Share the Kleenex #Kleenexcare

As part of the #KleenexBrandBeliever team on Crowdtap. I was sent 2 boxes of Kleenex tissues, Anti-viral & Lotion.

Anti- Viral Tissue has 3 soft layers, including a moisture activated middle layer that kills 99.9% of cold & flu viruses in the tissue within 15 minutes. These would be best especially when you have kids /big family to reduce the spread of germs.
*Didn’t rip apart
There are 4 box designs to choose from.


These little dots are from the middle layer that helps kill the germs


Kleenex lotion is good for delicate skin for those sniffles & sneezes. It has an extra soothing softness so you don’t have to worry about getting a red nose. Who wants to deal with a runny nose and a sore red nose …not with Kleenex!

Kleenex with lotion tissues like the anti-viral are soft, strong, & absorbent. There are 8 box designs to choose from.


Don’t have to worry about red noses with Kleenex with lotion


I have always been a fan of Kleenex tissues because when I’m sick or have allergies I know I can count on them being soft on my skin. I hate when I have allergies or am sick and a tissue causes my nose to become sore. Who wants another problem to deal with when you’re already feeling down?
Next is absorbency & how strong they are. I don’t want to keep using tissue after tissue or double up causing me to have to run to the store because I went through a box so fast. I also don’t want to blow my nose and have gross mucus on my hand.. yuck!
This sampling came just in time with the colder weather and cold & flu season. When I have the sniffles I will be prepared!

Click here for a coupon so you can stock up this winter

Remember if someone has a runny nose, sharing is caring…. pass them a Kleenex.


I received these products from Crowdtap for review purposes. Opinions are 100% my own.

U by Kotex – Save the Undies

I was picked to be part of the #SavetheUndies sampling from Crowdtap.


In each pack there is $1 coupon, 2 sleek tampons, and 2 curves panty liners


Have you seen Save the Undies campaign from U by Kotex?

Nothing is more frustrating than losing a pair of undies due to your period.
Either having them ruined by the surprise start date or having bad period protection.
Have no fear U by Kotex is here!

U by Kotex has fun packaging , I really like the colors with black designs. Makes them more stylish.

I received these just in time , according to my period tracker I was expecting mine any day .
Do you use a period tracker app? I started using one earlier this year , I love it because it’s pretty accurate.

U by Kotex sleek tampons
These are easy to insert with the plastic applicator and PerfectTouch Grip for easy placement.
You can barely tell it’s there.
Great protection and absorbency.
ubykotex sleek tampons

U by Kotex Curves liners
Soft, comfortable , barely there.
I don’t know about you but sometimes I think my period is over but surprise!!! It’s not, so I like wearing these liners for spotting and/ or extra protection when wearing tampons.
ubykotex curve liners

Besides protection from leaks and stylish packaging, U by Kotex is easy to carry. Whether it’s in your back pocket or smallest clutch. I also like that these products aren’t scented. I stay away from scented feminine products because I don’t think it’s good to use. ( can cause yeast infections, irritation, rash)

So throw away those dedicated period undies and wear those cute ones instead… As long as you’re wearing U by Kotex .


Tips for surviving your period

• Buy U by Kotex tampons , pads , or panty liners

•Up your iron ( spinach , tofu, eggs, broccoli, beef) I don’t eat much beef, but can always go for a juicy burger during my period Also vitamin B6 (turkey, chicken, nuts, bananas) , vitamin C, vitamin A , vitamin D

• drink plenty of water

• Eat plenty of fruits and veggies

• Exercise ! I know it’s the last thing is ladies want to do but you will feel better afterwards. I like doing blogilates .

•Get plenty of sleep

So toss those ‘period undies’ dedicated for that time of month and wear the ones the make you feel sexy, confident, cute , flirty or happy!


You can get a sample too just head over to U by Kotex


I received the sample packs for free from Crowdtap to test and review


Cottonelle Summer Clean Care – Crowdtap

Cottonelle and crowdtap sent me some toilet paper and flushable wipes for their Clean & Fresh sampling.



Cottonelle is definitely my favorite toilet paper brand . Their toilet paper is strong, soft, doesn’t fall apart, and get the job done leaving your bum clean.

I like that they sent me a travel pack of the flushable wipes for me and to share . I shared them with some friends who live how nice they feel, smell, and how they work for whatever you are using them for.



When I opened my box from Crowdtap , I put them in my purse. What’s great about them is they are small enough to fit in a variety of size so purses .
When I went to the city for the Cottonelle event I brought them in the navy with red design to freshen up after walking around in 80+ degree weather. When I was working outside in 85 degree weather I had them in my brown purse, I used them to wipe sweat , freshen up, and to clean my hands after lunch. The grey purse I use often, so I throw it in there .

So what can you use them for beside cleaning your bum?
• cleaning hands especially when out and about
•freshening up either from walking around or after working out.
• cleaning up sticky messes
• my cat was sick and used these on her fur to clean her up
•cleaning your face it is BBQ time or even for cleaning kids faces

Last year when I participated in Cottonelle Clean Crew sampling they also sent me wipes.
I liked the design on the dispenser I received last year but I like that the upright one takes up less space.
The design of the dispenser keeps the cloths moist so they don’t dry out.

•Easy to load
•variety of uses
•alcohol free
•gets you get clean & fresh

•I did notice some wipes tear when pulling out from the resistance from the plastic opening where the wipes come out of.
• sometimes doesn’t continuously come out of dispenser.

Dispenser with 42 wipes starts at around $5

Refills (126 ct) starts around $6


Older and new dispenser


I actually use the older one for tampons and panty liners , perfect size.


Now the toilet paper. I never realized how easy it is to do toilet origami.
So if you have guests coming , grab your cottonelle toilet paper and do something like this diamond or heart.


It’s soft , strong , doesn’t break apart, or leave tp behind.
As you can see these ridges help get you clean and you don’t need a lot.


And when you pair Cottonelle toilet paper with the flushable wipes , you’ve got the perfect cleaning duo.

Have you tried the Cottonelle clean care routine yet? It’s the perfect cleaning duo to stay clean & fresh.
Make sure to check out the Cottonelle website.

Spin to win game

Whether you are taking a road trip, heading to the beach , park , or running errands ; I highly recommend the portable Cottonelle flushable wipes. They are great to have in your purse , gym bag, or car.


*I received free products from Crowdtap for testing and review purposes. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.

Schick Hydro 5 Groomer

My best friend Shawn (whom I live with) always wonders how I get to test out products . When I saw this opportunity available from Crowdtap I jumped on it and was accepted.
Shawn was pretty happy too. ( except that I have to take photos too )


The NEW Schick Hydro 5 Groomer is the only 4 in 1 styling tool that shaves , grooms, edges , & hydrates
Retails : about $14.99
Refills for pack of 8- $19.99



Shawn’s pretty on top of shaving so no need mention he needs to shave.

Uh oh I stole a kiss but he forgot to shave with Schick Hydro 5 groomer.


“You must shave” , I said. It hydrates while you get a close shave, try it out.




I think this is a good groomer option. I feel like a lot of guys lose things often, so having all the parts in one groomer is perfect.

What he thought:
•Close shave
•shape felt comfortable in hand , easy to use
•easy to clean
•liked adjustments to trimmer and razor to edger

•Refills expensive
•Hydrating bar makes razor glide to fast


Thumbs up