Add some flavor to your meals with Bumble Bee tuna Gourmet Flavors #Sponsored

Crowdtap sent me 3 gourmet flavors of Bumble Bee prime fillet albacore tuna to try & review.


Sundried tomato & olive oil : Full of rich Mediterranean flavor, great for with pasta & salad.

Chipotle & olive oil : Bold & smoky taste & mild heat. Good for a twist in a burrito, tacos, or wrap.

Jalapeno & olive oil: Zesty jalapeno pepper for an explosion of heat. Try on pizza, sandwiches, quesadillas, and more.

I gave my friend the Jalepeno & Olive oil because I knew I would not care for the flavor. He enjoyed the medium heat of the jalapenos & said it was a perfect amount. It was flavorful & would definitely eat it again. He made an open face sandwich with arugula,a slice of nut & grain bread, mustard & mayo.

Bumble Bee Jalapeno & Olive Oil

Next I thought patties would be good for the sundried tomatoes & olive oil. I was thinking of stuff to add to it or put on top of my patties and got some inspiration for what I normally do with tuna. For lunch I usually take plain tuna, mozzarella, spinach , pinch of pepper & scoop it up with tomato basil wheat thins.

Sundried Tomatoes & Olive Oil Bumble Bee Tuna

What I used for patties: ( made 4 small patties)
Sundried tomatoes & Olive Oil Prime Fillet Albacore tuna fish ( drained)
1 egg
panko bread crumbs
flax meal
pinch of pepper
feta cheese
Mix all ingredients together, make patties. Put some olive oil or coconut oil ( and didn’t think of it until after maybe try to reserve the oil when you drain the tune and use to cook them.)
Cook a few minutes on each side until browned.

I placed them on top of roasted garlic cous cous and added in some red pepper & spinach.
Also had some steamed broccoli.


I really love the sundried tomato. It was subtle in flavor but still gave you something different. This would be great in salads & pasta. I will be on the look out for this flavor. I can see this being a must have for lunch or dinners.

Finally the Chipotle & Olive Oil. I’ve been on a spicy kick lately so I wasn’t sure if I would love this or hate it. At first you taste the smoky flavor then it has a spicy kick. I decided to make a quesadilla with this tuna fish. I would definitely get this one again to spice up my lunches & dinners.

Chipotle & Olive Oil Bumble Bee Tuna

What I used:
Chipotle & Olive oil tuna ( drained)
red onion
red pepper
black beans
chili seasoning
lime juice
cheddar cheese
flour tortillas

I first cooked the lentils. When they were done I added dice red pepper, red onion, black beans, corn, chili seasoning, lime juice, & towards the end garlic. Stir. Cook for 5-8 minutes until everything is heated through.

I then took some olive oil and put it in my grilling pan.
Added a flour tortilla , sprinkled cheddar cheese.
Put some of the lentil mixture. Put half a can of the tuna fish. Distribute both evenly.
Add avocado.
After a few minutes when tortilla is browned and cheese is melted I sprinkled a little more cheese. I placed another tortilla on top & flipped for another few minutes.
Put on plate, cut into 4 pieces. Enjoy.
Bumble Bee Chipotle & Olive oil quesadilla

Overall I think these are a great addition to the Bumble Bee line. It aligns with their BeeWell for Life mission to provide nutritious & quality products that can be incorporated into our every day lifestyles. I haven’t spotted it at my regular grocery store yet but suggested retail is $2.49 for a 5oz can. It helps add flavor without doing much and great to have variety for your meals.I like that they are chunky and don’t have a fishy taste. Even though its in oil, you can drain it and it isn’t saturated with the oil. You can eat them right out of the can , add to a salad, add to a pasta, or make it into something. Its great because if you don’t have a lot of time you can still have great flavor to your meals. I will definitely be adding these to my grocery list, especially the sundried tomatoes & olive oil.

Also if you haven’t already check out Bumble Bee’s website to see more recipes & sign up and earn for their Bee Bucks loyalty program. You earn Bee Bucks by logging your fitness activity, completing a challenge, sharing articles, or rating a recipe. You can earn great prizes like Bumble Bee Gear or entering sweepstakes for items like Apple Macbook Air.

Also check out their Tuna Strong page for great tips, snacks, meals, fitness articles.

Have you tried Bumble Bee Gourmet flavors yet? Have you seen them on shelves? How will you be using them?

I received these products for review purposes. All opinions are my own.

*NEW* Neutrogena nourishing long wear eye shadow + built-in primer review #NTGAdvocate


Crowdtap sent me a new eye shadow palette to try from Neutrogena. I love trying new make up, any girl who loves make up/ beauty products does too! When I saw Crowdtap had an opening I applied immediately.

A little about Neutrogena nourishing long wear eye shadow + built in primer

*These eye shadows have up to 12 hours of wear
*Built-in primer to help prevent creasing & smudging
*Goes on smooth which allows you to easily blend shades
*Contains vitamins & skin nourishing conditioners for the delicate eye area
*Ophthalmologist- tested
*Safe for sensitive eyes
*Reatil for about $9.49

I received the ‘Smoky Steel’ palette. There are 5 other color palettes in this line, you can check them out here.


I like how they have a little how to on the back of the palette since its right there in your hand. You can also check out other tips & tricks on their website . You can also see what shades will go well with your eye color. here

The colors palettes for me are smoky steel for night and soft taupe for day


*from neutrogena site

The top color in your palette is your base, you apply that to your whole eye lid.
Second color is the highlighter, you put that on your brow bone under your eye brow
Third color is for the crease, you blend this in the crease of you eye lid
Fourth color is the liner, you apply this to your lash line start from the center then smudge for a smoky effect.

Here you can sort of see the steps:
Start when a clean face and add moisturizer. I do this right when I get out of the shower.
I keep it simple by just using concealer.


I like using this triangle method. It makes you look more awake and lifts the eye area. Use on any blemishes or where you are red.
Then I added a blush I go from apple to temple.


What would I wear when wearing my smoky steel Neutrogena long lasting eye shadow ?
I wore this black mini, white top with a bow on it, faux leather jacket, heels, and a red clutch for a pop of color. ( P.S this outfit cost me around $ awesome is that?!)


Final look:
I added a tinted lip gloss that enhanced the color of my lips, curled my lashes , added mascara & added a little bit of the 2nd color to inner corner of eyes.




I really liked trying Neutrogena nourishing long lasting new eye shadow. It was so easy to get a smoky eye in just a few steps. I love trying out new make up to see what works best and I like to play around with different looks. I might have to get the soft taupe for day time. I wasn’t really able to test out how long it stays on, my left eye was swollen for a few days (all weekend) and didn’t want to apply any makeup on it until it was better.

I did keep it on for a few hours though when I did apply it & the color didn’t dull & it stayed on well. I like that it has a primer already in it so its one less step when getting ready. I’m all about less work when doing make up . It will give me more time to dance around and figure out what I’m wearing. It went on smoothly, easy to blend, and it was light on my lids. I really liked the charcoal color ( 3rd color) .It had some shimmer in it and really helped blend all the colors together. The only con if I had to nitpick is I wish the darkest color for this palette ( black) was a bit darker and din’t go on as sheer but overall I liked it.

I definitely recommend trying one of these palettes out, whether you are new to make up or a beauty addict. The colors are great and so easy to get a day or night time look.

Have you tried these shadows yet? Are you a fan of Neutrogena, what are your favorite products from them?

* I received this product complimentary from Crowdtap for review purposes.

Vichy Idealia Life Serum 8-Day challenge

Crowdtap always keeps me busy . I was sent Vichy Idealia Life Serum samples for an 8 day challenge for me and a few friends.


I wish I took more photos but this week was a bit stressful. Plus this week I have a few hormonal break outs ahh so last thing on my mind was to take photos.

We all know lifestyle choices and environment factors can do a number on our skin.

4 enemies for ideal skin::

Stress & lack off sleep side effects: over stressed skin marked by sagging & lack of firmness

Environment We come in contact with 700,000 toxins every day. Gross! When toxin exposure combines with harsh & erratic weather changes , skin becomes worn down, dull, sensitive , & prematurely aged .
Side Effects : dull yellow completion

Unbalanced Diet
alcohol, low water intake , eating that extra slice of cake may be harming our skin . Preventing toxin elimination by making oilness , pore size , lines and wrinkles more noticeable.
Side effects : imbalanced skin , large pores, oilness , shine

UV Rays
95% of all premature aging is caused by UV light . Just 15 minutes can trigger wrinkles, dark spots, and damage. ( wear sunscreen!!)

Side effects: uneven skin tone , dark spots , fine lines , loss of firmness .

Yes those side effects suck but it doesn’t mean you can’t go lay out at the beach or pool with a cosmopolitan in hand . We all have vices that keeps our skin from looking its best.

Vichy Idealia Life Serum claims you will see a transformation :
•Even & illuminated skin
•Visibly refined pores
•Moisturized & refreshed skin
•Youthful-looking complexion

Technology / ingredients that help :
Idealia Life Serum helps reset the skin with an exclusive correcting complex that protects against behavioral aging factors ; LR2412+ LHA erases signs of past damage , repairs present skin, and protects for future wear and tear. These 2 molecules increases skin renewal and improves overall skin quality.

Enriched with golden and pink micro pearls that helps illuminate the skin.


Here is what my 8 days were like::

You can wear it alone or under your moisturizer if you have dry skin. Morning and/or night

Day 1 : received my package . Put 1 whole pack of the sample on at night time before bed.

Day 2: used half of sample in morning , half at night . Skin felt a little itchy

Day 3: 1 sample pack half day/half night , skin itchy not annoying itchy more tickle itchy

Day 4: Skin feels really soft , feel moisturized ,looks brighter only used half sample at night . Skin not so itchy


Day 5: half sample at night . Skin no longer itchy have noticed when it gets on eye brows it’s flaky and maybe it spots where I didn’t run it in well enough. So make sure you rub it in evenly and don’t get it on brows.

Day 6: used half morning / half at night
Can’t get over how soft my face is. Also brighter and ‘younger’ looking

Day 7: half morning/ half night

Day 8: I can’t get over how smooth and hydrated/moisturized my face feels.

*the itchiness I experienced was most likely due to a skincare product I was using previously before it started used Vichy.


• Kept skin very hydrated
• Skin was soft
•Skin felt smooth
• Nice floral scent
• Absorbs in minutes
• Brightens skin
•Not greasy
•Light weight
• Good for sensitive skin
•looked great under make up
•foundation and concealer went on top of serum nicely

• Expensive $44 for a bottle
•Didn’t notice any change to pores
•I felt like I did need to wear make up on top of it because the illuminating effect from the micro pearls
• a few times left a ‘film’ on skin in spots
•not sure if it’s this product or others I am using with it but experienced slight itchiness and one night my skin was a little red

Final thoughts
I enjoyed the 8-day challenge to get brighter , smooth, hydrated skin. Before this challenge my skin was pretty healthy and looked good but realize after using this serum my skin is more hydrated, soft, and smoother. I think this product would work well for someone with fine lines since it hydrates the skin very well. When skin is hydrated it plumps up the skin giving you smoother skin. I also think it’s great if you want brighter younger looking skin. The golden and pink micro pearls really make your skin brighter , which makes you look younger . My friend even complimented me on my bright skin.
With brighter and hydrated skin (making you also look rested & younger) you can wear less make up. Maybe you can use that extra time to sleep in or eat something better in the morning 🙂

I do wish it refined pores , it was only 8 days. Maybe I would see better results if I use it longer. My daily make up routine is fairly simple concealer, blush, mascara , lip gloss or lip balm . Last is the price , I would consider buying it of there was a good deal on it since it’s pricy but right now I will hold off. I have too many beauty product to use up before I buy new ones. I would consider buying in the future though.

If I did buy this product I would probably only use it at night.

Have you heard or used Vichy Idealia Life Serum ? What’s your skin care secret for busy days ?

I received samples of this product from Crowdtap for testing and review . The opinions are based on my experience and are my own.


Kleenex Brand Believers – Crowdtap Sampling

I told you Crowdtap was keeping me busy!
They sent me a huge box of Kleenex tissues (210 – 2 ply tissues)
I was hoping for an Izaac Mizrahi box because I’m a fan of him and his designs ( his Kleenex box designs are great)


Kleenex and Crowdtap wanted to see all the ways to use these tissues.

Here is what I used mine for.
Runny nose or sneeze ?
Kleenex has you covered.
These tissues are really soft , absorbent , and thick.


I tried out a new mascara . I was caught outside in the rain , must have wiped my eye. When I glanced in the mirror I realized my mascara smudged.
Kleenex was strong and soft enough to get the mascara off the delicate skin under my eyes.


Not only are they good for blowing noses and cleaning make up off your face but for crafting!

Tissue flower #1


What you need : tissue, scissors, marker, white thread , and a needle

•Draw 5 humps with marker
•Cut it out
•Thread needle
•Start seeing like shown
•Sew through other side , tie off
Tada you have a flower
I then colored in some yellow in the middle

Flower #2


I made these before with regular tissue paper at my old job for a window display.

What you need: 3 tissues for each flower, markers , tape, scissors

•Stack tissues on top of each other
•Fold accordion style
• In the middle wrap a thin strip of tape (I cut scotch tape in half), bobby pin, or thin wire around the tissue paper but don’t let it bunch up
•Cut ends into a triangle or curve. I like the way the triangle looks
•Color the ends /edges
•From the top pull towards the center
•You can leave it like that or with the 2 ply , separate for a fuller flower .
(You can also make Pom Poms just pull even number in both directions)

I ended up taking fake flowers, taking them off and attaching with tape the tissue flowers to the stems.


I put them in a vase next to my tissue box on the night stand near the bed.


Other uses :
Cleaning eye gunk from the corner or your cats eyes


•Cleaning make up brushes.
• blotting your lipstick and strong enough to take it off without tissue sticking to your lips.


• no napkins nearby or ran out ? Kleenex has you covered !
•cleaning up small messes
• uh oh! No toilet paper . We’ve all been there . Kleenex is there to save the day
• Unfortunately during this sampling ,I had to use these tissues for a very sad use…tears . My cat Lexi died . She was sick and got worse day by day. Sunday morning she took her last breath. I went through half box .

Ok happy thoughts again.
So you’re done using the tissues and have an empty box. Now what? Craft time!!

Take the top off and add some wrapping paper .
Now you have a cute box for whatever you need.

What you need:
Wrapping paper, scissors, tape, tissue box , utility knife

First cut the top off with a utility knife , easier than scissors and cleaner edges


Next roll out the wrapping paper, make sure you have at least 2-3 inches on each side. Place the box in the middle trace it. Without moving it flip over on side make sure the line and box add up. Trade that and so on so it looks like this


•Cut it out
•Starting with the longer side (if your box is rectangle)
Place tape on both sides , attach to box follow for other 3 sides
•put tape on edge and place inside box

Sorry thought I took photo of these steps but guess I forgot .

Now you get a box that looks like this


Here are a few things you can add to you box
nail polish , cell phone covers / wallets/ wristlets, but I ended up using it for hair products and make up brushes.




box craft #2 ring holder
I found this one on Pinterest here
This is good for a normal sized box.

Need: Tissue box, 5 or 6 toilet paper rolls, fabric, jute (twine /rope) or you could use wrapping paper, hot glue .
The fabric was only $.97 at Walmart the jute / twine was $1.97.



I tried super glue for the twine but hot glue will work much better.

I came across these crafts too:
Flower Vase
Flower vase

For the kids:
Dinosaur feet
Dinosaur feet

monster tissue box

Have you use tissues or tissue boxes for crafts? What did you make or has I inspired you to try one of these ?

·I received this product from Crowdtap for review purposes. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.

Litter Genie Review

Crowdtap sent me a Litter Genie disposal system to test out and give back my feedback.

A little about the Litter Genie
Retail price : $14.99
Refill : about $6.99
Where to buy: amazon, petco, petsmart, Target

On their website you can get a $2 or $5 coupon

When the box arrived D-O-G, Gizmo, & Lexi definitely wanted to know what it was.


One of the challenges we were asked to do was to decorate the Litter Genie.
Here is what I did to mine :



And the kitties with the decorated Litter Genie


Next is assembling the Litter Genie.
It was somewhat easy but the directions they do give ,they need to be clearer.




•Insert the scooper holder in the groves on the side , you will need to open it to do this .

•pull the plastic tab and remove
•Pull about a foot of the plastic and tie a knot

Inserting the plastic “bags” is where I was confused and wasn’t as clear. It shows something lifting but didn’t really see anything I should lift .
I kept placing it on top and was like this can’t be right it doesn’t close.

This is where it lifts (I didn’t think to open this part because it looked like this is where is latched to shut the lid)

The insert and the website were not helpful. I had to go to youtube and search for a review to see how to insert it.


Things I like about the Litter Genie
• It’s small
•Keeps odors down
•Holder for the scooper
• Bags/plastic always there

What I don’t like
• it is small but it’s just another thing in the bathroom I feel I don’t need.
•Tying off the bag
•opening small
• refills are expensive
• Having to stabilize the genie when you pull the handle
•I noticed once the bags were in the lid no longer latched correctly

For most of this year I actually stopped using litter and started to use shredded newspaper.

Why? You might ask. Ever since I got Gizmo, I’ve had issues with his bathroom habits.

When I got him I had this dome litter box . He would use it once and then go right next to the box. I thought it was the top made him claustrophobic, so took it off …same issue. Changed shapes and sizes of litter boxes , tried many different types of litter, got more litter boxes and nothing worked . One day I thought I should try shredded paper . I haven’t had a problem since. I guess he didn’t like how the litter felt on his paws. I rather change news paper than clean pee/poop off the floor all the time. My friend Shawn and myself couldn’t believe it.
If he did use litter and I only had him he would be a prime candidate because he is stinky!

Lexi : I swear she holds in her pee then dirties the whole box. So this wouldn’t be great for her . I have to change it after she uses the box anyway .

D-O-G : if I only had him this product would be good to have next to the litter box to use. He was happy that we tested it because I think he misses digging in litter , the newspaper isn’t the same for digging.

Final thoughts
I think it’s a good product if you have one cat, live in a huge building (or on a higher floor), or even if someone was older . Having 3 (actually 4 because I’m sort of fostering one) it’s not worth it for me . Its way too small for their bathroom habits. Plus I don’t want another item in the bathroom , it’s small enough. Plus with using the shredded newspaper right now, I dont have need for a product like this at this time.
On the refills it says for one cat they should last 2 months. These would last a week the way my cats use the bathroom.

Tip:: for refills the review I watched to see how to set out up said she uses garbage bags to cut down costs.

I give it 2.5/5 stars