ASDM Beverly Hills Serums Review + Giveaway

I teamed up with ASDM Beverly Hills again and they sent me 3 products to try out. (The other product review will be posted in a few days) I really like ASDM Beverly Hills skincare because they use natural ingredients, are easy to add to your routine, they make your skin look good, & they don’t test on animals.

Intensive Repair Vitamin C Serum $30

ASDM Vitamin C Serum

What it does:
It renews & protects skin from harsh toxins & stressors that our skin deals with every day. This serum helps brighten skin tone for a radiant glow.  Diminishes signs of aging and helps prevent against hyperpigmentation caused by sun damage.

How to use:

Shake the bottle before usage. After washing you face apply a small amount of the serum to your face morning & night. Apply in upward motions.  Let sit on the skin for a few minutes and then add your moisturzer.

  • You may notice this might look milky , this is because of the high concentration of vitamin C. Just shake it up.


Vitamin C ASDM Beverly Hills

Whats in it?

  • Vitamin C (MAP): is a water-soluble derivative of vitamin C that is rapidly gaining popularity in skin care. It’s stand-out features are that it’s nonirritating, and it’s more stable than L-ascorbic acid. Research is also finding that it appears to be just as effective as ascorbic acid in the stimulation of collagen production. Overall, MAP(magnesuim ascorbyl phosphate) appears to be a better choice than vitamin C for people with sensitive skin and those wishing to avoid any concomitant exfoliating effects. (Most vitamin C formulas are highly acidic and therefore produce exfoliation)
  • Hyaluronic acid  is highly praised for its ability to “reverse” or stop aging. Hyaluronic acid was nicknamed “key to the fountain of youth” because it is a substance that naturally occurs in humans and animals. As you age the level of hyaluronic acid present in your body gradually diminishes.
  • Green tea Extract: Green tea is not fermented, thus it still retains its polyphenols, natural antioxidants. Antioxidants protect the body from free-radical compounds that destroy healthy cells.
  • Grape Seed Extract: Grape seed extract is one of the most potent antioxidants out there, consisting of proanthocyanidins, polyphenols, flavonoids, and anthocyanins. In addition, it has been shown to assist in wound healing and overall improving skin’s health. Heathy skin= younger skin!
  • What is Vitamin E: Vitamin E helps skin look younger by reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. As a powerful antioxidant, it also helps protect skin from harmful free radicals in the environment.
  • Matrixyl 3000: Powerful lipopeptide molecule that stimulates collagen production in the skin. When combined with other peptides, it is even more effective in stimulating the lower layers of the skin so that they are able to heal.
  • Silk powder: Silk powder is a moisturizing ingredient that also helps to reduce the appearance of pores for a smoother look and feel.
  • Honey Extract: Moisture-balancing extract derived from Honey consisting of Minerals, Amino Acids and Oligosaccharides. Makes skin velvety soft and supple.
  • Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Extract: Aloe vera leaf extract helps to increase fibroblast replication, resulting in an increase in collagen and elastin fibers. Also improves skin’s health and healing abilities.


100% Pure Hyluronic Acid Serum $23

ASDM Hyaluronic Acid

What is Hyaluronic Acid?

Hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring molecule that is present in the connective tissue throughout our body. As we age, the presence of this molecule starts to diminish, causing skin dryness and predisposing your skin to environmental damage. So what is the magic behind this ingredient? Hyaluronic acid has an amazing ability of holding moisture. Just one gram of hyaluronic acid can hold 6 liters of water! How can this property improve your skin? Topically applying hyaluronic acid helps to improve your skins moisture content and thus strengthening your skins barrier. A healthier barrier means plumper, smoother, younger looking skin! But not every hyaluronic acid is created equal. At ASDM Beverly Hills, they make sure their hyaluronic acid is high quality with a low molecular weight. It is biotechnologically produced from glucose, soy peptone & yeast extract (does not contain any animal products and has not been tested on animals)


What it does:

It is a natural substance produced by skin cells that keeps skin moist, supple and smooth. Keeping skin hydrated & helps plump up fine lines & wrinkles. Leaving skin youthful looking.


How to use?

Apply a small amount morning & night in an upwards motion. Let the serum sink in a few minutes before applying your moisturizer.

ASDM Hyaluronic Acid

Ingredients: Distilled Water, Pure Hyaluronic Acid (Sodium Hyaluronic acid), [Grapefruit Seed Extract (Citrus Grandis (Grapefruit) Seed Extract, Glycerin], Lactobacillus Ferment.




I’ve been using both of these together for at least 2 weeks now. You can use these serums together or separate. The Vitamin C is a light orange color that is thin in consistency. For me I used one pump which was easy to spread over my face. I would say the first few days my skin was a little pink after applying for about 10-15 minutes. My skin just needed to get used to the products ( there was no pain or discomfort). I would wait for the vitamin C serum to dry & absorb. Do some squats , brush your teeth, floss. It does make your face a little tight feeling ( this is why a good moisturizer is important)
Next I added the Hyaluronic Serum which you use a dropper to get out. It’s a little thicker than the vitamin C and is clear in color. I would use my middle finger as a guide, palms facing up I would take the dropper and slowly squeeze it out onto my middle finger from the knuckle up. Then rub finger tips together and apply in an upwards circular motion. Wait for it to dry and then add moisturizer. One things I worry about with adding a new skincare product(s) to my routine is how it will react to my skin. Will I break out, will I have a reaction, will it mess with my skin?
With both ASDM Beverly Hills serums, except for the first few days with a little pink skin ( that went away in about 10-15 minutes) my skin was fine & have noticed a little change in my skin. For the better.
I have only been using the serums for 2 weeks & only used them in my night time routine but I think my skin does look a little more brighter. My face also feels smooth & soft. Perhaps if you used them both morning & night you would notice a difference faster. For me Im just letting my skin get used to them a little more and then I might add them in the morning.





  • Store these bottles at room temperature, away from sunlight.
  • Always use clean hands before starting your skincare routine.
  • Remember to use a small amount, using too much may dry out skin.
  • If you have sensitive skin, I would use this only once a day , at night.


*You can use both serums at the same time just don’t mix them together in your hand. You want to add the thinnest first , which is the vitamin C. Wait a few minutes to let dry, then use the Hyaluronic acid. Wait a few minutes to dry, apply your moisturizer.


When will you see results?

For the most part with any skincare products, you have to give it time to work with you skin.  Skin does not age and become damaged overnight, so don’t expect any skincare product to correct these issues overnight. I’d say 2-3 weeks to start seeing some sort of results but at least give it a month, in my opinion. The more mature your skin is , give it a little more time.

A good skin routine should be something like this :

  1. Cleanse Skin
  2. Exfoliate Skin, pat dry.
  3. Tone skin, allow to dry.
  4. Apply a thin layer of serum, allow to dry.
  5. Moisturize skin.



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I received these products complimentary from ASDM Beverly Hills for review purposes. All opinions are my own.

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42 Bees Slant Tip Tweezers Review + Giveaway #BeautyTweezers

Tweezers are a must have for a girl or guy. Whether you need them for beauty use or first aid care.

42 Bees sent me their slant tip tweezers to try out. The packaging is really cute, from the bee to the hexagon shape ( like a honeycomb). When you open it up , the tweezers are inside a clear PVC tube for sanitary safekeeping between uses.

About these tweezers:
Easy to hold & use
Sharp slanted tip .4mm thickness to help grab small & fine hair
Good for brows, splinters, ingrown hairs, ticks, glass
One less beauty tool- it also has a comb
Stainless steel
You can find them on Amazon

42 bees tweezers

I took the tweezers out of the tube and these feel great in your hand & easy to grip hairs. They are high quality & durable. I’m sure most of us girls have a collection of tweezers that just didn’t make the cut in removing hair or splinters.

42 bees tweezers

I believe brows are important to keep groomed, they help frame the face and just polish your look. I usually get my brows threaded but do upkeep them in between appointments and these tweezers are perfect for just that.
These tweezers are a 2 in 1 deal; one side you have an ultra shape slanted tweezer great for grabbing the smallest hairs & then a comb to help brush brows to see what hairs need to be plucked. No need to find another tool or if traveling bring another one with you. I was even able to grab some hairs that were just starting to grow out with the tip of the tweezers with no problem.

using 42 bees tweezers



U.S residents only
You have 24 hours to claim prize
I am not responsible for lost packages.
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I received this product complimentary for review purposes. All opinions are my own.

Mia Mariu Love Your Skin Pack review + giveaway #MiaMariu


  Mia Mariu is a complete line of botanical skin care, mineral makeup, nutritional supplements, fragrances, & essential oil blends using the finest ingredients in nature to help you illuminate your beauty from the inside out and from the outside in. I received a “Love Your Skin” pack to review. Keep reading to see how you can win a pack to try for yourself a $69 value! 😀

You can check out all of their products on there website Mia Mariu

Refreshing Foaming Gel Cleanser $23
Suitable for all skin types
Use AM & PM
Non-irritating, oil-free, sulfate-free, fragrance-free,paraben-free
Removes tough dirt, makeup, & impurities
Leaves skin soft, hydrated, & refreshed
Formulated with essential oils to revitalize the appearance of your skin.

It has a light citrus smell from the orange, grapefuit, & lime oils that I enjoyed when using it. Leaves skin feeling clean without striping oils from your skin and leaving it dry, instead your skin feels really soft.

Hydrating Anti-Aging Moisturizer with SPF 30 $46

Protects skin by blocking damaging UVA & UVA rays
Helps reduce the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles with green tea extract.
Leaves skin nourished
Infused with white birch bark extract, pomegranate extract, & vitamins A & E to revive tired skin and boost cell renewal.
Non-irritating, oil-free, paraben free
Good for all skin types
Use AM & PM

Rich creamy moisturizer. This leaves your skin feeling baby soft. You can smell the sunscreen but it goes away quickly when applying. Sometimes with moisturizers with sunscreen I have issues with the way it works with my makeup. I didn’t have a problem when using this. It absorbs nicely but it does leave my skin a little shiny/oily looking. I usually have this issue when using moisturizers with sunscreens in them. I just add a little setting powder when I am done applying makeup and it is fine. I also didn’t breakout from using this moisturizer.

Theraputic Oils “Relax” $40
mia mariu oil
100% organic
Alcohol , paraben, sulfate free
Blend of lavender, sandalwood, cedar, clary sage pure essential oils.
Promotes inner peace & emotional well being
Induces relaxation
Reduces nervous tension & anxiety
Soothes discomfort with menstrual cycles
Supports restful sleep
Apply on pulse points on wrists, temples, & back of neck with circular motions.
The scent really is relaxing.

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-I am not responsible for lost or damaged packages.
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I received this product complimentary for testing & review purposes.

Peanut butter with a twist ~ PB Crave review + giveaway

PB Crave sent me their delicious unique peanut butters to try & review. Keep reading to see how you can win their 4 unique flavors ( Razzle Dazzle, Cookie Nookie, Coco Bananas, Choco Choco) , a $28.92 value.


Lets get started !

– Choco Choco –

A delicious double dose of semi-sweet and rich dark chocolate with premium peanut butter and wild honey. Natural peanuts, premium dark chocolate, & honey to enhance the flavor.

A classic pairing, chocolate & peanut butter. It reminds me of a reese’s cup… yummy! This one had a thicker & chunkier texture to it. I spread some of this delicious peanut butter over some apple slices. One of my go afternoon or evening snacks. This would be good on pretzels, rice cakes, or off the spoon!


– Coco Bananas –

A tropical blend of yummy bananas, cocoa and wild honey. Peanuts, a mix of natural banana flavor, real chunks of semi sweet chocolate , & MELO-O honey.

I like having peanut butter with bananas , so was interested to see what this would taste like. Sometimes banana flavoring could be bad or good . It definitely was like I was eating a fresh banana with peanut butter. What did I make with this flavor? I made oatmeal by mixing in some Coco Bananas PB Crave & topped if off with some chia seeds & sliced banana.


– Cookie Nookie –

A mouth-watering mix of chocolate chips, cookie dough flavor, wild honey and premium peanut butter — it’s two classics together as one. Farm fresh peanuts, natural cookie flavoring, & chunks of real milk chocolate, with a dash of MELO-O honey.


I saved this one for last because cookie nookie just sounded like it would be the “save the best for last”. It is one of their most popular flavors. How can you go wrong with cookies & peanut butter? While mixing I got a whiff of peanut butter and vanilla ( the vanilla smell you get when you mix cookies) . It had a medium texture but still easy to spread. I was right this one was dangerously good. I ended up making an oatmeal chocolate chip cookie smoothie.

Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookie Smoothie

– Razzle Dazzle –

A twisted blend of red raspberry, wild honey, cool white chocolate and rich dreamy darkness .
Fresh peanuts, natural raspberry flavoring, a mix of semi-sweet & white chocolate, a touch of MELO-O honey.
label_razzle dazzle_pbcrave

I love raspberries & right when I opened the container I smelled it right away. I like the mixture of white & dark chocolate. This one had a thinner consistency than the rest. This would be perfect on bagels, waggles, pancakes, or toast. How did I use it? I toasted up a whole wheat bagel thin, spread some PB Crave Razzle Dazzle, topped it with sliced banana, & spinkled some chia seeds on top.


A little info on PB Crave :
Natural made with U.S grown peanuts
No hydrogenated oil
Cholesterol free
No Trans Fat
Gluten free
No added sugar
No high fructose corn syrup
Kosher Certified
Portion of proceeds support
Project Peanut Butter

Where can you buy PB Crave & find out more?
The PB Crave website, Walmart Supercenters, and Cost Plus World Market stores across the US , or you can use the store finder on their homepage to find a store near you.

PB Crave Website

Find them on social media : Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram

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Now you have a chance to win these flavors to try for yourself. Whether you want it to spread or right off the spoon you won’t be disappointed.

– One winner will win Razzle Dazzle, Cookie Nookie, Coco Bananas, & Choco Choco delivered right to their door step.
– Must be in the lower 48 states
– Must be 16 and over to enter
– I am not responsible for any lost, stolen, or damaged packages.
– You have 48 hours to claim your prize, then it goes to the next person.
– Good luck!

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Which flavor are you most interested to try?

Old Factory Candles Review + giveaway! #OldFactory


I had the opportunity to try out a themed candle set from Old Factory Scented Soy Wax Candles. Each candle set is themed around a group of related fragrances. There are 12 themed scents to choose from that sounded wonderful. I ended up choosing the Happy Holidays themed set. ( Christmas tree, Candy Cane , & Gingerbread)


• These candles are made in the U.S with natural soy wax, pure fragrance oils, and self trimming cotton candle wicks.

•They are great for a gift for someone or yourself. (Male or female)

• Even though they are small they burn for about 20 hours.

• 3, 2oz candles retails for $25


I love holiday scented candles, which is why I chose the Happy Holiday set.

Christmas Tree: you get that lovely Christmas tree scent without the hassle of having to pick one out and no mess to clean up afterwards. It will definitely get you in the holiday spirit. My friend walked in and was like wow it smells great in here.

Gingerbread : This one smelled like I had gingerbread cookies baking in the oven .

Candy Cane: this one for me was just ok . It had a nice smell but I didn’t really think candy cane.

It didn’t take long for the scents to fill the room . I also didn’t get a headache while burning it for a couple of hours like some candles. Probably because it is made with pure fragrance oils.

They are a bit pricey but are made in the U.S and I like supporting companies that make their products in the U.S
Plus they smell fantastic!

I like the logo it’s simple but to the point .

* * * * * GIVEAWAY * * * * *

This is my first giveaway so I’m pretty excited.

To enter this giveaway click here (rafflecopter)
Good Luck!

·One winner will receive a coupon code from Old Factory Candles and be able to choose a candle set of their own on
·Open to U.S residents age 18 + only
·You must have an amazon account (it’s free) and either amazon prime or paypal to be reimbursed *for shipping*
·I am not responsible for the products contained in the shipment/box, shipping, lost, damaged, or stolen packages, or any other issues with Old Factory Candles and
·Candle scents based on availability.
·Winner will be notified Nov 28 2014

If you win which themed set will you choose?

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.