Easy nail art + DIY matte nail

Glitter Nails

This is super easy & is perfect for everyday , holidays, or party.

Take a nude color ( I’m using Poparazzi Lifes a Beach ) Wait until its dry

Take a makeup sponge, apply the glitter to the sponge and tap on the tips of the nail ( Using Milani Glitter Glitz)


Love a color but want it in matte? Using baking powder you can get the look. Pour some nail polish out and mix a small amount of baking powder into the polish. Mix & apply quickly because it get dry fast. I added dots on top of mine.


Im still working on getting lines straight but happy with this angled color blocking design.

InstaNatural Essential Oils Review

I received Peppermint & Lavender Oils to review from InstaNatural.

The power of scent can bring back great memories but some scents can be good for your health.
Essential Oils can help you sleep, relax, help with a headache, help you feel energized, improve skin, & much more. They help you emotionally, physically, & mentally.

Peppermint Oil Benefits & Uses
Helps stimulate & purifies the mind.
Increase mental alertness.
Helps soothe nausea. ( Rub some on behind your ear )
Inhale to curb mid-day snacking
Good for colds & congestion. Place in a humidifier or rub on chest. You can also do a steam if you head is feeling stuffed up . Boil water , put in bowl, add a few drops, put head 10-12 inches above the water with a towel draped over you head for 10 minutes.
Soothes sore Muscles
Add a few drops to your shampoo to treat dandruff
Stop itching- rub on bites
Relieve constipation- mix with coconut oil and rub on lower abdomen
Keep away mice, spiders, & ants by placing soaked cotton balls where you see them.
and much more.

I made a Peppermint Scrub

Perfect to use on your body or feet. These are also great to make for gifts.

peppermint sugar scrub

Lavender Oil Benefits & Uses
One of the most versatile oils.
Helps reduce the stress hormones in your blood.
Improves sleep quality.
Helps with headaches.
Reduces acne.
Helps with depression, anxiety, stress.
Add 10 drops to 1 ounce of coconut oil or aloe to relieve sunburn.
Add some drops with epsom salt to a bath to help relax & soothe muscles.
Menstrual cramps. Massage a few drops onto lower abdomen, apply a hot compress.
Nausea/motion sickness: rub behind ear or around navel
and much more.

Lavender Spray

Lavender spray is great to spray on bedding or an eye mask to help you relax & wind down at night.
1 oz. of rubbing alcohol, vodka, or witch hazel . This help distribute the oil and drys right away, and won’t leave a smell.
10 drops of InstaNatural Lavender Oil
3 oz. water

Both oils :
Like to clean using a natural cleaner? Add either of these oils to mask the vinegar smell.
1 quart of water – 1/2 cup vinegar – 1/4 to 1/2 teaspon drops of essential oil

Get a diffuser and add oils for added benefits in your home.

** With anything, check in with your doctor to see if using these oils are safe for you.

About InstaNatural Essential Oils
Made in the USA
There are no added ingredients or fillers in this premium formula. InstaNatural’s Peppermint Oil is 100% pure and natural for top quality.
4 oz bottles with a dropper top for convenience.
The bottle should be stored in a cool, dark location, away from direct heat and sunlight.
External use only
Dilute well before using ( water or oil)
A small test patch on skin is recommended.

Final thoughts
I really enjoyed using these essentials oils. The bottles are a good size for the price and they last for 2 years when stored correctly. Plus, there are so many uses for them. I for one hate taking medicine ..even asprin. So if I can help symptoms with essential oils which are natural , I’m all for it.

Do you use essential oils? How do you use them?

Clothes- DIY Tips & Tricks

I found these on pinterest.

Such clever ideas. Did your shirt shrink or get too tight??

Cut the sides and add some cool crochet trim .

Check out her site here. She has other creative ways to change up your clothes to make them new again.

Shorts too tight or too short? Add some lacy /crochet trim.

Arms too tight on a shirt or want to make it a bit more girly? Add some lace.

Such great ideas, why have I never thought of this?

Do you have any ways to make your old clothes look new again?


What I got for freeee

I come home from work and there is a decent sized box on my porch. I see if its for me and it is, I pick it up and think wow this is pretty heavy wonder what it is.

One of the freebie sites I follow on FB posted something for Bob’s Red Mill grain. If you used their app to sign up you would get a free hat ( which I didn’t care if I got and/or free grain) I thought why not. I open the box and it was from them. They ended up sending me the hat , a sample of almond butter and 4..yes four full size bags of grains.

7 grain pancake & waffle mix

10 grain hot cereal

honey oat granola

whole grain quinoa

Can’t wait to try it, I’ve actually been meaning to buy some wheat berries by this brand at the store.

Pancakes anyone?? ๐Ÿ™‚

Here is a cool site I have to share

P.S- I made this

A purse made with a sharpie …I mean if I tried this I don’t think it would come out as fashionable & nice looking as this .

or what about a sunburst mirror, I’ve always wanted one but never wanted to spend the money on the ones I really loved. Who wants to spend $200 on a mirror?

Cool DIY

Here is a DIY project I did in May.

A friend of mine gave me her old vanity. I wanted to paint it but wasn’t sure what I wanted. So many choices!! I ended up taking a paint chip sample, it was Ralph Lauren silver crackle type paint. Years later I decide its TIME to paint it. Home depot no longer carried the paint I wanted and was back to square one. I put it on the back burner until I went to home depot and happened to look at spray paints. They ended up having this silver spray paint with a hammered look finish. I had to try it. Here is the final product. Not the best before/after photos, I decided as I already disassembledthe mirror then decided I needed to take photos…oops

I was happy with the outcome.

– Side note when I was looking for paint I was thinking to myself how does home depot not have any crackle paint..then saw Martha Stewart paints and was like WTF how does she not have crackle paint..a month later Martha Stewart had crackle paint in Home Depot! haha now to a Martha Stewart DIY ๐Ÿ™‚

I was watching Martha Stewart a while back and she made this really pretty window frame.

I said I was going to attempt to do it butย  have no windows that could be decorated like this

Here is a neat way to display your items. A wine box, put some nice wrapping paper inside and wahlah..a cool shelf.


Design sponge has so meany neat DIY projects, definitely worth checking out.

Here is another wine crate shelf, I really like this one. I just have to go out and get the supplies and make it already ๐Ÿ™‚


I found the wine box shelvesย  while searching for apple crates , good second option.

Here are some other ideas on how to use apple crates :



Hello world!

So I decided to finally start a blog to share what I like, inspires me and just some cool stuff I had to share with whomever reads this.

A little about what I like..hmm lets see. For one I love clothes, I even work in a clothing boutique. Talking about my work, I finally caved in ( well not just yet) I’m going to buy this white lace Free People skirt I’ve been eying. It went on sale not too long ago and finally decided to try it on and loved it. Its just very pretty, romantic and its is actually long on me. Hard to find when you are 5’11. Very dangerous working there sometimes haha

I also like DIY things and crafts. I’ve been trying to find apple crates to put in my kitchen so I could use them as extra shelves but I haven’t had luck yet. I ended up finding these wicker type baskets and hung them up for now. Worked well and looks nice.

I like cooking – Ill share photos and recipes!

I also like saving $$, who doesn’t right? If your lucky maybe I’ll share some tips on how to get free full size products/coupons/samples.

This week I did pretty well. 20 pk bandaids, carefree pantyliners, 4 – 12oz body washes, carmello bar, 3 suave styling products & free philly swirl ice cream bars!

I guess thats its for now. I’ll be posting some stuff I’ve been wanting to share so..here I go ๐Ÿ™‚