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I used Evian facial spray frequently when I lived in Florida. It was good to keep my skin cool, looking healthy & refreshed without messing up my makeup.
When Evian sent me their facial spray to review, I was happy to be united with an old beauty friend.

About Evian Facial Spray
evian® Facial Spray contains a pure, soft, natural mineral water with a totally unique mineral balance, and a neutral 7.2pH. The fine mist penetrates & rehydrates the upper layers of skin leaving you great looking skin. Evian facial spray helps tone, hydrate, freshen & soothes all skin types, including sensitive skin.
It comes in a leak proof canister which is good for travel and sealed so no bacteria will get in.
You can find them in 3 different sizes including a TSA approved spray at : Evian Spray website, Sephora, Nordstrom.
1.7 oz./50ml – $7.50
5 oz./ 150ml – $12.50
10 oz./300ml – $18.00

Sure you think, I can just fill up a water bottle and mist my face but what you will be missing is the unique minerals & the tiny micro-droplets that enable the spray to absorbed into the skin. If you filled it up with tap water it would the mist would lay on your skin , most likely messing up you make up & not absorb properly.

How should you use evian® Brumisateur® facial spray?
After cleansing your face : spray face, wait a minute, pat off any excess , apply your moisturizer. The moisture gets “locked” in.

Awaken skin in the morning:hydrates outer layers of the skin up to 16% and reduces under-eye puffiness.

If you travel a lot the high altitude & poor air quality dries out skin. Make sure you have a travel sized can with you to refresh & hydrate you skin before you land.

Love to swim but don’t like they way the ocean or chlorine leaves you skin feeling dry? Use this spray to help remove the salt & chlorine & rehydrate skin.

Use after a workout or sports for a nice cool down

Office air conditioner or heat drying your skin? Hydrate you skin with Evian Spray.

Did you lay out too long in the sun? Spray this on to help soothe your burn ( Evian Facial Spray was originally introduced in 1962 in France at the request of doctors for burn patients)

Use to intense your eye shadow color

top : no evian
bottom: used Evian

Contouring & blending: After applying your foundation spray the mist in a circular motion 8-12 inches away from face for about 2 seconds. It will help even out your complexion

Help set & revive your makeup : Hold the can about 8-12 inches away from face. Spray for about 2-3 seconds in a circular motion which helps blend the makeup to set with the skin and revive make up during the day without messing it up. Leaving you with a natural look.

Final thoughts:
I love Evian facial spray, its really refreshing to use. It is great to hydrate your skin, whether you are in hot, dry, or cold weather. It has a handful of uses from moisturizing, soothing, cooling , toning , & helping makeup look flawless. I like that it only has one ingredient, pure natural Evian mineral water. It’s great to have and with the different sizes you can have it in your purse, gym bag, home, or office.
I also like that the canister is eco-friendly. The can is recycled & it is powered by nitrogen so when you spray it, it does not negatively impact the ozone layer.

Have you tried Evian Spray before? Any beauty/skin secrets you have when using it?

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Evian® is giving away 20 two 5 oz Facial Sprays. Winners will be chosen at random.This giveaway is hosted by The Wilkes Group and not evian or myself.
Enter here for a chance to win.

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