Bzzagent – Glade wax melts & plugins scented oil customizables

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I always am excited when I get an invite to participate in a campaign from BzzAgent. This time it was from Glade plugins scented oil warmer customizables & wax melts.

Glade plugins scented oil warmer customizables

I went to CVS, and there wasn’t much of a selection. I found the one I bought behind some other products. So I was ‘stuck’ with clean linen and sunny days. Which isnt so bad because it’s still a clean , neutral scent.
First you notice the design of the plugin. It’s pretty and in a neutral color so will go well in any room. The only con is it is big so can’t use that outlet for anything else.
It was easy to assemble , you just unscrew the caps from the oil , lift up the plate and insert them in, and then plug it in.
I first plugged it in near my bed but had to switch it to another outlet because the scent was really strong and gave me bad headaches.
I read somewhere the first few days the scent would be the strongest but I still suggest you move it to an outlet you won’t be sitting or sleeping.
I had it plugged in for about an hour when my friend came home. Right when he walked in he said wow it smells nice in here.
I like it because I’ve been using it for a month and I can still smell it, it’s also a nice because it’s not bam in your face scent it just sort of lingers and fills the room .
Price varies $7.99-$12.99
Plus there are a variety of scent to choose from like ; Apple cinnamon & lavedar & peach blossom, Hawaiian breeze & vanilla passion for the kits
They have a variety of refillable like honeysuckle & nectar, fresh berries and right now they have limited edition spring scents that smell really nice!

Wax melts
So my warmer is in my storage unit so I havent used these yet.
I ended up getting Live Loud ( hints of mandarin, peach and pear join notes of plumeria, peony and orange blossom ) from their Spring collection.
Just from them in the pack I could smell it in the room.
From their site: they last 12 hours each wax melt (there are 8 in a pack)
Price : varies about $4.99