had no regrets afterwards. The portion size is good, there are a lot of chips in each bag . Though they were tasty I enjoyed every chip without devouring the whole bag in a minute. ( you know you’ve done this! haha) The texture is somewhat similar to popchips but these are more puffy. I really hope they become more available at more stores.

Find ips chips :

Why choose ips chips?
Egg white and whey protein – two of the highest quality proteins available
6g of protein
50% less fat than leading fried potato chips
Fewer carbs than leading baked potato chips
Gluten free
Non-GMO corn
0g trans fat
No artificial colors, flavors or preservatives

Why egg & whey protein?
Both are complete proteins with all nine of the essential amino acids in the right proportion for your body. And both are highly bio-available, meaning that you can fully digest and use all of that protein-goodness! On that note, fitness professionals love to combine whey (which is digested quickly) and egg white (which is digested more slowly) to perfectly balance intake of this important nutrient.

Where to buy:
These chips are mostly found in Whole Food Store in California. You can go to their site and find a store near you. If you are not in California you can buy them on amazon
They also have a form that you can fill out and give to your store to ask them to carry ips chips.

Which flavor would you want to try first?

NuGo Fiber d’Lish fiber bar review


I was pretty excited when I found a box of NuGo Fiber d’Lish fiber bars in my mailbox.
They sent me 10 flavors to try & review.

Check out these great flavors.

-Apple Cobbler – smelled apple right away, very good treat sort of like an apple strudel
-Peanut Chocolate Chip – Reminded me of a peanut butter cookie
-Orange Cranberry- smelled the orange right away. Nice flavor combo
-Blondie Bar – Perfect afternoon snack/treat
-Banana Walnut- reminded me of banana bread- delicious
-Blueberry Cobbler- blueberry flavor wasn’t too strong , good afternoon snack
-Cinnamon Raisin- reminded me of an oatmeal cookie, one of my favorites
-Coconut Macaroon- This one was tasty but I prefer some of the other flavor more. Slight coconut flavor, not overpowering
-Carrot Cake- really liked the flavors
-Chocolate Brownie- Yum, definitely hit my chocolate craving. Looked & tasted like a brownie


About Fiber d’Lish bars :
Non gmo project verified
Vegan, except Blondie Bar which contains whole milk powder
Made with a special, all natural blend of soluable & insoluable fiber
Fiber come from a mix of 6 whole grains & seeds mixed with prebiotic insulin
12 grams of fiber, 130-160 calories in each bar ( 48% of your daily fiber intake)
Heart Healthy
No hydrogenated oils or trans fats
Sweetened with fruit juices
and the best part…. you can read & know what every ingredient is on the label!

These can be found at stores like Whole Foods & The Vitamin Shoppe but you can check out their site and see what stores they are in near you here -> NuGo Fiber d’Lish

Here is some information on fiber and why it is important for your health & body.

Its estimated that over 80% of Americans eat less than half of the daily recommended amount of dietary fiber. Remember these bars have 12 grams of fiber.

Women need 25 grams of fiber daily.
Men need 38 grams of fiber daily.

Fiber helps with weight management by keeping you full without packing in the calories.
It promotes heart health by lowering bad cholesterol, lower blood sugar, & lower the risk of heart disease.It works as a binding agent with cholesterol to prevent it from absorbing into the blood stream, where it could go to clog your arteries.
Enables regular digestion.

There is soluable fiber : absorbs water in the stomach, helping you feel full. So you won’t over do it and won’t snack on the bad stuff.
Insoluable fiber : does not absorb water , but adds heft to food in your digestive tract. This helps food moving efficiently though your body. Fiber d’Lish is the only soft baked bar that provides both types of fiber.


Now back to this yummy bar. Its a healthy indulgence you won’t feel guilty after eating.
Its a soft baked chewy bar. Perfect for a mid day snack to hold you over between meals. I love these because I’m always looking for healthy options to bring with me when I’m out and about. Sometimes my blood sugar gets low or I’m hungry but not near where I can get food and need something fast. These are perfect for putting in my purse. Plus with a variety of flavors I can switch it up.
All the flavors were delicious. How can these be so tasty and be good for you too? Brownie, cinnamon raisin, apple cobbler, peanut butter chocolate chip, & banana walnut are my top flavors. Its really hard to rank them because they all were tasty. The texture was sort of like a soft cookie. Some of them had a little crunch like the walnuts in the banana walnut. The best part is I’m getting almost half my fiber intake from one delicious bar. I also like that I can read EVERY single ingredient and know what they are in the ingredient list.

Here is how they compare to other popular fiber bars :

If you are looking for a healthy snacks to throw in your purse, car, work desk, gym bag… I highly recommend you check NuGo Fiber D’Lish.

Thank you NuGo Fiber D;Lish for sending me your bars to review! I enjoyed them very much. Now I have to go stock up! 🙂

Which flavor would you want to try?

Catch up

How I start of my mornings


I usually do different ones but this is the one I make the most. Banana, Frozen Mango & peaches, spinach, orange juice.

Another favorite is : Banana, Strawberries ( fresh or frozen) almond milk, sliced almonds.


Found a yummy snack to make! Garlic Roasted Parmesan Chickpeas!

I over cooked mine a little bit, guess my oven runs a little hot. So make sure you check on yours to figure out the right time for you.


Summer = time for S’mores so yummy

Sunday was just one of those days, not in a good mood, wanted to be off work and just really wanted a drink. My aunt was having a bbq and wah*lah Margaritas. I had a few (hehe) as I looked off at the calm lake 🙂


I also made this yummy Frozen Reese’s Peanut Butter Pie

No photo but it was a hit. I also made one without the reeses cups the other day. I didn’t have a springform pan so I used one of those aluminum throw away pie tins. Came out fine 🙂

This is a photo I took leaving Captains Cove. Love their fish n chips!



New work outs I’ve been doing from Blogilates!

She has a Bikini blaster series…love it! I’m so glad I found her blog. ( linked above)

My co-worker/friend Hanna came over Friday and made some Kale chips! They were so good. I tried to make them and they did not turn out good at all. I saw a recipe that added lemon juice and I believe I put too much. Ill make some today and post a picture, it’s so simple and easy to make.


Preheat oven to 350

Rinse Kale off, shake dry ( or with paper towel/towel)

Rip into small pieces and place in bowl ( cracker size or or little bit bigger)

Add a little bit of olive oil, just enough to coat

Sprinkle with salt

Place on cookie sheet and place in oven

Now you have to watch them…..don’t get distracted ( like I sometime easily do haha) I’d say about 5 minutes, just open oven and feel them if they are crunchy on the edges they are done. You can play around to bake them to your liking. Wah*lah a yummy healthy snack.

While Hanna was making the Kale chips, I was making dinner. Salmon, Broccoli & Carrots with cous cous.

After that we headed to see Snow white & the Huntsman. I thought it was a good move, I loooove Charlize. Though I wish there was a little more emotion or connection over all it was pretty good.