Sandal ready pedi-perfect feet with Amope

I’ll admit it I don’t pamper my feet as much as I do with the rest of my body, especially in the winter. Winter time, you throw on comfy socks and boots and your feet are rarely seen.  When warmer weather hits or  you have a date you’re like oh my! … my feet need a little help.

Crowdtap sent me an Amope Pedi Perfect wet & dry foot file so I can have smooth & healthy looking feet ready to show off.



I haven’t used an electric foot file before so I was excited to try this out.I’ve been hearing & seeing this product mentioned a lot lately. I’ve used pumice stones in the past but that can take some time & effort.



Amope means ‘love my feet’ in Portuguese & this foot file makes you do just that. Amope Pedi-Perfect is an electric foot file that gently buffs away rough ,dry ,calloused skin from the bottom of your feet. You can use this in and out of the shower ( or bath)  because it is completely waterproof. There are 2 settings to choose from depending on your skin needs. A gentle(low) or intensive ( high) setting to buff away coarse skin with ease. The high setting is recommended while using on wet skin. When using this compared to a pumice stone I feel like Amope evenly works on your skin. You can have great looking feet between pedicures or even if you want to skip a pedicure because now you this useful tool in your beauty arsenal.


Besides softer feet, one of the things I like is you don’t need batteries. It comes with a docking station that you plug in and place the Amope foot file on top to recharge. When fully charged ( 3 hours for full charge)  you can use the device over 20 minutes. Even though the device is waterproof make sure the file is dry & area you are charging are dry. It is also cordless so no need to twist and turn around a cord or get tangled up.  


Amope Wet & Dry

The ergonomic design fits perfectly in your hand and easy to grip , whether dry or wet. When using this foot file little pressure is required, the file does all the work. If it does ‘stop’ while using it you may be putting too much pressure on it.


I could tell the difference after just one use. I first tried it dry , if you do decide to do it dry make sure you sit on your tub or put a towel under your foot. I was shocked how much dry skin came off. The file doesn’t hurt , it’s like a little massage. Then I tried it in the shower, which was simple & easy. The foot file was easy to hold onto and didn’t slip at all.

I am always trying to get in a work out , so if you have good balance ; ( in the shower) what I do is stand on one foot say your right leg , bend your left leg behind you. Put the Amope device in your left hand and  move your leg up and down in little movements as you are buffing away your foot. Now you are working out your hamstring & getting beautiful feet at the same time! Haha

Tip: Do pay attention while using it. It went over my toes really fast and scrapped one of my toes. Ouch! It didn’t hurt but did scrap it.


I can’t wait to use this device more , Crowdtap sent it at the perfect time because it’s already warming up in New England. My feet are now sandal ready … now waiting for the day to take out my sandals… now which color nail polish should I choose?

Amope Nail Polish


Have you tried or seen Amope Pedi Perfect Wet & Dry Foot File?

This post was sponsored by Amopé™ as part of a sampling activation for Crowdtap. I received complimentary products to facilitate my review