Herbal Essences Bio:Renew Review #LetLifeIn

BzzAgent sent my Herbals Essences Shampoo & conditioner to try for free.

At first i was hesitant because sometimes with Herbal Essences for some reason my scalp gets oily quicker. I try not to wash my hair daily because my hair & scalp don’t look as healthy. I don’t use Herbal Essences because of that.

I’m always up to try new beauty products.

Herbals Essences has a line of hair products call Bio: Renew. Its a line that marries science with nature. It has 9 collections to choose from based on your hair needs/type.

  • has 0% parabens, gluten, and colorants
  • brings your hair back to life in just 21 days
  • Crafted with bio:renew, a signature blend of essential antioxidants, aloe and sea kelp

Bio:Renew protects hair from the inside out by trapping, neutralizing and removing the build-up of free radicals that mess with your hair. This can be from everyday things like pollution, coloring, sun exposure, even things found in tap water ( like copper).


I received coconut milk that has multi-layered scents of vibrant coconut, a bouquet of white florals, and vanilla. It smelled heavenly. This one is great to keep hair hydrated.

hair flip


At first my scalp did get a little oily but unlike before the more I used it my scalp started to balance out a little and didn’t get as oily. This shampoo & conditioner left my hair really soft & manageable. It had a nice lather and was easy to rinse out. My hair was easy to comb after getting out of the shower.  I also loved getting a whiff of my hair through the day. Is it my absolute favorite ? ….No but I did enjoy using it. I would be up to trying one of their other one in the line.

  • Coconut Milk (hydrate)
  • Argan Oil of Morocco (repair)
  • Cucumber & Green Tea (sheer moisture)
  • Golden Moringa Oil (smooth)
  • Vitamin E & Cocoa Butter (strength)
  • Passion Flower & Rice Milk (nourish)
  • Arabica Coffee Fruit (volume)
  • Rosemary & Herbs (naked moisture)
  • White Grapefruit & Mosa Mint (naked volume)

Herbal essences Bio:renew

I received these products for free from BzzAgent. All opinions are my own.



Empties 10- Mini Reviews


I didn’t add these the last time

Empties 148-158

  • (148) Suave touchable finish hair spray– smelled nice, left hair manageable , soft, & easy to style.
  • (149) Vitafushion beauty sleep- Helped relax me which helped me get to bed sooner. Tasted great, didn’t have a coating like most gummies
  • (150) Colgate Enamel Health toothpaste– keep mouth fresh & clean but didn’t whiten them as well as other toothpastes I use
  • (151) Nature’s Bounty Hair & Nail gummies- tasted great
  • (152)  Sponge– kept skin exfoliated & soft
  • (153) Derma-e antioxidant natural sunscreen– Absorbed nicely, didn’t leave skin sticky or greasy
  • (154) Skin9 Panda Mask– left skin soft but mask didn’t fit well at all.
  • (155) Gold Bond Strength & resilience left skin soft & hydrated
  • (156) Gold Bond Healing – left skin soft & hydrated
  • (157) Dove dry spray– one of my favorites, easy to use,  smell fresh & clean
  • (158) Dr Dennis Gross alpha beta peel– Skin felt great after using it but it had a strong smell to it


June Empties

(159) Yesto grapefruit correct & repair- Nice smell but stings face a little. Not uncomfortable & only lasts a few seconds. My face felt clean afterwards & soft. I prefer the cucumber wipes .

(160) L’AFFAIR Vitamin skin newal mask– It fit well & was easy to move, didn’t fall off, left skin soft , smooth, hydrated, & healthy looking. It did have a lot of essence on it which made it a little hard to open at first.

(161) Pure Good skin food- only 7 ingredients like apricot oil, aloe vera juice, grapeseed oil, safflower oil. At first I wasn’t sure about it because it does make your face look very oily.  I only used it at night before bed. When I woke up my skin was so hydrated, soft, & supple. I used it every day and I had no break outs.

(162-163) Hair Food Moisture Shampoo & conditioner infused with honey apricot fragrance- My hair felt really soft & smelled great

(164-165) Udderly Smooth body cream– My friend turned me onto this like 15 years ago. I love it. Keeps skin smooth, soft, moisturized. Didn’t leave skin greasy, absorbs nicely.

(166) Chapstick hydration lock moisture & renew– Yes I finished one without losing it. Kept lip smooth & soft. Don’t think Ill get a duo one again but it did its job.

(167) Nugg hydrating face mask- Keeps skin so soft & hydrated . Nice pleasant smell

(168) Avalon Organics Cleansing Milk– I didn’t care for the formula but skin felt clean and nice after using it

(169) Garnier Skinactive Clearly Brighter Brightening & Smoothing Daily Moisturizer- smelled nice, absorbed nicely but still left skin looking greasy/shiny. Left skin hydrated

(170-171) Suave Rosemary & Mint shampoo & conditioner – Left hair soft, nice,healthy. Love the scent my hair & scalp were happy

(172) Not Your Mother’s Beach babe texturizing spray– Not sure if it really gave my hair the texture I wanted but it smelled fantastic. Like a a tropical island because of the coconut smell. I would just get it to spray in my hair for that.

(173) Neutrogena Healthy Skin Boosters facial cleanser– cleaned face great without leaving it feel dry or tight. Foamed up nicely

(174) Manicure & Spa hand creme– I used this at night before bed because it left hands greasy. Not a fan but my hands were soft & moisturized in the morning.

(175) Victoria’s Secret Hydrating Body lotion coconut milk- LOVED the coconut scent & kept body soft, smooth, hydrated

(176-177) Babyganics lotion- My skin was soft & the chamomile scent was relaxing

(178) *Garnier Skinactive Clearly Brighter Brightening & Smoothing Daily Moisturizer smelled nice, absorbed nicely but still left skin looking greasy/shiny. Left skin hydrated


Haircut for the Holidays

I love long hair but I also like having shorter hair. My hair is super thick so it can be a bit much at times . Waiting for my hair to dry…yeah right! Blow drying takes time and my arms hurt. Oh and if I want to change it up curling/flat iron I should be prepared to give up half way through or get an arm work out. lol

My hair was at the length while nice and pretty was a pain.

So on Monday I went and got it cut .

haircut 2015

The best feeling is running your hands through your hair after a cut, especially when a lot of length is taken off.  The first shower is also nice.

I was lucky and didn’t have to pay for my cut . I was a hair model for a demonstration at Arrojo NYC . It was my first time getting my hair cut in front of a class and a bit weird with 50-60 people looking at you. I also almost slipped on my hair when I got up , that would have been so embarrassing!

If you live in a major city you should google if any of those big salons have training nights. You can get you hair cut for either free or at a fraction of the cost.  You can get color , blow outs, styling as well too.

If you aren’t in a major city, check out your local beauty schools.

If you are in NYC :

Try Bumble & Bumble  I went there a few times, loved my hair each time.

Arrojo NYC  – Get your hair cut , colored, styled, ect by one of their students for a fraction of the cost.

You can also check out SalonApprentice where they look for volunteers.

short hair 2015 arrojo nyc


Do you get your hair cut for the holiday season? 

Radha Beauty Fractionated Coconut Oil Review

This oil stays a liquid unlike regular coconut oil that goes solid at room temperature. It is odorless, colorless, & non-greasy. It absorbs into skin nicely, doesn’t clog pore. It also has an indefinite shelf life. It is an ideal carrier oil & base for home-made bath & beauty products. I like this oil because its only one ingredient 100% Pure Fractionated Coconut Oil with no fillers & not tested on animals. This specific oil is best for cosmetic/skincare/beauty, not for cooking. Like this peppermint sugar scrub I made. You just need sugar, coconut oil, peppermint essential oil, I also used crushed up peppermints for the pink color but you could also use a little food coloring. peppermint sugar scrub

I made this a week or two before I received the Radha Beauty Coconut oil, I should have waited! It would have been perfect. Recipe >> DIY Peppermint Sugar Scrub What else can you do with this oil?

Makeup Remover : Apply it to face or use a cotton pad and wipe away makeup. I liked using it to remove my mascara. Mascara coconut oil

Oil Bath : Add some coconut oil to your bath with some essential oils to your hot bath.

Hydrate hair & tame frizz :Rub a dime size amount from mid-shaft to tips of hair. It helps with frizz & give your hair a healthy shine. You can also condition you hair by adding some coconut oil when you get out of the shower to lock in moisture. -> take a few tablespoons of coconut oil ( 2-4 , more depending on how thick/long you hair is) Feel free to mix essential oils in this as well. Massage oil into hair. Wrap up for 30-60 minutes . Wash out. You might need to wash hair twice. Your hair will be really soft & have a nice healthy shine.

Cuticle Oil : Rub some oil into the cuticles of your nails to leave them looking healthy and hydrated. It will also make your manicure look so much better. radha beauty oil nails

Night Cream: Apple oil at night to fight wrinkles. Coconut oil has a smooth effect for fine lines & wrinkles, locking in moisture.

Whiten Teeth: Mix coconut oil with bakin soda & brush teeth with it. I haven’t done this yet but know a handful of people who use coconut oil as a natural way to get a brighter smile…and it works!

Dandruff Treatment :Massage some oil into scalp to moisturize.

Massage Oil: Its the perfect massaging oil, you can even add some essential oils. Teeth Whitener : Add some coconut oil with baking soda and brush teeth with mixture. I haven’t done this yet but a few friends have and they have the whitest teeth.

Moisturizer : Apply after your bath or shower. It absorbs quickly, not greasy, & non staining. Radha Beauty Fractionated Coconut Oil Moisturizer

I really love products like this because its great for you skin, natural, & very versatile. I ordered on Amazon and they were really quick with shipping and have had great communication. They sent me and Ebook so I can see the different ways to use the coconut oil & touched base to see how it was working for me.

Do you use coconut oil for beauty / health purposes ( beside for cooking) ?

*I received this product complimentary from Radha Beauty for an honest review. All opinions are my own.