How I scored free boots, accessories, & clothes

I’ve scored so many great things lately , a little bit of everything us ladies love.

A couple of months ago I posted about a referral program for Balla Bracelets. I received these cute heart earrings from them.

Balla Bracelets


Next up is Glamulet, I worked with them twice for Breast Cancer awareness month & Black Friday. They sent this limited edition breast cancer awareness charm necklace. Its much better in person


Next up Klout, I received $250 to spend at Lattori

Klout Perk Lattori dress

I wasn’t sure how it would fit but …..

Lattori Dress

It fit perfectly! I tried it on immediately. I was so happy. Its made very well & is really comfortable.


I’ve been mentioning ShopYourWay lately because its pretty easy to get points which equal $$. You can spend them at Sears or Kmart. Make sure to sign up for emails because you will get offers often. Some are great some not so much. I’ve gotten $35 off $35, $10 off $10 Plus when you play their instant win sweepstakes and get extra points to use.

Instant Win Games

So what have I scored?


Boots $26.24 ( good deal on cyber monday)

Long Sleeved top $12.99

Socks ( for my friend) $11.31

Total $50.54 = FREE with points


Bongo Leggings $10.40

Heart Necklace ( for sister) $6 on sale

Covington Sweater ( for friend) $14.99

Total: $31.39 = FREE with points

Had $10/10 womens clothing + points from games

I also received 2 x$5 coupons because I had to wait 10 minutes for my order when I picked it up. I usually look online , seems easier especially with the holidays.


I had to exchange a dress I got with my points because it didn’t fit ( con of shopping online) I went to the store and it was an even exchange.


I’ve scored great pieces on Schoola.

Use my link & get $20 credit

Credit expires I think in 60 days. They have great deals so check back. They have free shipping, percentages off, or even gift card deals. ( I received a $5 Starbucks & Target gift card with 2 past orders.Schoolapieces


Calvin Klein dress, Hourglass Skirt


Cynthia Rowley Dress

Tank ( not picture) I got for Free with credit, and they had had a deal if you bought something with the special promo code you would get a $5 Target gift card


Gap Dress


I received this infinity scarf to review. Its really soft!

They have tons of colors and patterns that you can check out here infinity scarf

Before Christmas if you were the first 250 shoppers at Macy’s you would get a $10 gift card. I had to go to the mall anyway , so I stopped in. I wish there wasn’t a time frame because I didn’t have to shop that morning so went back a day or 2 later to buy something. With holidays , it was hectic but found something pretty easy.
Macys $10 promo
As I was about to hunt I was walking towards the shoes and saw a display of rings for $11.99. Nothing good for shoes so went to look at the rings. I had a 20% off coupon making this Charter Club ring free with the $10 gift card promo card ( orginally $27.50)
Ring Macys

Save with ShopYourWay

I mentioned ShopYourWay  about a week and a half ago. Now its the time to sign up especially if you are still shopping for the holidays.

When you do sign up make sure you sign up for emails. I recently received an email with $25,000 points ($25) to spend on clothes. FREE $$ People have also gotten great deals on tvs I think someone was able to get a tv for under $10.


So of course I had to check it out. I ended up finding this textured Metaphor sheath dress…for FREE on

Sears Dress ShopYourWay

It was on sale fore $27.99. The best part is that ShopYourWay has instant win games and you can score points ($$) to spend. I had $7 saved up from the games so the extra was used for what went over the $25.


ShopYourWay Total

I chose in store pick up so I should be able to pick it up tomorrow morning. They send a confirmation to pick up quickly within an hour of ordering.

  • You can also redeem points in store while shopping

You can play the instant win games here

A little about ShopYourWay.

It is a free program that rewards you for shopping at Kmart, Sears, Lands’ End & a few other stores.  You earn 10 points for every $1 you spend on qualifying purchases.  A little reward for shopping in their stores.

Are you a member of ShopYourWay? Have you gotten any good deals?


Affordable ( possibly free) clothes- FREE $30 credit

About a week ago I posted this deal from Schoola

It is like thredup ( or twice , now closed) where you can buy gently use women’s & kids clothing & accessories at 70% off retail price & best of all 40% of the proceeds go to schools.

I got 6 tops & a scarf for FREE!

Well my clothes came in and I am very pleased. They all fit pretty well, I wish the Bebe top was longer and the Gap Blue knit sweater smelled a little like cheap perfume but other than that everything was in great shape and exactly what I expected from the photo. Shipping was also quick. They send you a fabric bag with the clothes inside which can be useful for travel.


My favorites are definitely the elephant printed infinity scarf & the blue Jessica Simpson to next to it. The slits you see have lace, fits and feels great and love that little detail.


I made a second order to score a free $6 Starbucks egift card & ended up getting this basic black Gap sweater.

Want to get in the deal too?

Sign up for an account using my link & get a $20 credit

Next make a Collection to get $10 credit

To create a collection at the top , hover over Collections, scroll down click +New collection

You also get 50% off your first purchase

Right now there is FREE shipping on orders $25 and up

Do you like free and/or a good deal on clothes?

I just scored 6 tops & a scarf for FREE! ( Bebe, Jessica Simpson, Gap, Bisou Bisou)

Sign up for a FREE Schoola account and for a limited time you will earn $20 when you sign up. There is a currently free shipping as well so hurry up.
You can get children’s clothing ( boys & girls) , junior girls clothes, & women’s clothing. As well as accessories & shoes.

You can also score another $10 when you search for something. So say you go look at dresses, select your size and on the left hand side you will see name you collection . Pick & enter a name for your collection & save. You will get $10 added

Now you will have $30

On top of that you get 50% off your first purchase!

******Use my link to get your $20 credit ******

This is what I scored nothing out of pocket.

I am not sure if this promo is still going but since I had a little credit left I bought this sweater. I used code THANKSALATTE and got 6% off and I’m also supposed to get a $6 Starbucks e gift card that is supposed to be mailed 11/2


If you do this offer let me know what goodies you get.

Fashion Haul- Ready for Falling

Savings for me doesn’t stop at beauty, makeup, food, pet supplies , ect.
I love finding great deals & scores on clothing, shoes, & accessories.

It was actually my inspiration to start my blog when I was working at a clothing boutique.

I spotted these at Macy’s.
I headed to the clearance racks just to see if there was anything good. Usually size 11 are picked over and nothing interesting. Then I found these Thalia Sodi Booties. They were priced $31.33 orig. $89.50 then was informed they were discounted even more .. $22.37 then she gave me 10% off making these $ 21.41 with tax!! I had gift cards from a survey site that I used making these FREE. These make me happy for Fall.

Beverly Diamonds Ring

Next is this pretty solitaire princess cut ring that I received from Beverly Diamonds to review. I love the simplicity to it and the detailed band. They sell everything from engagement bands, wedding rings, bracelets, studs & more. They have jewelry in white,platinum, and yellow gold.
This ring looked exactly like the photo so no surprises when I opened the box. Shipping was fast and communication was A+
Their website is really easy to navigate so you can find what you are looking for. When I was checking out the engagement rings, I liked that the name and a photo of the type of ring was at the top. So if you aren’t sure about the name of the shape you want there is a photo. You just click and you can see all the style in that shape they have available. I thought that was very helpful.

* I received this ring from Beverly Diamonds complimentary for review purposes. All opinions are my own.

Lane Bryant
Next deal was at Lane Bryant. Not sure if it is still available but if you text LBTXT to 23705 you will get $10 off your purchase. I spotted the sunglasses first and loved the shape & the design on the arms. They were priced $16.95. I went to checkout and they were on sale for $9.98 ( even better) but I couldn’t use my code because of two measly cents lol. So I went to the sale/clearance shelf and found a bracelet that was 4.98
I paid $5.28 with tax( still cheaper if I bought the sunglasses at full price)
Earlier this week I received a $100 gift card to Lane Bryant from their #epicsummerchallenge promo on their FB. So this = FREE !

H&M outfit

Next deal is from H&M I did my first mystery shop job and I will be getting $20. I could have bought a $5 top or something but took advantage because I need new Fall clothes. I grabbed the oversized long sleeve knit top ($19.99)
Then spotted the faux leather legging/trousers/pants ($19.99). I’ve been wanting something like them so got them both. Funny dressing room moment is when I tried on the smaller size and they were sort of stuck. I got them off but was a close call to having to call someone in haha.
I had a 20% coupon for signing up for their email newsletter.
Total with tax : $38.27
-$20.00 = $18.27
Then used survey money to cover the rest = FREE fall outfit
P.S those shoes are free , got them last year :oP

fashion finds
Here are some things I liked but didn’t buy.
The dress was from H&M, I really like the fit . Deciding if I should buy it.
The snake earrings are Betsey Johnson at Macy’s ($35)
The daisy kaleidoscope swarovski necklace from Macy’s (was $265 now $119)

Free Clothes..yes please

I had a $50 gift card to Marshall’s that I got from doing surveys.

Marshalls Clothes
I bought some basics a tank, socks ( love puma socks! they fit my big feet perfectly), & black shorts that fit perfectly.

Marshalls Tops
Then this blue printed top caught my eye as well as this grey tank with the quote ” Not all that wander are lost”.

$1 necklace
There is a new dollar store nearby, I stopped in to check it out. As I was checking out I spotted this necklace. Isn’t it pretty? You never know where you will find stuff.

layering necklace
Was working on my eBay badge on influenster and spotted this necklace for $1.49. I also had a giftcard from another eBay badge on Influenster , so it was free! 🙂

#FabFound Vasecup Target Furniture
I didn’t buy these but thought they were cute. I love the owl vase & cat mug at Marshalls.
Target Has really been upping their game with furniture. The gold table and pink stool with gold are beautiful.

Freebies & Prizes

Meta health bar
black cardigan
Red pack tomatoes tote bag *prize*
luminance skincare samples
Tums chewy delights 2pack + $1 coupon
Garnier clean -blackhead eliminating scrub
Cruzan rum t-shirt ( it’s big on me so I’m going to cut it up and make a work out top, if it’s successful I will post)



Playtex sport fresh balance tampons with small bag prize from Influenster #GoVoxBox #PlayOn


Another prize from influenster #MyNY DKNY fragrance


Pinchme box
Ecotools deep cleansing facial sponge
Mr Sketch mint marker
American Crew power cleanser style remover
Pure Via stevia sweetener 2 packets + $1.50 coupon


Awesome deal : FREE dress

A few months ago on Club Skinny Skinny Cow the top award to redeem was a $50 gift card of your choice (from a list). I chose Target.

When you sign up you get 500 points and earn points for watching their commercial, tweeting, and uploading photos.

I happened to spot this Mossimo dress
It was $24.99 but on sale for $17.48
Then I used the Cartwheel app for Target and it ended up being $13.48
( but still free since infused the gift card)

mossimo dress deal

Extreme Couponing- Clothes Edition

Ok so this week I’ve made two trips to the mall and they were the best trips EVER!!

On Wednesday I went to the mall with my little cousin, aunt, & friend.

As you can see in a previous post I am a member of crowdtap . I was chosen for an Old Navy Style Council/ Sample & Share for sweaters. I shared my coupon for a free sweater with my aunt. We both got sweaters for $39.95. So between both of us we saved $80. YAY.

( click photo to see sweater we chose)


We also when to JCPenney ( clicked for details) because I went there after Thanksgiving and got free buttons. You just ask any employees if you can have some buttons. They are really cute but the important thing on them is the codes. You can win great prizes , I received $35 in gift certificates ( 3 $10 & 1- $5).

I found this cute top.. wasn’t sure how much it was but knew it would be under $10 with my gift certificate. It ended up being completely free! ( originally $15)

It fit great and I liked the way the fabric felt. I also liked the little sequin triangle in the front.


My friend Shawn found a sweater he really liked so I gave him two of my gift certificates.

Original cost $45- on sale $20 – with gift certificates FREE!


My aunt found a hat ( no picture but it was originally $15 on sale for $7 plus my $5 gift certificate = $2!! )


receipts , with some of the buttons 🙂

Now last night was amazing. At first I wasn’t even going to go to the mall but I was bored and decided why not. I had $70 worth of gift certificates now.


Faux leather jacket- $35

I have super long arms which makes jackets and sweaters a tough one to find but this one was perfect and it has a detachable hood. awesome!! 😀


I saw this on my last trip but didnt want to try it on, I love how it fit. I have trouble because I have a small waist and fit nicely.

Turquoise jacket : $30


Long Sleeve top.. how cute is this ? It was originally $15- was $10 =FREE

Will wear for Christmas eve/Christmas!


Ok I look weird in this pic but whatever. This dress fit me so freakin well. I was wasting time waiting for my friend so I went to the dress section, I did a quick glance at the racks, happened to spot this one. Looked at tag , was my size and only $20 whaaaat had to try it on glad I did.


Nothing special here just skinny jeans, great fit & price $20  Brand: A.N.A

Grand Total:: $102 – $70 = $ 32!!! OMG!! I was excited & in shock.


Need more buttons!!

The event ends at the end of the month- what am I going to do after. Im addicted.

I mean this combines things I love. Free clothes, cheap clothes, new clothes, fashion, savings!!