Workin on my fitness

I’m in a work out rut, I’ve been slacking…. a lot and I’m over it.

This past year has been total chaos with moving around, living like a gypsy and out of a suitcase, multiple heartaches for different reasons. I’ve been stressed , usually I work out to take my mind off of whatever is going on but its been hard in my situation.

I will probably blog about my year of chaos at some point but not just yet.

On top of not working out as much as I would like, I also have been indulging in cookies.

P.S I gained 5- 7lbs! ahhh lol Thank goodness for being tall and not being able to tell but I can tell.  Also its not bad for a year .I can also feel it , I don;t have as much energy  and though Im thin, I am not as toned as I was a year ago.

So I saw this boxing gym offering their first class free, so I decided to try it out and get out of my rut yesterday.

There was a choice of kickboxing and boxing…. I took kickboxing with a trainer named John.

I had no idea what to expect.

First, the warm up which was tough! I was sweating just from that. It involved push ups, which I hate ( yes I did girl ones)

Then we put on the boxing gloves and used the bag. Jabs, cross punch, upper cuts & kicks. We would stop throughout and do jumping jacks, jumping jack push ups, and various other exercises then back to the bag. I was sweating so much and was like I need a break but kept on going. There was also an older guy in my class that didn’t look so in shape and if he was going, I needed to ! lol It was like when I would run all the time, if someone was running in front of my I would pretend it was a race in my head , it would motivate me to go harder and farther. I also liked punching the bag, definitely good to let out anger or whatever out on the bag.

Quit because I was suffering

After the punches & kicks we went to the floor for abs. I though it was cool to use the bag for some of the ab exercises. My abs were shaking, it was a tad hard to do some of them because I’m so tall like swinging my legs side to side of the bag.

I felt so good afterwords and had so much energy. I felt it right away, walking down stairs I was a little shaky but not sore.

Today though I can feel it in my chest, back, triceps, outer leg, abs.

I would love to go more but its monthly membership only , if I could drop in a random class here and there I would definitely go back.

Next week , hopefully I will try out LA Fitness. I have a free pass for a week and would love to try out some classes and just workout in general. I know I want to take a yoga class & cycle class for sure . Other classes that I might try is body works w/abs, zumba, kickboxing cardio. I might not be able to do them all just because I might be sore from other classes but will definitely try to get them all in. I will keep you updated ! 🙂



Battle wound from elbowing the bag.